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100 Logo Design Ideas for Designers Who Are Stuck ~ Creative Market Blog

The logo is the best representation of any brand or business. It’s not just some random image – it’s the very thing that tells people who you are and what you do. This is something that you have to remember as a designer.

Every client who comes to you asking for a logo is not just asking you to create what you think is trendy or cool…More at

99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration

Most logos communicate ideas, for instance, the kind of quality services a company can provide for its customers.

Today we’ve gathered 99 creative logo designs for your inspiration, hope you find them useful…More at

45 Logo Design Ideas for Inspiration | Logaster

Logo creators are always sought out.

A logo is usually a business’ initial impression, something that can affect a consumer’s perception of the brand, buying choices, and overall demeanor towards a service or product…More at

30 Hot Logo Design Ideas For Graphic Designers & Brands

Do you have any doubts about the importance of logo design for building a brand identity?

I don’t think so. It is something that you must have heard million times. And only the laziest bloggers aren’t discussing it yet.

Let’s start with the essentials of the creative process and discuss the best ways to come up with a logo that can impress…More at

How to brainstorm a logo – 99designs

Your logo is the face of your company and will be the number one thing your customers, competitors and pretty much everyone else on the planet associates with your business from now to forever. So, no pressure…More at

Logo Design Mistakes

10 Mistakes Logo Designers Should Avoid – Inkbot Design

All designers know and value the importance of a professional logo design to any business, large or small.

It represents the company, it tells their story and symbolises their brand identity to the world. Viewed daily by their clients and potential customers, it could jeopardise, even ruin the success of the company it acts for, if poorly designed…More at

12 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid | JUST™ Creative

Here are 12 common logo design mistakes that amateur logo designers often fall victim to. In no particular order… Typography in logo design can make or break a design, so it’s vital you know your typographic ABC‘s.

A logo should be kept as simple as possible while still portraying the intended message, and for this to happen, one must consider all typographic aspects of the design…More at

6 Common Mistakes in Logo Design — SitePoint

Even then, a logo should tell the story of a brand in such a way that it’s clear, non-patronising and instant.

Gap’s infamous 2010 logo redesign was so poorly received that it was unceremoniously scrapped within a week of launch…More at

The 6 biggest mistakes logo designers make – Logo Geek

Even the best of designers find it challenging when it comes to designing a compelling logo. To save you from some major bumps and bruises in the design process, we have covered in this blog 6 of the biggest mistakes that logo designers make.

Now, you have found this informative blog, I am sure you will not be one of them. So, here are 6 most common mistakes in logo design…More at

10 Common Mistakes In Logo Design — Smashing Magazine

With the power of the Web, and more eyes watching than ever, it’s important for a business to communicate its unique message clearly.

The easiest way to recognize a company and distinguish it from others is by its logo. Here, we go through 10 common logo design mistakes that you should avoid…More at

Free & Paid Logo Design Templates

Free Logo Design Templates: 100 Choices For Your Company | GraphicMama Blog

Here at GraphicMama, we’ve put together a great collection of 100 creative and memorable logos that will leave a lasting impression on your viewers, don’t cost a penny and save you a lot of design effort!…More at

Free Logo Design Template Vectors, Photos and PSD files | Free Download

How can I find those files? Watch out for Selection and Premium resources, to take full advantage of your subscription!

Look for the and badge, in the top left corner in your search results…More at

Customize 2,444+ Logo templates online – Canva

Design your own by customizing one of Canva’s professionally made logo templates with the help of our intuitive editing tools…More at

Free & Paid Logo Design Software & Apps

Our 8 Favorite Logo Generators

A professional logo will help you to stand out from the crowd because that’s the one thing nobody can copy.

It’s also at the heart of your branding, so the success of your logo will determine whether someone buys into your branding or not…More at

The best logo design software for every skill level – 99designs

Programs in the beginner range are suitable for people who don’t have time to learn complex software, yet would like some control over the logo design process.

In this range you can expect small libraries of clip…More at

20 Best Logo Makers in 2018 | Free Online Logo Creators

A logo is what customers visually associate with your store. In some ways, a logo is how people remember your company.

For all of you first-time entrepreneurs just starting out, check out how Tomas Šlimas launched his ecommerce store in less than 30 minutes…More at

Best Logo Design Software Review 2018 – What Photography Gear

If you are just a beginner or non-professional who have definitely zero experience with logo design, you NEED a tool like Laughing Bird Software.


Laughing Bird Software makes the messy job of logo design super easy…More at

15 Best Logo Makers One Should Try In 2018

You can find plenty of logo makers on the market to help you effortlessly design a compelling logo without any outside help.

With some practice, you can also design a unique logo for your company within minutes. For this, you just need a computer with an in…More at

6 Logo Design Software Title and Reviews for Designers

How can you ensure that you have the best logo that reflects your business well? Well, one thing you can do is to find software that will help you achieve that.

So, in this post, we identified ten logo design software titles with reviews to give you an idea of what is out there before you try to do your own…More at

Hire A Logo Designer or Do it Yourself

Logo Designer or DIY? | DesignMantic: The Design Shop

A Small business needs Cost-effective and professional branding services offered by a viable logo designer as well as an online logo maker…More at

Logo design: DIY or hire a designer? – Logotypers

You describe the initial idea you have for your logo, or send a drawing of it, and our designers turn your idea into a professional logo.

This way you can have a high quality logo in vector formats .EPS or .PDF .SVG, unique, copyright free and at an affordable…More at

Tips For Designing Your Own Logo

How to Design a Logo: 50 Tutorials and Pro Tips ~ Creative Market Blog

Simply put: you don’t just sit down and create a logo while binge-watching your favorite Netflix show.

So, how do you make a logo worth remembering? We’ve compiled 50 inputs – a combination of rules, tips, and tricks – on how to create an awesome logo…More at

How to design a logo: the ultimate guide – 99designs

This handy guide will teach you everything you need to know to design the perfect logo for you and your business.

From defining your brand’s identity and understanding what makes a great logo, to making the right design choices and navigating the design process, we’re here to help you every step of the way…More at

How to Design a Logo [Step-by-Step Guide]

So, where do you even begin to design a logo?

Right here.

We’ve broken down the nine key steps (with a few tips thrown in) you’ll need to take to create a logo that not only you love, but your prospects will too…More at

Logo design tips from the pros | Creative Bloq

When you think of a person who’s impacted your life, it’s almost certain that you can picture what he or she looks like.

And so it is with the brands from which we often buy…More at

10 Tips for Designing Logos That Don’t Suck | Design Shack

Occasionally we re-publish articles that we feel are still relevant, and interesting for our readers.

Some of my favorite logos in the world utilize a technique that I like to call a visual double entendre, which is an overly fancy way to say that it has two pictures wrapped into one through clever interpretation of a concept or idea…More at

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