SEO Penalties And What To Do About Them

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SEO Guide: Violations & Search Engine Spam Penalties

Responding to a drumbeat of complaints about poor search results, Google rolled out its “Panda” update in February 2011. Panda targets what is described as “thin” or “shallow” content or content that is lacking in substance.

This domain-level penalty targets sites with a predominant amount of so-so content and essentially treats it similarly to the way it treats overt spam techniques…More at

What Are Google Penalties and What Do They Mean? | WebFX

Depending on how severe the infringement is, they may even be removed from the game, or suspended from playing for a period of time.

Google penalties are very similar to sports penalties. At their core, they’re designed to punish websites that have done something wrong…More at

Types of SEO Penalties

What kinds of Google Penalties are there and what are the differences? – SISTRIX

A Penalty is a measure by Google to punish websites that are in violation of their Webmaster Guidelines.

A penalty can have different levels of severity in which it affects a website. You can differentiate between punishments on a keyword-, URL- or directory level as well as a sidewide (affecting the entire domain) penalty…More at

Types of Google Penalties Explained

A list of types of penalties Google Penguin, Panda or manual might apply to websites, as a result of SEO’s that violate their guidelines.

While Google doesn’t have a page on their website that lists the types of penalties they dish out, they have confirmed a few of these types in direct and indirect ways throughout the years.

I’ll do my best to note when this has happened within this post…More at

5 Types of Google Penalties and How To Survive Them

Check out the 5 most common penalties and how to fix them. They can be manual or algorithmic penalties imposed by search engines on your site.

Every time you hear an SEO warn you about Google penalties, most of them think about algorithmic penalties like Penguin or Pandan…More at

The Penalty Box: 5 Types of Google Link Penalties to Avoid at All Costs – Monitor Backlinks Blog

Penalties suck. Here’s how to avoid getting slapped with link penalties. Already stuck in the penalty box? We’ll help you escape!

Penalties are never good. No matter how you end up with one. Whether it’s a red card, a hefty fine or a link penalty from Google, nobody likes being in the penalty box…More at

List of SEO Penalties

The Big List of Google Penalties for SEO

Check 27 Different Google Penalties that Could be Hurting your Website. The Big List of Google Penalties for SEO

Every business wants to achieve the highest possible listing on Google. But using questionable techniques to boost your rankings can often end up backfiring…More at

The Complete List of Google Penalties & How to Recover

Did you receive a manual action report in Google Search Console? Don’t panic. You can recover. This post shows you how to rebound from Google penalties.

Nobody wants a Google penalty…More at

Potential SEO Penalties | Search Engine Penalty List | Naperville SEO

SEO penalties can happen whenever a website is doing something to deceive or artificially influence search engines to improve rankings.

Basically if it sounds like it’s sketchy or deceitful, it most likely is and avoid that…More at

How To Find Out If You Have A Google Penalty

How to Tell if Your Site Has Been Hit with a Google Penalty

The major updates of Panda and Penguin drastically changed the landscape and actually penalized sites for bending the rules and not completely following Google’s Guidelines.

These updates are now engrained in the ever-changing algorithm set, continuing to penalize more and more websites every day…More at

How to Know if You’ve Been Hit With a Google Penalty (And How to Fix It)

According to Kissmetrics, only 5% of penalized websites are submitting a reconsideration request every month to recover their rankings..More at

Fix Your SEO Problems With These 7 Google Penalty Checker Tools

The second step is to know how to monitor for future algorithm changes to make sure it doesn’t happen to you again.

In this article I’m going to share with you seven Google penalty checker tools that will allow you to see exactly which update is to blame, and how you can future-proof yourself against future…More at

How to Check if Your Website is Penalized by Google

Beginners to blogging and webmasters that don’t have much experience online hear the words panda, penguin, pigeon, hummingbird and wonder why all the online World makes a fuss about these animals!

The answer is pretty simple, these are the names that Google (and the press) gave to the different set of changes Google is making to their ranking algorithm…More at

6 Google Penalty Checker Tools For 2018, Solve Your SEO Problems

One solution is to use Google penalty checker tools. These tools can help you identify if the Google hammer has nailed you.

Once you determine which penalty you have been affected by, you can work to rectify the issue.

I suggest trying to use the information provided here, but if you still have questions, check out my penalty recovery services…More at

How to Detect a Google Penalty | Google Penalty Recovery

Has your website traffic been negatively affected? Use this Blue Corona resource on how to detect a google penalty or begin a free SEO analysis today!

You’ve made a bunch of new and exciting changes to your website and then all of a sudden, the phone stops ringing and the leads stop piling in…More at

How can you tell if you have a Google penalty? | Econsultancy

How can businesses find out that they have been penalised by Google?

Comprehensive, authoritative and easy to digest, Econsultancy’s award-winning research offers practical advice on all aspects of digital business, marketing and ecommerce.

The obvious way is if they have warnings reported in Google Webmaster Tools…More at

How to Tell If Your Website Is Penalized by Google? | RankWatch Blog

A Google penalty happens when any site is being removed entirely or partially from the Google index,

Or the site’s search rankings are dropped significantly due to algorithmic spam action taken automatically by the Google’s Webspam filtering algorithms like Penguin or manually by the Webspam team…More at

How To Deal With SEO Penalties

How to Recover From Any Google Penalty

For most online businesses, search engine traffic is very important, but achieving high rankings in Google is not as easy as it used to be.

Therefore, many SEOs and marketers are pushing the link-building process to the limit. As a result, many websites are being penalized for violating Google’s guidelines…More at

How to Handle a Google Penalty – And, an Example from the Field of Real Estate – Moz

Obviously, that site has long recommended link exchanges as a way to get ranks, and honestly, it’s hard to find fault with their advice since until just recently, the tactics were very effective. Here’s how it usually works in the real estate website world…More at

Ultimate Guide to Google Penalty Removal – Moz

Cutting a long story short, the main reason we were hit with a manual penalty was for adding followed anchor text into the bottom of clients websites that said ‘Web Design Yorkshire by Pinpoint Designs’ (both ‘web design yorkshire’ and ‘Pinpoint Designs’ linked to our website)…More at

How to Recover from a Google Penalty

Let’s take a look at the different types of penalties that Google hands out, how to tell when your site is suffering from a penalty, and exactly what you can do to get back on Google’s good side.

A penalty occurs when your website gets flagged by a manual review team, or…More at

Got a Google Penalty? Here’s What To Do About It | Mondo

You did the research, followed the SEO “rules” set down by Google, but suddenly your website traffic has taken a major drop. Or a few of your top-ranking website pages have now been removed from Google’s search index entirely.

Or maybe your website simply isn’t netting the organic search leads it once did. So, what’s the deal? You’ve most likely been hit with a Google penalty…More at

BruceClay – How to Avoid Google Penalties

With every new algorithm update, Google seems to tighten its standards a little more and catch more websites operating just outside search engine guidelines. If your site is penalized, you can expect your rankings to slip and revenues to fall.

In this SEO tutorial step, you learn:

  • What is a Google penalty
  • Top 3 guidelines for avoiding Google penalties
  • Google penalties by name
  • Manual actions…More at

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