How to Start a Carpentry Business

Image of a man nailing two pieces of wood

Starting A Carpentry Business – Quick Overview

Starting a carpentry business can be an appealing option because of low cost for initial startups.

Carpentry jobs are divided into two areas: rough (or structural) and finish (or detail) work. Rough work is framework or roofing or other construction that becomes the skeleton of the building.

When the building is complete, the internal and external parts of the building cover the rough work. Finish carpentry, however, includes detailed work such as wall trim or cabinets. Detail and precision are important in this type of construction.

You must also have proper training and qualifications in carpentry as well as some experience.

Lack of training would result in low-quality final output and this would significantly affect the competitiveness of your products in the marketplace. Therefore, if you lack knowledge and training, it would be a very good idea a take a course on carpentry before you start a business. A technical college would be the ideal place for training and education.

Apprenticeships usually last between three and four years, so look for a company that can provide you with a variety of experiences. Larger companies are often better able to do this than smaller ones. After the apprenticeship is over, you will receive a certificate indicating that you are now a journeyman carpenter.

If you want to diversify even further, consider getting additional experience that can land you electrician jobs. Remember that the more skills you have, the more job opportunities you will get.

You can also take the route of hiring tradesman. You focus on the business aspect rather than the technical aspect. This may work to your advantage if you’re knowledgeable in the industry, and are good at finding and closing contracts.