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Is Running A Business The Right Move For You?

Running a business is not for everyone. Some people enjoy doing what they do best.

In other words, they follow their passion and make a business out of it. The problem is they may be doing what they love but they don’t enjoy running the business.

Others have the entrepreneurial spirit and look for the best opportunities to make money.

Have a look at, Is Starting A Business The Right Move For You? to determine if running a business is right for you.

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The Reasons for Getting Into Your Own Business

Five Ways to Find the Right Business for You

The Pros and Cons of Running A Business

Mail Order Business Overview

The Truth About Starting a Mail-Order Business – Nature and Community – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Have you ever wondered what it takes to start your own mail-order business?

In this article, Lillian Borgeson, home-business authority, gives all the information you need about the truth to starting a mail-order business, both the good and the bad …More at

How To Start A Mail Order Business

Start Your Own Mail Order Business – Starting a Mail Order business –

This article has been excerpted from Start Your Own Mail Order Business by Rich Mintzer, available from

Before venturing into some of the mail order details, you need to look at the big picture, which means understanding that you are in the business of selling to consumers, whether it is people in their homes or their places of business…More at

50 Best Mail Order Business ideas for 2018 | ProfitableVenture

Do you want to start a business from home with NO money / inventory (drop shipping)? If YES, here are 50 best lucrative mail order business ideas for 2018.

The mail order business is an easy business to run and it’s suitable for those that either stay at home or are looking to boost their income…More at

How to Start an Online Mail Order Business | Bizfluent

An online mail order business is one of the easiest businesses to start because of the low cost involved. You can start this type of business from your home.

You can also start part time while keeping your day job until sales improve. Online mail order is a means by which to introduce a product/service to your …

An online mail order business is one of the easiest businesses to start because of the low cost involved…More at

Mail Order and Internet Marketing

Mail order is a term that refers to many different methods of soliciting and/or selling products or services at a distance; where the potential customer is not physically present.

The mail order customer learns of and views an item and its description through one or more types of media (either print or electronic) including catalog, direct mail, website, email, television, radio, magazine, newspaper, social media,etc…More at

How to start a mail order or direct marketing business

by John D. Schulte

Mail Order Marketing is the most powerful marketing tool on earth…if you know how to use it. No matter what type of business you’re in, want to be in, or what industry your business falls into, knowledge of how to use mail order marketing techniques will help you make more money.

I know—for the more than 25 years that I have been promoting and selling, mail order marketing methods have worked best. This is “the way” to market product or service. And yes, Web or Internet Marketing is Mail Order Marketing…More at

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A Click Here For A List of Important Steps You Must Consider When Starting A Business

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Additional Mail Order Business Resources

A Day In The Life of Business Owner

See Our Page About Life As A Business Owner

A Day In The Life of A Business Owner ~ See What They Are Saying  | Click Here

Mail Order Business Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

10 Direct Mail Mistakes That Cost You Money | Mail Shark

Direct mail can be complicated. From choosing the right lists to having a compelling design and making the perfect offer, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten most common direct mail mistakes to help you save money and avoid the pain from kicking yourself later…More at

Top Ten Direct Mail Mistakes

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2014 In order to make a direct mail campaign work, it’s important to avoid common pitfalls.

Mistakes can be in your copy, your list, and even on what you put on your envelope. Here are ten common mistakes people make that sabotage sales.

I’ve been writing this column for some time now and we’ve been talking about all the good things direct mail can offer…More at

10 Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Before you send out your next marketing campaign be sure NOT to make these mistakes.

Believe it or not, the USPS really does know a thing or two about direct mail marketing. Not only do they provide a delivery service for your packages, but after years of delivering direct mail they have compiled a helpful list of what not to do with your campaigns.

1. You don’t identify your audience. I say this a lot, but it’s worth saying again, the more you target your most responsive prospects, the more effective your mailing will be. Mailing to a random sample of names won’t get you the sales you want…More at

22 Business Mistakes You Have No Excuse for Making | Process Street

Don’t make the same business mistakes as thousands before you. Instead, use this post to avoid the common pitfalls and give your business a fighting chance!

Starting and running a business is hard enough without making the same business mistakes as everyone else.

After all, managing a team and keeping the business on track is hard enough without having to worry about running yourself into the ground through hiring too quickly, targeting a bad niche, or just plain overspending until the bank cracks…More at

Mail Order Business Trends and Statistics

Mail Order in the US. Industry Market Research Reports, Trends, Statistics, Data, Forecasts

Shipping out: Operators will introduce e-commerce platforms to compete with online retailers

The Mail Order industry, which comprises companies that primarily use mail catalogs to display and sell merchandise, has grown over the five years to 2018.

Due to rapidly increasing competition from online retail outlets and a decrease in female participation in the labor force, industry companies have had to develop new strategies, which has contributed to industry revenue growth…More at

2018 Marketing Statistics, Trends & Data – The Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Stats

Discover hundreds of marketing statistics and metrics on social media, content marketing, lead generation, email marketing, SEO, sales, and more…More at

Tips For Running A Mail Order Business

Tips For Running A Mail Order Business

Six Secrets to Success in a Mail Order Business

1. Remember that mail order is a just another way of advertising and selling a product or service. In mail order, your catalog or flyer is your store, the printed word is your salesman, and you go directly to the customer’s home or business. This is in contrast to retail where you first try to get customers to come to your store and then convince them to buy.

2. Specialize! Mail order products should be unique and not readily available at retail outlets, and your potential customers should be easy to identify and …More at

Secrets to Mail Order Success –

Mail order isn’t the shoo-in start-up it was years ago, but it’s possible to thrive-if you specialize.

Q: I would like to start a mail order business, but I can’t seem to find the answers to the questions I have. I guess I need a mentor to ask those questions of. I’m starting on a shoestring, but I have the drive to succeed. Do you have any advice?

A: There are several books out there about operating a mail order business, including one from us at Entrepreneur called How to Start a Mail Order Business. You can check it out on the “Resource Guide” box) or by calling (800) 421-2300 and requesting guide #1015…More at

Mail-Order Business – Encyclopedia – Business Terms |

A mail-order business is one that receives and fulfills orders for merchandise through the mail.

The terms mail-order, direct mail, and direct marketing are sometimes used interchangeably; in fact the mail-order category is a subset of the two other categories which include any and all kinds…

A mail-order business is one that receives and fulfills orders for merchandise through the mail. The terms “mail-order,” “direct mail,” and “direct marketing” are sometimes used interchangeably…More at

Mail Order Business Business Considerations

Skill Set Needed To Run A Business

See Our Resource For The Skills Needed To Run A Business

Click Here For Essential Business Skills You Need To Succeed

How To Finance A Business

See Our Resource Page For Business Loans

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Licenses Needed To Run A Business

See Our Resource Page For Business Licenses and Permits

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Mail Order Business Insurance

Customized Insurance for Mail Order Houses | Trusted Choice

Work with someone who understands the nuances of the mail-order industry to find the best insurance policy for you and your business.

Though the annual revenue generated by mail order houses is on the decline thanks in no small part to the popularity of online retailers, this industry is still going strong in the United States.

Many people still do not feel comfortable with entering credit card information online, and they enjoy browsing through catalogs or watching product demonstrations on television…More at

Mail Order House | Pekin Insurance

Just as your customers have choices of where to go for mail ordering, you have choices with your insurance.

It is likely that every agent who calls will tell you they can write business insurance; however, what they may not know is your business!


even if they know about the mail order house business, does the company they are placing you with know about your business?…More at

Commercial Insurance for Mail-Order Houses | CoverWallet

Commercial insurance for mail-order houses directly online. Get free quotes from multiple insurance carriers in just a minute. No commitment to buy.

Workers in this industry use catalogs, home shopping television, mail-order books and computer software to retail their products or goods…More at

See Our Resource Page About Business Insurance

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Employees Needed To A Business

See Our Resource Page For The Help You May Need To Run Your Business

Click Here For A List of Common Jobs Titles and Task For Running a Small Business

Equipment Needed To Run A Business

See Our Resource Page For Retail Equipment You May Need Now Or In The Future To Run A Business

Click Here For A List of Common Retail Equipment & Supplies Used In Retail

Office Equipment Needed For Running A Business

See Our Resource Page For The Equipment You May Need Run Your Business

Click Here For A List of Essential Office Equipment Check Out These Resources

Mail Order Business Software

Best Order Management Software | 2018 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems

Find and compare Order Management software. Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors.

Now Commerce is B2B eCommerce made simple. Exclusively for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors who use QuickBooks desktop products.

Online order entry portal for sales reps and B2B customers. Real-time inventory, customer-specific order forms, custom pricing, and complete history…More at

Mail Order Software | Mail Order Management | Khaos Control Cloud

If you’re dealing with orders from a range of sources, you may be relying on a mixture of manual and old systems, like spreadsheets, home-grown databases and catalogue management software, that are no longer up to scratch.

As a result, you may find you are making more mistakes with your deliveries and losing customers.

Now is the time to upgrade to a cloud based system like Khaos Control Cloud, which will make your daily operations more efficient and cost effective…More at | Mail Order Manager (M.O.M.)| Multichannel Order Management Software

One of the biggest, and most overlooked, opportunities for success includes better focus on tracking orders, inventory, marketing efforts, improved customer service and expansion into new sales channels to create greater market visibility.

A well built and proven order and inventory management system can help do this for mail order businesses and more – Access our special report to learn how.

Read this whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of mail order management and inventory tracking software…More at

Mail Order Business Plan

Starting a Mail Order Company – Sample Business Plan Template | ProfitableVenture

Do you want to start a mail order company at home with no money? Or you need a sample mail order business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

For anybody looking for a simple home business to start, Mail order business is the best business to start with. Mail order business is a business where people place orders for items and have it delivered to their mail…More at

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Business Marketing Plan

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Business Business Cards

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Business Logo

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