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A Day In The Life of A Business Owner

A Day in the Life of a Business Owner | Your Business

While the daily responsibilities of a business owner vary based on the size and scope of her company and her industry, the average small business owner has a number of business functions to oversee every day.

Even if the business employs managers to handle some operational duties, the owner is ultimately responsible…More at http://yourbusiness.azcentral.com

A Day in the Life of a Business Owner

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Back in 2010 Greg Kerba’s career path seem certain, he was studying Aeronautical Engineering with every intention of moving in that direction as a full time career.

So as he approached his HSC year, fate introduced as one of his subjects, Industrial Technology, Timber…More at http://breakawaydigger.com

A Day in the Life of a Small Business Owner · Iconic Group

Our team works with a number of successful professionals, realtors and small businesses here in Durham Region and across Canada, and we know what life is like for entrepreneurs and their dedicated teams.

In case you’re less familiar with the small biz life, here’s our take on a typical day as a small business owner – what better way to describe it than in GIFs?…More at http://blog.iconicgroup.ca

Life as a Business Owner: Love it or Leave it | WESST | Consulting, Training, Lending, Incubation

Often times, after paying taxes, struggling with employees and the bottom line, the tired business owner asks, “Is it worth it?”

Undoubtedly it is or businesses would be closing left and right (aside from what the economy forces upon us).

Nevertheless, business owners that can stay in business, after wrestling with direct and indirect obstacles, must really love what they are doing.

In fact, that love and passion will be the driving force to keep the business afloat and the owner sane..More at http://wesst.org

A Day in the Life of a Small Business Owner: A One Man Show

Zane Benefits is committed to helping small business owners all over the U.S. by finding new ways to help you run your companies more smoothly.

Because we know how important shared knowledge and advice amongst small business owners is, we’ve decided to go out into the community to bring you real stories from local business owners.

In this small business owner interview, I talk to Caleb Smith, a Zane Benefits employee and small business owner, to share his challenges, joys, and advice with owning a small business…More at http://peoplekeep.com

A Day in the Life of a Small Business Owner – QC Makeup Academy

Are you thinking of starting a small business? Take a peek at what a typical day would look like for a small business owner!

Starting a small business is super exciting, incredibly rewarding, and a challenge worth taking on.

As your own boss, you’ll have a chance to set the pace for your business and make all the decisions. Doesn’t that sound like fun?r…More at http://qcmakeupacademy.com

A Day in the Life of a Small Business Owner – Shop4Ties

In honor of Small Business Week, I have decided to give honest insight into the typical day of a small business owner.

You see, as a small business owner, you aren’t just the owner; you wear many different hats daily. You can have the strongest team on the planet (and we have an incredible team) and still be pulled in a million directions.

At the end of the day, no one cares about your business as much as you do. It’s like you wake up and go to bed every day dealing with your “third baby” — your business!…More at http://shop4ties.com

What Is It Like To Be A Business Owner

One Entrepreneur Explains What It’s REALLY Like to Own a Small Business

Me: Hi Eric! Thanks for joining me today. It’s National Small Business Week, and you’re a business owner, so I thought it’d be a good opportunity to talk about what it’s like to own a business. So, tell me a bit about your business.

Eric: BrightGauge is a data analytics and reporting platform primarily focused on the IT service provider space. So we help IT providers visualize their data.

Me: Is that a space you’ve always been interested in? How did you get into it?

Eric: My father started a technology company in 1980 — Compuquip Technologies — and over time it evolved into a managed service provider…More at http://blog.hubspot.com

What It Takes To Be A Small Business Owner

All small business owners across industries – including retail, construction, home services, education, manufacturing, food and beverage, medical and automotive – have one undeniable trait: they’re highly motivated to succeed.

The freedom to chase your entrepreneurial dream is one of the great foundations of America. Owning a business is a freedom the U.S. Census Bureau of Labor Statistics records 29.6 million Americans pursue today,..More at http://forbes.com

Do You Really Want to Be a Business Owner? – The New York Times

Here’s my list of the pros and cons of owning a business. But when I made my career choice, I didn’t need to make lists — starting a business was the only thing I wanted to do.

An owner’s dispatches from the front lines.

I have been talking to other business owners about whether their sons and daughters will be taking over the family business when they retire, and I have been thinking about my own succession plans.

I have three sons, and I don’t know if any of them will eventually want to run the businessg…More at http://boss.blogs.nytimes.com

9 Small Business Owners on What Being an Entrepreneur Means to Them

What does entrepreneurship mean to people who live it every day? We hear from 9 small business owners on the best parts of starting your own business.

Going into business for yourself is an experience unlike anything you’ve likely encountered working a 9-5 office job. You take the leap into entrepreneurship and find yourself on a roller coaster of highs and lows — so why do people do it?…More at http://grasshopper.com

The harsh realities of being a business owner | Mr Gavin Bell

Being a business owner is tough. Mentally and physically. Here I share my views on how it was to launch Blue Cliff Media.

Launching and growing a business is an incredible adventure. There are euphoric highs, but also crippling lows.

I’ve always wanted to run my own business. It’s always been a goal of mine. Leaving school, I didn’t want to take the normal route of University and so instead I moved to Manchester to study at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy…More at http://mrgavinbell.com

What 16 Small-Business Owners Love About Running Their Own Companies | OPEN Forum

Despite the challenges and sacrifices entrepreneurs face when running their own enterprises, a recent survey by Allstate and USA Today of nearly 2,790 small-business owners with an annual revenue of more than $25,000, combined with federal data, found that 91 percent of small-business owners feel that the benefits of owning a business outweigh the challenges.

While the following business owners didn’t participate in the survey, they agree with its findings. Below they share what drives them to run their own businesses….More at http://americanexpress.com

Business Owner Daily Routine

14 Daily Habits For Business Owners to Achieve Success

These 14 daily habits for business owners will help you break the trend and start progressing towards your biggest goals.

Does it ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut?…More at http://jeffbullas.com

Morning Routines for the Small Business Owner | ThriveHive

Morning routines for three small business owner personality types: the visionary, the perfectionist and the energizer. These routines will help lead to success.

Success. Everyone wants it, everyone has the potential to get it but, not everyone is able to become the next Bill Gates.

So, how do you become successful? Well, there is no one equation that works for all, but there are some daily habits that can help you find your formula for success. In particular, morning habits.

This post will go over morning routines for different small business owner personality types..More at http://thrivehive.com

Daily Activities for a Successful Business | Your Business

Small business owners are ultimately responsible for everything that goes on in their companies, and a hands-on approach is often necessary for the business to run smoothly.

While duties vary from business to business, there are core components savvy business owners oversee on a daily basis to ensure successful operations…More at http://yourbusiness.azcentral.com

Tips for a Daily Routine as a Small Business Owner | Keepoint

Start the Day Right – Even if you don’t feel at your most effective first thing in the morning it is important to get into a routine of something positive and productive when you wake up.

This can take the shape of going for a run or a walk, writing in your diary or taking time out to sip a coffee and relax before heading to work…More at http://keepoint.co.uk

35 Business Leaders Share Their Daily Habits | Time

How to stay on top of your game

When it comes to achieving success, actions speak louder than words, connections, or opportunities. Think about the importance of your daily habits, for example.

Do you run five miles every morning because you value being fit and healthy?

Or is it your regular routine to watch three hours of television every night because you feel the need to escape? Without a doubt, what you achieve in life depends on your actions…More at http://time.com

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