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How to Get Approved for a Merchant Account –

Q: What do you consider a high-risk merchant? And if I am one, can I still get a merchant account?

A: There are many examples of high-risk merchants, such as telemarketers (inbound or outbound)

Internet/e-commerce businesses, merchants in the travel and cruise industries, Internet auctions and businesses offering membership clubs…More at

Opening a Merchant Bank Account: 10 Things You Should Know

In this post, we’ll cover the 10 Things You Need to Know About Opening a Merchant Account. Payment processors and their partnering banks take on a certain level of risk by providing merchant accounts for businesses.

Every dollar transacted through their system could be charged back, potentially leaving the bank responsible for the funds.


Say a business processes a transaction through their merchant account but can’t deliver the product or service, (because they closed, can’t afford payroll, etc.)…More at

Should You Open a Merchant Account With Your Bank? | Merchant Maverick

Are you wondering, “Should I open a merchant account with my bank?” Read this first! Learn everything about opening a merchant bank account.

It’s convenient and if you trust them to handle your personal finances, you should be able to trust them with your business and credit card processing…right?…More at

Merchant Account Fees

The Complete Guide to Credit Card Processing Fees & Rates

Credit card processing fees are extensive, complicated, and somewhat overwhelming. Nevertheless, you have to pay them if you want to process credit cards through your business.

Rather than paying these charges blindly, you might as well make an effort to understand them…More at

How Do Merchant Account Fees Work? | Merchant Services LTD

Before you get yourself a merchant account with a provider, you have to gain a clear understanding of how the fees work, what they do for you, and how you can avoid additional fees that you don’t need.

Here’s how the charges for a typical merchant account work.

First off, a transaction begins the second your customer swipes, taps or inserts their credit or debit card to pay…More at

Merchant Account Rates & Fees Explained – TSYS

TSYS offers a helpful list of definitions of merchant account rates and fees.

The discount rate is the percentage charged on each transaction you process. It varies depending on the type of credit card and the type of transaction.

A transaction fee is charged to process each individual transaction, whether the transaction is approved or declined…More at

Merchant Account Pitfalls

3 Pitfalls to Avoid in a Merchant Account

Is your business considering whether to begin accepting credit cards for payment?

While beginning to accept cards for payment is an easy task overall—there are some things to consider and some common pitfalls to avoid.

Merchant services companies, especially these days, are overrun with chargeback issues and other fraud complaints…More at

4 Serious Mistakes Ecommerce Merchants Make With Their Credit Card Processor

Your credit card processor will provide you with a merchant account.

This merchant account will be used to capture funds collected from credit card sales.

You will pay fees to your credit card processor for this service, and you need to make sure you will get what you expected…More at

Avoid High-Risk Merchant Account Pitfalls | High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Learn how to avoid common mistakes when signing up for a high-risk merchant account. specializes in high-risk merchant services.

Posted by Blair Thomas This blog was written to help merchants avoid the common pitfalls of getting a high-risk merchant account.

Accepting credit card payments from customers is an essential part to most businesses in today’s economy…More at

How To Choose A Merchant Account Provider

12 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Merchant Account Provider

By coupling your retail or online store with a merchant account, you can begin accepting credit cards.

Although you are free to continue relying exclusively on cash or checks, adding more payment options will allow you to capture many more types of sales.

However, not all merchant account providers are created equally…More at

How Do I Choose a Merchant Provider?

As a new business, I’m having trouble choosing a merchant provider. Could you explain how to determine which credit card processor is best for me?

There are many options available in the market for choosing a credit card processor. While having choices is helpful for comparison shopping, it also can get quite overwhelming…More at

Merchant Services 101: Choosing Merchant Account Providers | Square

How you accept credit and debit cards is a big decision that can cost you time and money.

So we broke it down a few different ways—you can choose which breakdown you’d like depending on your appetite for information about merchant services and the amount of time you have..More at

How to Choose the Best Merchant Account Provider

This article provides the information on choosing the best merchant account service providers for small businesses.

Avoid choosing a merchant based solely on some advertising gimmick.

The merchants you are considering should have a good reputation.

They should check out with the Better Business Bureau…More at

Merchant Account Providers

Top 6 Merchant Services Providers for Small Business in 2018

We review 6 top-rated merchant services providers in this guide and examine the differences in plans, prices, and other key service features.

We reviewed the top-rated small business payment processors in terms of fees, plans, and customer support for this guide.

We also made certain to include all 4 payment processing fee structures in our mix of providers…More at

Best merchant services of 2018 | TechRadar

Today’s businesses need a merchant service to accept credit card, debit card, and alternative payment methods.

In a 2017 survey of over 1000 consumers conducted by TSYS, 45% preferred debit cards, 33% go with debit cards, and paying with cash is in a distant third place at 12%.

Therefore for a business to keep its competitive edge, you need to offer the options for payment that your customers prefer, and that is debit and credit cards…More at

Best Merchant Account Services of 2018 |

Most companies offer one or more of three pricing models: interchange-plus pricing, tiered pricing and flat-rate pricing.

In our testing, we evaluated interchange-plus pricing, as it’s the best pricing model for most merchants.

The rates found in this article and throughout our site were directly quoted to us; they may vary from those on the company’s website or rates that you are quoted…More at

The Best Credit Card Processing Services of 2018 |

Credit cards make it simple for customers to spend money, but the hidden fees and unfair practices of some credit card processing services often make it hard for small businesses to start accepting credit cards.

We test 10 credit cards processing services to help you find the best one for you…More at

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