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Alternatives To The Gutenberg Editor

8 Best Alternatives to Gutenberg Editor for WordPress • Pagely®

If you aren’t ready to switch over to the Gutenberg Editor with the WordPress 5.0 release here are the 8 best alternatives currently available.

We all know what a critical role content plays in getting people to notice your website.

Now, with news of the Gutenberg Editor, it’s more important than ever to make sure the content you’re producing is presented well on your WordPress blog.

Given the importance of the editor you use for your content, we will go through a number of alternatives for Gutenberg editor as well review of where it stands as of now…More at

19 Methods to Avoid Gutenberg on Your WordPress Website – Gutenberg Times

Gutenberg, the new visual editor for WordPress will be merged into Core as the default editor later this year, when WordPress 5.0 will be released.

In August a “Try Gutenberg” call out was released with WordPress 4.9.8 with a button to to install the Gutenberg plugin for post and pages or install official Classic Editor.

If you install the Classic Editor, you will be able to keep using the current editor beyond the merge of Gutenberg into Core…More at

5 Alternative WordPress PageBuilders if you hate the new Gutenberg

Here are some of the best and free WordPress page builder or creator plugins that will help you to design the web pages quickly and easily.

Moreover if you don’t like the new Gutenberg one these one mentioned in this article will be a perfect choice for you.

The entry of the new WordPress editor/page builder, Gutenberg, has brought along with it a lot of mixed reactions about the future of WordPress.

It has a very low rating of 2.7 out of 5, which is almost at the midpoint (not very good and not very bad either)…More at

17 Best Gutenberg Alternative WordPress Plugins — Adithya Shetty

If you’re a WordPress enthusiast, I’m pretty sure that you’ve already heard about Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is an upcoming WordPress editor (page builder) that will be added to the WordPress core by default.

However, considering the user reviews on the Gutenberg plugin, it’s safe to say that many people find it counterproductive…More at