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Image SEO: Optimizing images for search engines • Yoast

In this post, I’d like to explain the steps that you should take to fully optimize an image for SEO.

When you optimize an image, make it as small as possible – in terms of download size – by using the right image compression…More at

10 Must Know Image Optimization Tips – Image SEO

When it comes to image SEO, it’s important to use relevant keywords to help your webpage rank on search engines.

Creating descriptive, keyword-rich file names is crucial for image optimization. Search engines not only crawl the text on your webpage, they also crawl your image file names…More at

14 Important Image SEO Tips You Need to Know

Although visual search technology has made great strides of late, search engine bots are unable to identify the content of an image;

they rely on the text associated with the images to fully understand what the image is and how it relates to your content or the topic of your page…More at

10 Tips for Optimizing Your Images for Search – YouMoz – Moz

Finding and using the right type of image for your website is an essential step towards success. A great place to start is good old It has a wide selection of different photos to choose from, along with an ability to filter content by license.

That means that you can easily find a picture that you can legally use for commercial purposes…More at

How to Rank in Google Image Search – Whiteboard Friday – Moz

Today’s episode of Whiteboard Friday is densely packed with all the image SEO tips you could ever want, from the bare basics to ranking factors to important next-steps…More at

9 SEO tips for better Google Image search results – Search Engine Land

According to Rand Fishkin’s analysis of Jumpshot and Moz data, image search on Google is the second most highly used search platform behind and it is searched more than the remaining Top 10 web properties combined…More at

What Should I Name My Images for SEO? – Sara does SEO

Let’s debunk those myths for today’s SEO and make sure you are avoiding spammy image naming.

First of all, it’s important to know that this information isn’t just my idea—It comes straight from Google. In Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, they say…More at

How to optimize images for SEO | Search Engine Watch

Here’s a guide to make you aware of the key things you need to be doing when it comes to uploading images to your site, which a surprising number of people often ignore. It’s important to use images related to the text of the article…More at

Image alt Tags SEO Best Practice

What is Alt Text (Alternative Text)? | Moz

Alt tags provide better image context/descriptions to search engine crawlers, helping them to index an image properly.

The highlighted text shows the alt text (alt attribute) of the image at left…More at

Image SEO: alt tag and title tag optimization • Yoast

The term “alt tag” is a commonly used abbreviation of what’s actually an alt attribute on an img tag.

For any image on your site, the alt tag should describe what’s on it.

Screen readers for the blind and visually impaired will read out this text and thus make your image accessible…More at

Image Optimization and Alt Text Best Practices

Image optimization, like anything with SEO, works best when you align your signals.

What I mean by that is you want your image URL to correspond with the alt text, which should correspond with the title attribute, which should correspond with the caption (if one is there)….More at

Image SEO: Alt Tags, Title Tags, and Everything In-Between | Image Alt-Tag SEO

You’ve just experienced how search crawlers understand images

—because they can’t see the image, they rely on additional information in order to determine what the image is of and how it relates to the content of a web page…More at

How to Write SEO Friendly Alt Text For Your Images

Or, as we like to say: you’ll be makin’ it rain.

You’ve probably heard that good SEO comes with textual content. It’s true, but visuals can have a great impact on your website’s ranking, too.

If only you knew the tricks…More at

SEO Image Title

Image Alt Text Vs. Image Title: What’s the Difference? | SEJ

Most webmasters don’t see any difference between image alt text and title and tend to keep them the same.

A great discussion over at Google Webmaster Groups provides exhaustive coverage on the differences between an image Alt attribute and an image title…More at

Image Alt Text vs Image Title in WordPress – What’s the Difference?

Alternate text is also very helpful in case images on a page cannot be found. Image title is another attribute that can be added to the image tag in HTML.

It is used to provide a title…More at

Image SEO: alt tag and title tag optimization • Yoast

You shouldn’t forget to give those images good alt attributes: alt tags and title tags strengthen the message towards search engine spiders and improve the accessibility of your website.

Here, I’ll explain all about alt tags and title tags and why you should optimize those…More at

Image SEO: Alt Tags, Title Tags, and Everything In-Between | Image Alt-Tag SEO

How important are optimized images to SEO?

I’ll show you: Put on a blindfold, grab the person next to you, and have them describe a photo-any photo—until you think you have a good picture of it in your mind.

Describe it back to them…More at

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