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Top Twitter Demographics That Matter to Social Media Marketers in 2018

Who’s using Twitter in 2018? If your brand’s social marketing strategy involves this mighty microblogging network in any way, it’ll be important to get familiar with Twitter’s demographics.

If you’re not on Twitter yet, consider this: Twitter serves more than 2 billion search queries a day…More at

5 Tools to Research the Demographics of Your Twitter Followers – Small Business Trends

Many of us find ourselves with a bit of a problem. We have plenty of followers on our Twitter accounts, and yet we are getting next to no retweets, mentions or overall benefits from those followers.

Because of that, many people think that the whole Twitter marketing thing is all hype.

After all, they seem to be doing everything right but they have nothing to show for it except for a lot of wasted time, and more aggravation than it was worth…More at

Twitter: U.S. user age distribution 2018 | Statistic

This statistic shows the age distribution of Twitter users in the United States as of September 2018.

As of that month, 21 percent of U.S. Twitter users were between 25 and 34 years old.

Furthermore, 55 to 64 year olds account for the same amount of U.S. Twitter audiences…More at

Twitter demographics: User Age Inference – Towards Data Science

Some efforts made to classify twitter users by age use tweet metadata (original tweet count, retweet rate, reply rate, etc.) as features and other efforts focus on using linguistic features of the users tweets have not been very successful.

Linguistic models have been reported to have the best performance, however a linguistic approach makes the model language dependent, making it difficult to generalize…More at

How we measured Twitter demographics in garage using AI

For those who are interested in results, we are going to start with key findings and then dive deeper into comparing existing technologies and describing our methodology.

We evaluated Demografy’s accuracy compared to well established existing solutions. The gender measuring accuracy of Demografy was 96% (49% male 51% female vs 51% male 49% female) …More at

Malone Media Group | Twitter Demographics: Who are These People?

If you ask, “Who uses social media?” the answer is “about 75 percent of all Internet users,” which translates to “basically everybody.”

It’s too big a sample to be considered its own demographic. For that reason, it’s helpful to look at the unique demographics of individual social media platforms and tailor your content accordingly…More at

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