Here’s How A “Stop Doing List” Can Make Your Life Better Starting Today

What Managers Should Stop Doing Now

21 Dumb Things Every Smart Leader Needs to Stop Doing Right Now |

One of the biggest challenges any leader–and any organization–faces is how to engage employees.

According to HR consulting company TowersWatson, 4 out of every 5 workers are not fully engaged in their jobs and delivering at their full potential.

Not only that, but according to the Gallup Organization, disengaged employees are more prone to absenteeism and are more likely to leave their jobs…More at

28 Things Leaders Should Stop Doing Immediately

Leadership is never easy.

But did you ever stop to consider that your own habits are actually what’s making it so hard?

Maybe your mindset is causing the lack of productivity. Or, your outlook and attitude is causing inefficiency.

Take a look at this list. What changes do you need to make to your leadership style?…More at

Four Things Managers Need to Stop and Start Doing

Based on her years of experience advising managers at all levels, Mary Jo Asmus recommends these four steps to becoming a better, more connected leader.

Over the years, I’ve amassed a fair amount of information about what managers need to start and stop doing in order to be at their best as leaders.

This information has been gathered through conversations (interviews) with bosses, peers, and direct reports of the managers both at the beginning of a coaching engagement and toward the end (to measure progress)…More at

7 Things Leaders Should Stop Doing – Dan Reiland

There are some responsibilities you carry as a leader that tend to zap and drain your energy more than others.

Things like a confrontational conversation that carries emotional intensity, or working on complex details of your church budget.

But you must still do them anyway…More at