How Google Voice Search Will Change SEO, Here’s What They Are Saying

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Here’s What The Experts Are Saying About Google Voice Search and SEO

How Google Voice Search Will Change SEO

Voice search is undeniably growing at a rapid pace, and for good reason

— it’s fast, convenient, allows you to search on the go, and it’s just cool.

Even better, as the technology behind voice search services like Siri and Cortana improves, it’s becoming increasingly reliable…More at

How Voice Search Will Forever Change SEO – Search Engine Journal

Two years ago word error rate was over 20%, but current speech recognition word error rate is as low as 8%

—a huge leap in a short amount of time.

And now, according to Behshad, conversational search is the future…More at

Type No More: How Voice Search is Going to Impact the SEO Landscape

Voice queries are like a two-way conversation and they aim to help the user complete tasks from their life in real-time, like booking tickets and making a purchase.

Rather than links, users want direct answers, when they perform a voice search.

In fact, voice search queries are inherently different from the typical keyword text search in the search box…More at

How Voice Search Will Affect SEO

60 percent of smartphone users who used voice search just started using it in 2015, and now as many as 20% – 25% of search queries are performed via voice.

Whether you’re personally using voice search or not, it’s already shaping the future of SEO….More at

SEO in 2018: The Impact of Voice Search on SEO

As more and more people use voice search to find information online, the way we optimize our websites will shift.

As we look ahead at SEO trends of 2018, find out what you can do to prepare for the increase in…More at

How Voice Search is Going to Change Your 2018 SEO Strategies.

In this post we’re going to take a look at Voice Search SEO, how its change is taking hold and why, as well as a few best practices along the way.

Virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Home are driving this change…More at

How Voice Search Will Change SEO (For the Better) | Launch Digital Marketing

As voice search becomes more popular, SEO tactics will need to adapt. Here’s how you can be sure that your online content is optimized for voice search.

Why is voice search increasing so quickly in popularity?

It can be completed hands-free, it allows you to multitask, and the technology is much more reliable than it was even just a few short months ago. In 2014, the rate of voice search error hovered around 20 percent…More at