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Definition of Speed Reading

I tell them that there is no commonly accepted definition of speed reading but that I have my own definition which I use in the speed reading courses that I teach.

Despite the fact that there is no commonly accepted definition of speed reading, I can tell you how I define speed reading in my public, private, and corporate speed reading courses…More at

What Is Speed Reading? – dummies

The following sections what goes on in your eyes, ears, mouth, and brain when you speed read.

The first step in reading anything is seeing the words. But how do you see words on the page when you read? Prior to the 1920s, researchers believed that people read one word at a time…More at

Does Speed Reading Work?

I Was Wrong About Speed Reading: Here are the Facts

Since that time, I’ve had some lingering doubts about speed reading.

In addition to seeing some flickers of research that made me suspicious about speed reading programs, I had mostly stopped using the techniques I originally advocated…More at

The Truth About Speed Reading

Speed reading has long been a skill peddled by supposed experts, and recently a slew of cheap apps claiming to teach the technique have put it back in the spotlight.

So, let’s take a look at the claims of speed reading and if it’s really possible to read 1,200 words a minute.

Most of us tend to read at about 200-400 words per minute. Speed readers claim to hit around 1000-1700 words per minute…More at

Does Speed Reading Really Work, and If So, How Do You Do It? | HuffPost

Brief background: I learned how to speed-read after some googling.

I did this search because I had AP Bio and AP Econ summer reading due in about 12 hours, I hadn’t even begun, and I did not want to spend 12 hours reading.

I tried to find the page, and I’ll add it in as an edit if I can find it. I learned to speed read because of my own laziness, but on a bad day I read at least 5 or 6 times as fast as I used to…More at

Sorry, But Speed Reading Won’t Help You Read More | WIRED

So, how fast can people read?

Reading speed is obviously going to depend on factors such as readers’ skills and goals and whether they are reading Richard Feynman’s lectures on physics or

But let’s just do some cold, hard calculations based on facts about the properties of eyes and texts…More at

Is speed reading a waste of time? | Education | The Guardian

But what if we were able to double, or even triple, that rate? Would a faster reading speed mean that we could learn more?

Some people claim that it’s possible. In July last year, six-time speed reading champion Anne Jones sat down to read Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman.

Just 25 minutes and 31 seconds later, she was finished – which equates to a reading rate of around 3,700 words per minute…More at