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How to start your own t-shirt business
Youtube.com Website ScreenShot In this video an experienced professional explains how anyone can successfully start and run a t-shirt business from their own home.

Individuals can expect to learn basic techniques for creating t-shirts using standard hot press equipment. 

The host demonstrates creating custom t-shirts while explaining the process and offering helpful tips and advice.

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The T-Shirt Business
Youtube.com Website ScreenShot This video presents an overview of the t-shirt industry.  Here users will learn about potential annual earnings, the broad clientele base that t-shirts businesses serve, and the best choices in equipment to get the job done. 

Contact information is provided for individuals who want to schedule a demonstration.

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Starting a t shirt business
Youtube.com Website ScreenShot This brief video offers users several tips for getting into the custom t-shirt business.

This business owner shares personal preferences for creating t-shirt designs, working with screen printing companies, preparing a design for printing, and selling t-shirts.  A link is provided for individuals to view this designer's work.

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T Shirts Screen Printing process
Youtube.com Website ScreenShot Artic.com has posted this video to demonstrate the process of screen printing t-shirts on a large scale. 

This major screen printing company allows customers to take a look behind the scenes to see the procedure from beginning to end.  All phases of the process are briefly described.  Viewers will have the opportunity to see large industrial machines in use.

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How to: Screen Print a Tshirt
Youtube.com Website ScreenShot The host of this video demonstrates how to create an inexpensive homemade silk screen template.

Viewers will see every step along the way for turning simple crafting supplies into reusable custom t-shirt stencils.  The host offers two different methods for template creation and demonstrates their use.

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How To Screen Print Custom T-Shirts - Part 1
Youtube.com Website ScreenShot Custom Logo has created a lengthy video that breaks the process of screen printing a t-shirt down into manageable steps.  Viewers will see every step performed by a professional.

The host provides technical information on professional grade equipment, and also discusses less expensive routes that individuals can take.  The entire process is thoroughly explained by the host.  This is part one of a two part series.

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How To Screen Print Custmom T-Shirts - Part 2
Youtube.com Website ScreenShot This video is part two of a two part instructional series created by Custom Logo that demonstrates the complete process of creating a custom t-shirt.

Professional grade equipment and standard industry procedures are displayed throughout this informative video.  The host describes every step of the process with great clarity and insight.

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T-shirt business Tips
Youtube.com Website ScreenShot On this web page, users will find videos on several different subjects that relate to starting and operating a custom t-shirt business. 

This page includes videos containing practical business tips, design instruction, internet marketing, and t-shirt creation techniques.

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