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Text Formulas – CustomGuide

Excel offers a category of functions aimed at working with text.

These functions allow removing, combining, and replacing different pieces of text in a worksheet…More at

Text Manipulation Formulas in Excel

When you are cleaning up data in Excel, the Text-to-Columns and Flash Fill features are awesome, but sometimes you need to use formulas to manipulate text.

In this article I’ll demonstrate examples of the text formulas I commonly use, including:


Excel TEXT function with formula examples

The tutorial shows some clever ways to use TEXT function in Excel – formula examples to concatenate text and number or date in a desired format, add leading zeros to numbers, and more.

This tutorial explains the specificities of the Excel TEXT function and shows some clever ways to use Text formulas in Excel.

Microsoft Excel is all about numbers, and in your worksheets, you are likely to deal with numbers most of the time. However, there are situations when you need to convert numbers to text, and it is where the TEXT function steps in…More at

Excel Text Formulas

At Excel Tip, we make it our aim to make you excel in Microsoft Excel by providing you with the help of the best- in- the- field experts.

With our community of Excel Experts you can get a fix/solution for all your basic and advanced excel needs with just one click of your mouse…More at

Using Excel Text Formulas

This Tech Tip provides helpful formulas to keep in mind when working with text in Excel. PROPER is contributed by Carolyn H. Gould, Director of Institutional Research, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University.

The remaining sections (CLEAN, TRIM, LEFT and RIGHT, and SUBSTITUTE and REPLACE) are contributed by Angela Henderson, Associate Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness, Stetson University…More at

Excel Formatting – Text Formulas

1) Determining if a cell contains text
2) Determining if two strings are identical
3) Obtaining the first word from a string
4) Obtaining the last word from a string (when there are 2 words)
5) Obtaining the initials (or first characters of each word)
6) Changing the order of the 2 words…More at

Easy Excel Formulas to Extract Text from Cells • Productivity Portfolio

This tutorial shows how to use the LEFT, RIGHT and Find formulas to extract Excel substrings from a cell. Includes a starting sample spreadsheet with a combined street address field that we’ll use to extract text…More at

Combine Cells in Excel

Combine cells in Excel by using a formula to combine text from different cells. Format dates and numbers when combining data in Excel.

You can combine cells in Excel — join data from multiple cells into one cell, either “As is”, or with additional text and formatting. Also, you can combine text, and the result of a function…More at

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