Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid – Are You Making Any of These?

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12 Common Social Media Mistakes You Need to Avoid |

“A common mistake that social media marketers take is in their content broadcasting especially on platforms like Twitter and Facebook where you can easily schedule out content in advance or put it into a continuous rotation.

This phone-it-in tactic seems like it frees up time and bandwidth by batching social media distribution but it actually puts a wall further between the marketer and the potential customers in their audience…More at

21 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

Following are 21 common social media mistakes I see businesses making all the time, along with how to avoid them!

1. Spreading yourself too thin: Just because a social network exists doesn’t mean you need to be part of it! It is better to focus on a few networks where you know your target market is actively looking to engage with you than to try to do it all and failing because you are spread too thin.

2. Posting what you want (not what your audience wants): Instead of posting about whatever’s on YOUR mind, focus on the needs and pain points of your audience…More at

Top 9 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid: Tips to Help You Grow

Get on board with what not to do, and you’re bound to have a better experience assembling your plan of action. Following, a list of the big no-nos.

Social media may not be rocket science, but there are ways to finesse the craft. There are a lot of tips and tricks and things to remember in order to get your game right…More at

12 Common Social Media Mistakes to Avoid – Aka. How to Social Media Like an Adult

Sometimes successful marketing is not about fancy tactics. Sometimes it just means not screwing up or, in our case, avoiding common social media mistakes.

Making mistakes sucks, especially when you do it in public. Here’s how to avoid some of the most common ones in social media.

Sometimes successful marketing is not about fancy tactics. Sometimes it just means not screwing up or, in our case, avoiding common social media mistakes…More at

The Top 15 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid – Jeffbullas’s Blog

Right now, more than 90 percent of businesses use social media.

But, simply opening an account or sending out some tweets is not enough to make social media platforms a viable and profitable part of a marketing strategy.

By avoiding some basic missteps, many businesses have the ability to increase ROI and create more opportunities from social media accounts.

Here are 15 social media mistakes to avoid…More at

10 Social Media Mistakes We’ve Made (And How to Avoid Them)

We’ve committed many social media mistakes that have cost us reach, engagement, fans, and customers! Here’s what we’ve learned and how you can avoid them.

This might sound contradicting — and it’s scary for us to admit.

But, despite building a product that helps people succeed on social media, we have committed a good number of social media mistakes ourselves…More at

Social Media Mistakes Examples

19 Massive Corporate Social Media Horror Stories |

There are many ways to fail on social media, but when you’re a big corporation, screw-ups go BIG.

There are a lot of ways for individuals to screw up on social media. Nasty comments, rude tweets, a timeline full of misspellings and other faux pas.

There’s no end to them, but they’re usually easy enough to fix or delete without it seeming like the end of the world…More at

These Are the Biggest Social Media Fails of 2017 |

It’s been a banner year for corporate facepalms.

Instead, 2017 has been a standout year for cringeworthy social media moments, from the conservative Ted Cruz accidentally “liking” a pornographic tweet to Donald Trump’s unwitting coining of the term “covfefe.”

But corporations took it to a new level. Their gaffes were not only embarrassing–some businesses even saw their stock price take a nosedive.

Here’s a look back at five of the worst social media moments of 2017…More at

#Fail: 29 Of The Biggest Corporate Brand Social Media Flubs

Social media may be an essential tool for building a brand’s following, but it can just as quickly become a liability when something goes wrong.

Whether it’s a well-meaning tweet that backfires, an image that makes people cringe, or a company account that gets in the wrong hands, few brands have managed to navigate social media over the past few years entirely unscathed…More at

The 7 Biggest Social Media Fails of 2017

You don’t want customers having an unintended laugh at your expense, do you? Here’s how to protect yours.

We’ve all made mistakes on social media, whether that’s meant uploading the wrong picture or accidentally offending someone.

Accidents happen. But when they happen to a major corporation, on a large enough scale to reach millions of people, the reputation of the brand itself may be jeopardized — and customers may have an unintended laugh at its expense…More at

15 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost – Comm100 Blog

Keep your social media strategy afloat by making sure that your company steers clear of these fatal social media mistakes!

Social media is a modern day holy grail for businesses: should your company achieve a successful social media strategy, the promise is happiness…More at

The worst social media fails of 2017 – Our Social Times – Social Media for Business

Even the world’s biggest brands are still capable of making embarrassing PR mistakes – as these social media fails from 2017 demonstrate.

Given that social media has been around for a fair while now, you’d think that most big brands would have worked out how to avoid falling into PR pitfalls.

But not so…More at

35 Examples of Social Media Fails

Whether that’s using Vine as a part of your social media campaign to increasing the amount of followers you have on Instagram, we try our best to make sure that you go away with a better understanding of how to optimize social media.

Sometimes you also have to take a look at the bad…More at

What marketing tactics To Avoid On Social Media

3 Types of Outdated & Ineffective Social Media Tactics You Should Avoid

Are you related to, or friends with, a luddite? They still use a rotary phone, only communicate through snail mail, and listen to their favorite music on cassette tapes. In other words, they don’t adapt to changes over time.

That’s exactly how people perceive brands that still use outdated, ineffective social media tactics…More at

3 Social Media Marketing Strategy Traps to Avoid at All Costs – Jeffbullas’s Blog

You might think your social media marketing strategy is awesome, but do your customers? Here are 3 social media marketing strategy traps to avoid

You might think your social media marketing strategy is awesome, but here’s the harsh reality. Your customers probably think your presence is lame…More at

6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

As more and more businesses enter the social media landscape, we have been able to see what works and what doesn’t.

Unfortunately, many companies jump into social media because they think it’s something they should be doing. However, they can actually hurt their brand more than they help it by falling victim to social media marketing mistakes…More at

20 Tips to Help You Avoid Shady Social Media Providers | Kruse Control Inc

I just couldn’t let another day go by without sharing my best tips to help you avoid shady social media providers.

It’s frustrating to witness unsuspecting businesses (and individuals) falling for shady tactics when they believe they’re paying for quality social media marketing. So, enough is enough already…More at

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