How to Make the WordPress Editor Look Like Your Front-End Website

WYSIWYG WordPress Editors

The Best WordPress WYSIWYG Editor – 7 Page Builders Compared

That’s a good question. And if you found this article in Google search, it’s most likely a question you’re asking yourself.

But first of all, what is a WYSIWYG editor for WordPress?

Simply put, a WYSIWYG editor is a drag-and-drop application that allows you to drop rows, columns, text blocks, headers, images and a multitude of other elements into the WordPress page or post that you are editing.

Next question: why do you need a WYSIWYG editor for WordPress?…More at

The 8 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins Compared 2019 – aThemes

Here are the eight WordPress page builders that I’ll look at – you can click to jump to a specific page builder:

Or you can head straight to the comparison table.

Originally launched in 2016, Elementor is one of the younger page builders on this list.

But even though it got a late start, Elementor has quickly racked up over 1,000,000 active installs at, making it one of the most popular WordPress page builders in existence…More at

19 Best Free and Premium WYSIWYG Visual Editor WordPress Plugins — The Blog Metrics

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn some commission: More details.

WordPress is widely known for its great scalability and plugins that can really help you accomplish anything you want.

What makes them distinct is their ability to provide a very good, refined value and the large array of customization options.

There are plenty of plugins for just about any task you might want to do in WordPress, even visual editing…More at

5 Free Plugins to Supercharge the WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

I’ve got nothing but praise for WordPress’s powerful TinyMCE WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Its simplicity and a high degree of functionality create a pleasant user experience.

As we all know, however, web design applications are constantly evolving and improvements and upgrades can mean the difference between great and extraordinary.

Let’s investigate four free plugins that can supercharge the built-in WordPress WYSIWYG editor…More at

15 Best WYSIWYG Visual Editor WordPress Plugins 2018 (Free And Premium)

I have tried many plugins and tools online to build custom layouts but most of them messed out with my themes and at last, I abandoned them every time.

Really, I was pissed off because I need to get started with email marketing and to collect the emails, I wanted to build professional landing pages but unfortunately, I had no coding knowledge.

So, I installed a free visual editor plugin each time and I failed…More at

7 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders Compared (2019)

In this article, we’ll compare the most popular drag and drop WordPress page builders, so you can choose the best WordPress page builder for your needs and start creating your site.

While it’s easy to find a WordPress theme that adapts to your workflow, the customization options on most themes are limited.

Unless you’re a developer, you can’t make significant modifications to your theme design…More at

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