Here’s How A “Stop Doing List” Can Make Your Life Better Starting Today

Why You Should Have A Stop Doing List

Why Everyone Should Have A “Stop Doing” List – The Mission – Medium

So, what about quitting a volunteer position, professional commitment or even a friendship?

The sad fact is that all sorts of obligations can linger past the point where the activity is interesting or of value.

It’s hard to stop doing stuff, so instead of pruning “busyness” out of our lives, too often we fill up our schedules like we fill up our attics…More at

Why Everyone Should Have a “Stop Doing” List – For The Interested

“Every item on your to-do list can be thought of as having a return on investment — whether that be in emotional or financial capital.”

Maybe what you need to become more productive isn’t a better to do list, but rather a list of things you’re NOT going to spend time doing.

Robert Glazer shares his five steps to create a “stop doing” list including to have a firm grasp on your core values…More at

Why You Need a Stop Doing List | Friday Forward (#107)

For many of us, the first few weeks of the year are focused on goal creation and to-do lists for the developing year.

While those are certainly important, I’d encourage you to add one more thing to your agenda that will likely contribute the most to your success this year: a “stop doing” list….More at