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What is StumbleUpon and How Does it Work? – Small Business Trends

What if there was a site that could predict everything you wanted to see on the Internet? StumbleUpon is a social network that helps you discover unique and interesting things across the Web.

So what is StumbleUpon, exactly? StumbleUpon is basically a discovery engine of entertainment that recommends photography, art, humor, fashion, sports, technology and just about every other topic you can think of. Navigating StumbleUpon feels like surfing a Web where every incoming WiFi wave…More at

How to Use StumbleUpon: Your Comprehensive Guide : Social Media Examiner

You’ve likely heard of StumbleUpon. But do you really understand how to use its full power?

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking and rating site where people can “Stumble” their favorite web pages, write reviews and share their discoveries with their followers. This network is like Delicious, but with a more enhanced social platform and sharing system.

StumbleUpon can be a great site to organize your favorite bookmarks, although it isn’t quite as advanced as Delicious…More at

StumbleUpon | New User Guide

  • How to get Started on StumbleUpon
  • How do I Start Stumbling?
  • How do I add or stop following Interests?
  • How do I Stumble just one of my current Interests?
  • What do all the different icons on the StumbleBar do?
  • How do I share web pages I find with others?
  • Where can I find web pages I have Liked?
  • What are “followers” and what is “following”?
  • How do I find people I know who are already using StumbleUpon so I can follow them?

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How to Use StumbleUpon for Business

In today’s world, any smart marketing campaign will include a mix of the various popular social media platforms. But it is important to remember that with any social media platform, in order to maximize the return, you need to be an active, regular participant in the community.

You won’t gain any value by signing up for a social media service and only posting your marketing content. Those that get the most value out of social media are those that engage and communicate with other social media…More at

StumbleUpon: A Beginner’s Guide

At its very essence, StumbleUpon is a content discovery tool tailored to your personal interests. If you haven’t visited the site in a while, you’ll most likely be impressed — and overwhelmed — by what you find.

The latest redesign integrates brand channels, lists and a “StumbleUpon DNA” in an effort to make the site more social and customizable. Since its start in 2001, the site has gained over 25 million users, but within the past few years it’s had some trouble competing with newer…More at

How to Use StumbleUpon to Drive Traffic to Your Website | Sprout Social

For Enterprise For Agencies For Small Business For Social Media Management For Customer Service For Social Media Marketing Analytics Engagement Publishing Twitter Instagram Google+ Facebook LinkedIn Other Integrations Customers Company Careers Blog Resources Frequently Asked Questions Bambu Sprout Blog Photo of the author, Susan Gunelius by …More at

How we Use StumbleUpon

Digital Lifestyle It’s our day to talk and share what we have learned over the past couple of years of the travel. Last week we shared what we did to secure Sponsorship for the Mongol Rally. Today, we are talking about StumbleUpon.

For some it is the most confusing form of social media, but it doesn’t have to be. We don’t know everything by any means and we encourage you all to leave comments with your own ideas or additions to the post. …More at

How to Use StumbleUpon: A Step by Step Guide — SitePoint

Today I begin a series of articles that will teach you how to use StumbleUpon efficiently to maximize traffic to your site, and to all the sites you discover. I assume some of our readers are already StumbleUpon members, and for those who are not SU already has a page that helps as well – getting started.

The topic of today’s article is: Things that Kill SU Traffic StumbleUpon is a browser based social media community. I use “browser-based” in the absence of a better…More at

How To Use The Stumbleupon App

How to Use the StumbleUpon App –

As a blogger (and mom) who is always on the go, I’m a huge fan of any phone app that will help me in my day-to-day life. I recently discovered the power of StumbleUpon from a blogger friend and I’ve been slightly addicted to stumbling and sharing my favorite posts from my favorite bloggers.

As you know, I work during the day at an office and I can’t just be on the internet and stumbling, so I found the StumbleUpon app to help me feed my addiction in my down times and I’…More at

StumbleUpon IPad App Review

StumbleUpon is nothing new by any means. In terms of the internet, it has been around for quite a while. It has built its success on the quick, easy access users have to it to connect with others on the web. However, its iPad app is a relatively new extension they have created to help users better connect.

The StumbleUpon app has a very high functionality rate. It is a very good tool to use for finding websites. There are a variety of different categories to choose from and the interface is very …More at

How To Use Stumbleupon For Business

StumbleUpon for Business: A Useful Way to Drive Blog Traffic? – Baer Performance Marketing

I recently joined StumbleUpon, and the experience has me wondering: Is it possible to use StumbleUpon to promote our blog and increase traffic–successfully? For those of you that have never used StumbleUpon, here’s a crash course.

StumbleUpon is a “discovery engine.” It’s like a search engine, sort of. But knows what you’re looking for because you decide what you’re interested in finding…More at

Guide on StumbleUpon for Business

StumbleUpon may have lost ground on popularity, yet it is still one of the best social media platforms for marketing your business. While social media marketing with Facebook can give you better milestone, it still helps to diversify your strategies by adding this network to your marketing mix.

Having a well-diversified marketing footprint will give your business better visibility in many different social communities where highly-targeted prospects thrive. There are many solid reasons for using …More at

How to Use StumbleUpon Effectively for Business

by Michael Cohn · Published · Updated StumbleUpon is a name that many people are uttering nowadays when the topic of social bookmarking comes up, which it does often. First, what is StumbleUpon? Second, are you using it to its full potential for your business? What is StumbleUpon? StumbleUpon is a website for social networking and rating. You can literally stumble upon your most favored web pages, share…More at

How to Use StumbleUpon to Get Your Business Blog Seen

The goal of every website is getting discovered – that is, getting discovered is the first step to getting traffic, and traffic is necessary for a site to achieve success. With that in mind, business owners use various marketing strategies to get their sites noticed.

One tactic that is often overlooked is the power and simplicity of StumbleUpon. This service is easy to use, as it only requires the download of a toolbar. The primary purpose of the service is to define sites that have been…More at

How To Use StumbleUpon Bookmarking For Business | New SU Tips

If you are not familiar with – you should be – especially if you want to both get insights to web activity and connecting to other people in niche marketplaces. It’s a powerful social bookmarking system and with an advertisement platform to boot.

I recently ran a campaign on SU that yielded a dramatic web traffic increase within days, and for about 10c a visitor. (More on this in another post). What can you do with StumbleUpon for your online business…More at

StumbleUpon for Business

  StumbleUpon is a place where you can discover images, videos and websites according to your interests. Ones that you may not ever find using regular search. It’s described as an adventure and works by filtering the results depending on what interests you have listed and which other pages you have liked or disliked.

There are over 25 million members so it must be something worth investigating! What I like/dislike? I like the fact that the selection of sites StumbleUpon chooses to show ar…More at

Using StumbleUpon for Business

Here at Anchor Social, we’re always looking for new ways to promote content and increase engagement. While most of our efforts focus on defining an audience and carefully targeting our promotion to specific groups, every once in a while you have to let chance take over.

And who doesn’t like to waste a few minutes (that quickly turn into hours) using StumbleUpon to quickly window shop around the internet? For those of you not familiar, StumbleUpon is an application that users can use to fi…More at

How to: use Stumbleupon to promote your business

Here at Anchor Social, we’re always looking for new ways to promote content and increase engagement. While most of our efforts focus on defining an audience and carefully targeting our promotion to specific groups, every once in a while you have to let chance take over.

And who doesn’t like to waste a few minutes (that quickly turn into hours) using StumbleUpon to quickly window shop around the internet? For those of you not familiar, StumbleUpon is an application that users can use to fi…More at

Stumbleupon Tags

Top StumbleUpon Interests, Tags and Categories – Social Implications

StumbleUpon continues to drive so much traffic that we would be foolish to ignore it completely – at least for sites whose primary interest is more visitors with less concern whether the traffic converts or not. As part of research, I’m doing to come up with best practices for the new StumbleUpon, this post will list the top categories I’ve discovered so far. Thes…More at

Big List of all StumbleUpon Categories and Interests

When you’re creating a new campaign in Paid Discovery, you’ll get various options to target different groups of Stumbleupon users, such as age, gender, location and device. Finally, you can also choose interest bundles or specific interests.

If you have a certain target audience for your content in mind, or if it’s very specific to certain groups, then you’ll want to manually select the interest areas at this stage, instead of using one of the broader bundles. However…More at

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