The Rise of Visual Search Here’s What You Need To Know

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The Rise of Visual Search: How Brands Can Adapt

With intelligent technology being being built into various platforms, visual search is changing the search landscape as we know it. Here’s how to adapt.

Visual search technology is continually improving, while visual search usage is expanding across various platforms…More at

Visual search: Everything you need to know (so far) – Search Engine Watch Search Engine Watch

Ours is a culture mediated by images, so it stands to reason that visual search has assumed such importance for the world’s largest technology companies.

The pace of progress is certainly quickening; but there is no clear visual search ‘winner’ and nor will there be one soon…More at

The State of Google Images and Visual Search – State of Digital

“We begin by coveting what we see every day. […] And don’t your eyes seek out the things you want?” (Hannibal Lecter to Clarice Sterling, The Silence of the Lambs, 1993)

The SEO world is already old enough to live upon two recurring trends:

In the first one, we can put the real frenzy existing around voice search, augmented and virtual reality or personal assistants…More at

What to know about visual search – Digiday

Pinterest Lens Pinterest in February introduced its visual search technology — Pinterest Lens — and is pitching itself to marketers as the place where consumers, especially millennials, come to discover items they didn’t even know they wanted.

The beta feature allows consumers to search using images.

It is not available to marketers yet, but Pinterest was pushing Lens hard in Cannes last week…More at

Visual Search Marketing

How marketers can use visual search – Econsultancy

The benefits of visual search for customers are clear.

When it comes to fashion or home décor and customers have a picture of something they want, it is easier to search for matching products using the image, and the shopper is more likely to find specifically what they are looking for….More at

Visual Search Trends, Statistics, Tips, and Uses in Everyday Life

Visual search is a rapidly-changing area of technology. This list compiles stats, tips, and trends to keep brands up to date with this key search marketing discipline.

At its best, visual search has the potential to change the way we interact with the world around us.

Our culture is already dominated by the visual, so it seems natural that we would use an image to start a search…More at

Visual Search: An In-Depth Look at This Marketing Trend – Alt Creative

Visual content drives the user experience online. People often engage with visual content more than they do with text-based information, as evidenced by the fact that nearly 3 billion images are posted on the internet every day.

Whenever an individual has a free moment, they spend that time scrolling through their smartphones looking at pictures posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and numerous other platforms…More at

Visual Search 2018 – eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics

How has visual search gotten better in the past year?

The accuracy of visual search has improved as image recognition tools have access to big training sets of images, and visual search engines learn about the implicit questions users ask when submitting images.

This has created a virtuous cycle, where more people use visual search, which in turn creates more accurate visual search tools…More at

The Future of Visual Search

The Past, Present, and Future of Visual Search – The Startup – Medium

Ours is a culture mediated by images, so it stands to reason that visual search has assumed such importance for the world’s largest technology companies. The pace of progress is certainly quickening…

Ours is a culture mediated by images, so it stands to reason that visual search has assumed such importance for the world’s largest technology companies…More at

The Future of Visual Search and How Retailers Prepare For It – AW360

How many times have you looked at something that someone was wearing or using and asked, “Where did you get that?”

As visual creatures, the world we see sparks inspiration, consideration and ultimately, purchase.

Visual search enables users to search using photos rather than text queries…More at

The future of visual search: smart glasses, AR and retail opportunity – Econsultancy

What could search be like in 20 years’ time?

In this piece, I’ll explain why I think that visual search is the other half of the future of search, how it links in with innovations like augmented reality, and what the possibilities are for monetising…More at

What the Future of Visual Search Means for Your Business

What’s next, you might ask? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Visual search is quickly headed for the top. Instead of conducting a search via a few relevant keywords typed into Google or Bing, visual search involves users conducting a search based on a specific image.

And the power of that image could be a boon for your business in making a sale or acquiring new customers…More at

The future of visual search and what it means for SEO companies – Search Engine Watch Search Engine Watch

The human brain has evolved to instantly recognize images.

Visual identification is a natural ability made possible through a wonder of nerves, neurons, and synapses. We can look at a picture, and in 13 milliseconds or less, know exactly what we’re seeing.

But creating technology that can understand images as quickly and effectively as the human mind is a huge undertaking…More at

Google Lens and the future of Visual Search | Smart Insights

Machine learning is taking online search to new levels, and it’s not just voice search that’s on the rise.

While many have been focused on the marketing potential of capturing conversational queries barked at Alexa over breakfast, big brands have been quietly developing a stronger competitor in interactive SEO: visual search.

For decades, we’ve searched for information and products online using a text search bar…More at

How Visual Search Impacts the Future of SEO

With AI Assistants like Google Assistant becoming more commonplace, search can now be conducted even without having to type a single letter.

Along with voice search, another new method on conducting a search is now being used as well in the form of visual search.

If voice search is done through the human voice, visual search is done by simply opening your camera and taking a picture…More at

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