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What are Emoji’s? How and When to Use Them

A smiley face provides a quick shortcut to expressing a common emotion.

In this article, we take a look at the emoji, the apps and places you can use them.

The past few years, an old thing became surprisingly new again. Emoticons, a feature of popular communication apps of the 90’s such as MSN, Yahoo, and AOL Messenger are a big part of our IMs today…More at

What Are Emojis? 10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know

These days, digital communication goes far beyond typing out a few words or sentences and hitting Send.

Just look around on any popular social network or open up your last few text messages to see how many smiley faces, hearts, animals, food, and other image-based characters you can spot…More at

What Are Emojis and How You Can Use Them in Advertising

Advertising, Informational, Online Promotion, Social MediaThe world would be a boring place if it weren’t for emojis.

Sure, nothing beats face-to-face conversation, but when you’ve got a busy schedule and need to reach someone, a text message is your best bet!…More at

Google Brings Back  Emojis

Google brings emoji back to the SERPs | Search Engine Watch

Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, plus they come with the intrinsic benefit of circumventing language barriers.

Moreover, they’re pretty fun.

Advertisers, of course, have sniffed an opportunity to connect with a younger audience ‘in their own …More at

Display Emojis in Google Product Listing Ads URLs

Here is another example with a gift box.

It is interesting that this can still be done, since Google disabled the use of emojis in both the organic search results and AdWords ads last year…More at

In 2018, emojis are likely to impact your brand’s Google AdWords campaigns – Born2Invest

When approximately half of all captions and comments on Instagram are written as emojis,

those who choose to ignore their potential future impact on organic and paid search could find themselves missing out on a lot of customers.

In the years ahead, it seems quite likely that brands won’t just use emojis in social media or text messaging campaigns…More at

Google AdWords Emoji Bidding: Is It Fact or Fiction?

The options are endless when it comes to emojis. – image sourceThere are a lot of sites that offer free emojis, or you can have one created just for your brand.

We like Getemoji: It offers just about all the emojis you need to get started, like smileys & people, culturally sensitive emojis…More at

Emojis to appear in Google AdWords: PPC

Haven’t really it pondered much, but at first glance I don’t think this really does anything for businesses.

If anything, my cynical side feels like it is a gimmick that will hurt clients, because CTR will increase for the wrong reasons…More at

Pros and Cons of Using Emoticons In Marketing

11 Pros, Cons, and Tips for Using Emojis in Email Marketing

Omnisend (previously Soundest) has an early Christmas gift for you—an emoji picker for your subject lines!

Before starting to use them massively—or on the contrary, depreciating them—read our review of benefits and considerations, as well as some tips how to use them wisely.

“The use of emojis in mobile and email marketing messages has increased 775% year-over-year…More at

Should you be using emojis in your marketing? | Koobr

In fact, I could probably have a conversation with my best friend using only emojis and still be able to hold a reasonably coherent conversation.

When you think about it, that sounds pretty crazy doesn’t it?

Whether you like it or not…More at

The Pros and Cons of Using Emojis in Email Subject Lines – Ally 360 Blog

Many of us use emojis in our private lives, for example in text messages,

on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Emojis are fun. They allow for playfulness and creativity.

They also convey powerful feelings. (“This new phone I bought is a piece of 💩!”)…More at

An Introduction to Emojis for Your Marketing Strategy

But to what extent can emojis influence your business?

Well, having an emoji in an app’s description can affect whether people download it or not.

That may be an extreme example, but emojis can definitely change the way users or audiences perceive your brand….More at

Whether to Use Emoticons in Business Communication

In my last post about live chat etiquette, I have given some common practices in business communication for your reference.

While some practices are recognized by most business communicators, there are rules that are still in debate whether or not they should be used in formal settings such as online customer support and work emails.

Emoticon is one of them.

Any kind of communication, verbal or textual, contains much more than mere words. …More at

Advantages and Disadvantages of Emojis in Emails

To help you decide whether or not to use emojis in your emails, we’ve created this handy guide to give you all the information you need to make the right decisions for your business.

Advantages of emojis There are some convincing arguments to use emojis…More at

The Rise of Emoji Marketing: Using Visuals to Boost Brand Engagement — Meltwater

The word emoji means “picture letter” in Japanese .Emoji: we either know someone addicted to them, or we are that someone.

I definitely fall in the latter category, but I’m not alone…More at

Pros/Cons of Email Marketing Emoji Tactics and 14 Tools for Organizing Emails – Scriptly

We use emojis in our personal lives via text message and apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but the question remains: Is it a good idea to use them in our email marketing campaigns?…More at

Emojis: The death of the written language?

You know you’ve done it.

Someone sends you an encouraging note and you don’t have time to respond with a lengthy answer…so what do you do?

You pick an emoji that vaguely matches your response.Or what about when you receive a flirty text?…More at

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