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Themes in Excel – Easy Excel Tutorial

Excel offers themes to change the look of your workbook with the click of a button.

Each theme consists of 12 colors, two fonts (Headings and Body) and effects for shapes and SmartArt…More at

How To Use Themes In Excel

Change a theme and make it the default in Word or Excel – Office Support

To change your current theme in Word or Excel, you can either switch to a different one or create a new theme altogether.

Try Microsoft Edge A fast and secure browser that’s designed for Windows 10 No thanks Get started…More at

Excel Themes • My Online Training Hub

When you create reports and dashboards you can give them a professional finish by using your company branding, including colours and font styles.

One way we can automate this is to customize our default workbook to always use your company font and colors, but you may not want every workbook to use these special fonts and colors…More at

Change the Themes – Excel Exercise

Now you can change themes by going to the Page Layout tab and then scrolling through the different themes that are available and you select (in this example: Opulent style)

Therefore, the color, font and effects on the forms are changed.

For example you can see on the following image as the font of the headers of rows and columns has been changed…More at

How to Use Themes in Excel 2013 – dummies

Through the use of its themes, Excel 2013 supports a way to format uniformly all the text and graphics you add to a worksheet.

You can do this by simply clicking the thumbnail of the new theme you want to use in the Themes drop-down gallery opened by clicking the Themes button on the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon or by pressing Alt+PTH…More at

How to Change the Appearance of a Workbook in Microsoft Excel 2016 | Microsoft Press Store

Microsoft Office 2016 includes powerful design tools that you can use to create attractive, professional documents quickly.

The Excel product team implemented these capabilities by defining workbook themes and Excel table styles. A theme is a way to specify the fonts, colors, and graphic effects that appear in a workbook. Excel comes with many themes…More at

How to Set a Default Theme in Excel – Xelplus – Leila Gharani

When you create a new Excel workbook, you’ll notice that it always reverts to the Office theme color by default.

However, in some cases, you might have a set of defined theme colors that you want to use every time you create a new workbook.

Instead of changing the colors of all the elements in the workbook one by one, Excel allows you to store a custom theme that you can apply with a few clicks..More at

Excel Themes Download

Themes –


Themes in Excel – Easy Excel Tutorial

Excel offers themes to change the look of your workbook with the click of a button. Each theme consists of 12 colors, two fonts (Headings and Body) and effects for shapes and SmartArt.

#1 Excel tutorial on the net Note: on the Page Layout tab, in the Themes group, click Colors, Customize Colors to create new theme colors…More at

Excel Color Themes Download

150+ Color Palettes for Excel – Policy Viz

More than 150 color palettes you can download and input into Excel for your use. Post includes color files and installation instructions.

Choosing and implementing color palettes is a difficult task in visualizing data. Color can be used to highlight and draw attention, but also to confuse. It can be used to make things seem drab or to make them “pop”…More at

Theme-Enabled Excel Templates

Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 introduced the ability to easily choose different themes (colors, fonts, and graphic effects) for your spreadsheets.

All you do is go to Page Layout > Themes, and hover your mouse over the various built-in themes. As you do this, you’ll see a live preview … very slick…More at

How To Make Your Excel Spreadsheets Standout

How to Make Your Excel Spreadsheets Look Professional in Just 12 Steps

Learn how to make your excel spreadsheets look professional, even if you are a complete novice. These changes are simple and easily implemented, but look great.

The EntreResource blog is written mainly for entrepreneurs but ANYONE who uses Excel will be able to create better looking spreadsheets IMMEDIATELY after reading this article and implementing the 12 straight forward tips I’m about to show you.’…More at

20 Excel tips for creating stylish spreadsheets – TechRepublic

Formatting is an overlooked skill when it comes to Excel–it is essential for communicating results clearly and powerfully. Here are 20 ways to make your Excel spreadsheets stylish.

Most Excel users would probably agree that the program is a godsend when it comes to creating spreadsheets, yet the results can often be boring to look at.

Thankfully, Excel also provides the tools to make your spreadsheets look polished, professional, and pleasing to the eye…More at

How to Make Excel Spreadsheets Look Amazing

In the church office, you’ll spend some more time looking at tables than reviewing charts.This data needs to be easily read and understood.

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but whoever said that clearly has not seen some of the spreadsheets that I have seen…More at

13 Ways to Make your Excel Formatting Look More Pro – Magoosh Excel Blog

A well formatted Excel spreadsheet looks really impressive. Click to know how to format your Excel spreadsheet like a pro!

offers Excel lesson videos made simple!

A well formatted Excel spreadsheet looks really impressive. Keep reading for some pro Excel formatting tips!

The excel spreadsheet surely looks like a table but even then you don’t need to use all the cells, especially the first row ‘ROW 1’ and the first column ‘COLUMN A’. Doing this, places your data ridiculously close to both…More at

How to stand out in the Excel crowd – Excel off the grid

What are the 3 traits of the Excel experts? Learn why they are so important and why it will make a difference to focus your attention in the right areas.

When some people use Excel they seem to achieve so much more than others.

They stand out in workplaces across the world, they are called ‘Excel Ninjas’, ‘Excel Gurus’ or sometimes just ‘Geeks’. But what makes them so much better with Excel?

Let me tell you what it’s not . . . it’s not just because they use Excel every day, it’s not just because they know loads more formulas and it’s not just because they have a special add-in.

Those things help, but that’s not what sets them apart. In my opinion, the things which enable them to stand out in the Excel crowd are…More at

How To Make Your Data Visually Appealing | How To Excel

So you’ve just finished compiling the sales figures for the big boss man and you’re ready to send it off to him, but wait there’s something missing!

It’s so plain and boring. It needs some style and some visualization of what the data means.

People are visual by nature so that report you spent ages compiling isn’t going to get the full attention of someone if it doesn’t also look good…More at

How to Change the Appearance of a Workbook in Microsoft Excel 2016 | Microsoft Press Store

Entering data into a workbook efficiently saves you time, but you must also ensure that your data is easy to read.

Microsoft Excel 2016 gives you a wide variety of ways to make your data easier to understand; for example, you can change the font, character size, or color used to present a cell’s contents…More at

How to Make Your Spreadsheets Less Lame | Design Shack

Spreadsheets are lame. There’s no two ways about it. We designers hate spreadsheets because they’re a shining example of boring data presented in a boring manner.

Unfortunately for designers, spreadsheets are a necessary evil and could even be called a great and essential tool in the business world…More at

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