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Select Resources For Starting An ATV Rental Business

Resources For Starting An ATV Rental Business

Is Running A Business The Right Move For You?

Running a business is not for everyone. Some people enjoy doing what they do best. In other words, they follow their passion and make a business out of it. The problem is they may be doing what they love but they don’t enjoy running the business.

Others have the entrepreneurial spirit and look for the best opportunities to make money.

Have a look at, Is Starting A Business The Right Move For You? to determine if running a business is right for you.

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The Reasons for Getting Into Your Own Business

Five Ways to Find the Right Business for You

The Pros and Cons of Running A Business

How To Start An ATV Rental Business

How to Start an ATV Rental Business | Bizfluent

A love of exploring the great outdoors on the back of a three or four-wheeler makes starting an all-terrain vehicle rental business a way to share your enthusiasm while encouraging others to enjoy off-road adventures.

Your target market may include families, outdoor adventurers, contractors or scientists who choose to use the machines to reach remote areas. Thoroughly knowing your area’s off-roading potential helps you jump-start the business.

The best spot for renting ATV’s is close to designated off-road areas or back country recreational locations where the machines are allowed. Check with the state or federal agency that manages the area to determine what permits or licenses are required if you operate within the boundaries of the park or national forest.

When looking for a building to lease or buy, you need a front office for meeting customers and a garage from which you can fix broken down vehicles if you choose to repair them on-site rather than sending them to a nearby mechanic…More at

How to Start an ATV Tour Business – Becoming an Entrepreneur – Resources for Entrepreneurs – Gaebler Ventures – Chicago, Illinois

Here’s some helpful information that is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs who hope to start an ATV tour business. Read this article before you open up shop.

This article includes some useful suggestions on starting an ATV tour business.

The Mud, Sweat and Gears of an ATV Tour Startup

ATV touring has catapulted into the mainstream of the travel and tourism industry. Unlike buses, ATVs give tourists a certain amount of independence, and direct access to the sights and sounds of their destination.

For some tourists, the sensation of the wind flying through their hair as they blaze through unfamiliar terrain is enough to justify the premium of an ATV tour…More at

Starting an ATV Rental Business

Are you thinking of starting an ATV rental business? If you are, there are things you must consider so that return of investment will come sooner. Read on and learn what they are.

The lure of riding an ATV is sure great because it gives an exhilarating experience to people. The fun of riding in this kind of vehicle is just plain joy.

If you see this as a potential money-making business for you, read on and learn what to consider when starting an ATV rental business.

There is no doubt that riding an all-terrain vehicle or ATVs is fun and exhilarating. Who would not want to experience riding in an ATV and speed up on sand, hills and rough terrains. This have been the selling point of riding an ATV and many people expect that sometime during their vacation in some beach or park that they can explore these sites with an ATVincomepitc…More at

Creating an Ethical, Sustainable ATV business

Business summary

When I spoke with a man in Montezuma about how he started his ATV business he told me that five years ago he started the business on an impulse. He had come to Costa Rica for vacation and when he saw that there was an opportunity to build and ATV business here, he decided to capitalize on it.

He devoted himself starting ATV business, and has lived in Costa Rica for the last 10 years. When he goes the United States of his family, he often brings parts back to fix the ATVs. Replacement parts for ATVs are about half the price that they are in Costa Rica because of the import taxes…More at

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Additional ATV Rental Business Resources

ATV Rental Business Trends and Statistics

All Terrain Vehicle Market Share – ATV Industry Statistics Report 2024

Global All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Market size exceeded USD 6 billion in 2016 and its demand is predicted to cross 1 million units by 2024 says this industry research based on product (sport ATV, sport utility ATV, utility ATV, youth ATV), application (sports, entertainment, agriculture, military & defense, forestry) and more.

Industry Trends

Global All-Terrain Vehicle Market size was worth at over USD 6 billion in 2016 and its demand is predicted to cross 1 million units by 2024.

North America All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Market, By Product, 2016 & 2024, (Units)

Growing penetration of recreational activities and sports across the globe will drive the all-terrain vehicle market size over the forecast timeframe. Advancements in infotainment system offer superior entertainment and user-friendly experience with GPS tracking, Bluetooth connectivity and mobile tracking facilities, thereby, enhancing driving experience…More at

ATV Manufacturing in the US. Industry Market Research Reports, Trends, Statistics, Data, Forecasts

How is the Industry Trending in the US?
Over the past five years, the ATV Manufacturing industry has grown by 3.4% to reach revenue of $5bn in 2017.

In the same timeframe, the number of businesses has grown by 2.8% and the number of employees has grown by 1.2%….More at

ATV Rental Business Business Considerations

Skill Set Needed To A Business

See Our Resource For The Skills Needed To Run A Business

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How To Finance Your Business

See Our Resource Page For Business Loans

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Licenses Needed To Run A Business

See Our Resource Page For Business Licenses and Permits

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ATV Rental Business Insurance

ATV Tour | ATV Operator | Insurance | Cost & Quote | Outdoor Insurance Group

OIG knows the outdoors is a serious place to do business. So it’s extremely important for ATV Tour Guides, ATV Operator, ATV rental provider or other ATV-related businesses to choose an insurance provider that really speaks your language.

OIG has many years’ experience writing outdoor insurance policies that provide the perfect balance of coverage and cost. We have access to numerous insurance companies across the country, so you’ll get a policy that fits your business needs as well as your budget….More at

ATV Rental Insurance – Evolution Insurance Brokers

Buying ATVs to rent out and let other people use them can be a very tough thing.

There is a lot of risk inherent, but at the same time you want to make some good money and provide a good experience for the renter. Many times one of the biggest concerns that come with this type of business is the dreaded insurance for your business…More at

Snowmobile / ATV Rental Business Insurance | DC Insurers-Montrose

From damage that’s done to a rented vehicle to lawsuits that result from someone being injured while operating it, the risks faced by snowmobile and ATV rental businesses can seriously hurt. Luckily, at DC Insurers-Montrose we have a comprehensive snowmobile and ATV rental insurance program that can keep your business covered in case of any problems.

We offer comprehensive coverage for guided and unguided snowmobile and ATV Rental businesses…More at

ATV Tour & Adventure Insurance | Veracity

Insurance for ATV, UTV, &; Side by Side Guided Tours and Adventures. Get a quote for insurance.

Guided ATV tours are popular and exciting, but in order to be successful, tour operators need a comprehensive liability policy to protect their business. Veracity leads the industry in providing insurance for outdoor activities like ATV, UTV, and Side by Side tours and adventures.

Veracity’s dedicated outdoor recreation and risk management team is here to guide you through the underwriting process and provide the insurance solutions you need.

With in-house underwriting authority and access to the nation’s top carriers, Veracity has policies that provide the coverages that ATV tour companies need…More at

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Employees Needed To Run A Business

See Our Resource Page For The Help You May Need To Run Your Business

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Office Equipment needed For A Business

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ATV Rental Business Software

Online Reservation System for ATV Tours & Rentals | FareHarbor

Keep track of inventory as it moves between rentals, tours and repairs, all while staying in sync with your live, real-time availability calendar.

Don’t lose time signing waivers. Our best-in-class online waiver integration allows you to secure liability forms before customers arrive on-site.

Our Denver-based support team is available 24/7 to answer questions, solve disputes and help you master the system.

Ask each rider about gear size and experience level directly from the checkout. Secure all the information you need with each booking …More at

ATV Rental Booking Software | GigaBook

GigaBook can help you organize and manage all of your staff and ATV’s and over vehicles that you rent out! With GigaBook you can turn your current website into a real time booking site that will allow you to take booking at all times of the day or night!

No longer will you have to be next to your phone at all hours and make your business consume your personal life as well. You can gain your personal life back and leave work at the office. GigaBook is you one option…More at

Booking system and rental software for vehicles – SCOOTERPLAN.NET

The online reservation system for your site.

Simply register and install on your website. With interactive occupancy plan for owners of e-bikes, motorcycles, scooters, trikes, quads, ATVs, and bikes…More at

Business Plan

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Marketing Plan

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Business Business Cards

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Business Logo

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ATV Rental Business References

ATV Rental Business Blogs And Publications

Yanmar to Sell Rebranded Yamaha Viking UTVs


ATV Scene Magazine – ATV Reviews, Gear, News, Racing and more


ATV World Magazine – North America’s Best ATVing Magazine

See…More at

Dirt Wheels Magazine




ATV Rental Business Franchise Opportunities

Franchise FAQs | TRAX PowerSports Rentals

TRAX PowerSports Rentals of Utah franchise FAQs.

Franchise Fee – The current Franchise Fee is $39,000 and is subject to change

Store and Office Equipment – The cost to open the store and to acquire the necessary computers, desks, and accessories varies depending on location. However, we estimate the cost to be between $10,000 and $20,000.

Rental Equipment and Trailers – We require each TRAX PowerSports Rentals® franchise to have at least 15 pieces of PowerSports rental equipment. All equipment must be new and in good operating condition. The cost of this equipment will vary based on the product mix. However, we suggest having access to at least a $200,000 line-of-credit to purchase this equipment.

We encourage Franchisees to develop relationships with their local PowerSports dealers. We will assist each Franchisee in developing these relationships and obtaining fleet and rental discounts…More at

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