Is It A good Ideas To Schedule Your Free Time?

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Should You Schedule Your Free Time?

Why the Most Successful People Schedule Their Free Time

What do you have going on next Tuesday? A quick look at your calendar probably shows a bunch of meetings, calls, and blocks of time set aside for focused work or particular projects. How about next Saturday? Does a glance at your planner reveal nothing but empty white space?

For most of us that’s natural. Weekends are free time, after all. Isn’t the whole point to kick back and enjoy being commitment (and appointment) free? While that attitude toward leisure makes sense at first glimpse…More at

11 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Free Time For Yourself

Wait, isn’t that the wrong way to do it? Do you really need to schedule free time? Shouldn’t you be scheduling your work instead of your free time? Well yeah, that’s what most people do. It’s probably why 43% of Americans don’t really use up their vacation days.

Who can take days off when you’re packed with work every single day? I propose that you take your life back and schedule free time for yourself instead. By free time, I mean doing stuff that’s not work…More at

Should you plan your leisure time, or does that take the fun out of it?

In the common narrative, we are all scheduled to the hilt. Our work lives are dictated by 15-minute slots on Outlook. So should you treat your leisure time the same way, scheduling in that workout and drinks with a friend? No! Say researchers at Washington University.

According to a series of studies (written up in Time — originally in Health — see link here), people who schedule their leisure time enjoy it less. It feels too much like work. Longtime readers know I am quite a planner…More at

How To Plan Your Life To Have Free Time Every Day

We all need some free time to perform better afterwards and grab the opportunity to do the things that we like and we cannot always do. There are often not enough hours in our days to complete our pending tasks, let alone to enjoy our leisure time. Learning how to plan your life today.

The key to achieving this is to properly plan it. If you can establish habits in your daily routine to organize your day, you will have free time to enjoy your favorite pastimes. Follow these guidelines to make …More at

7 reasons why you should plan your free time

Why on earth would you plan your free time? I’m so glad you asked! I’ll admit it, planning my free time is not something I have always done. Like you, I spent most of the time thinking I didn’t really have any, let alone consider planning it.

When I was working in the City even before having kids I felt my time was not my own. I worked longer office ours than all of my friends who had ‘normal’ jobs and when I did get to go home I felt like I was always “…More at

New Study Confirms That Scheduling Your Free Time Takes the Fun Out of It

We all do it: You want to catch up with a friend, so you schedule in a happy hour date for later in the week. And, according to new research, that simple act takes all the fun out of it. Why? As the date approaches, it starts to feel like a chore, rather than something you want to do.

(How many times have you heard yourself saying, “I have to meet a friend for dinner”?) That’s what researchers at the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis discovered. For their …More at

How to Create More Free Time By Gamifying Your Schedule

here is nothing more rewarding than accomplishing a task that’s on your schedule ahead of time. So, why do you insist on punishing yourself for completing tasks, rather than giving yourself your just reward?

Developing an effective time management system is extremely difficult, but at the heart of that system is the schedule. In my own system, the schedule is the final “output” of the time management system, assigning an exact day and time when you’re committed to getting that task done…More at

How scheduling takes the fun out of free time

Life moves fast, and finding enough hours in the day to get everything done is, at times, a seemingly impossible task. Scheduling, whether keeping a calendar, a to-do list or setting a smartphone reminder, is a saving grace for many people trying to accomplish as much as they can, as efficiently as they can.

But new research from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing Research, suggests it is best to ditch that to-do list…More at

How Successful People Spend Their Spare Time

How Successful People Spend their Free Time

Time plays an important role in our life. How people spend their free time have a great impact on their success. They tend to spend their free time in such a way maintaining the balance between their personal life as well as professional life. Here are some ways how they spend their time.

Motivate Yourself to Exercise To maintain a good physical and mental health, we need to do regular physical exercise. Doing half an hour exercise daily after week or on a weekend makes people healthy and revit…More at

10 Ways Successful People Spend Their Time After Work

When Neil Patrick Harris was in his late teens and early 20s, he rocketed into fame starring on the hit TV show, Doogie Howser, M.D. Precocious and prodigiously talented, he quickly became one of the most sought-after young actors of his generation.

Many of Harris’ young Hollywood friends liked to drink, do drugs, and party. Harris quickly realized that the “club scene” wasn’t for him, so he started spending his free time in a different way.

As he recounts in his autobiography, whenever he had a couple weeks of vacation time, he would fly to NYC to see as many Broadway shows as he possibly could. Sometimes, that meant two shows a day…More at

18 things successful 20-somethings do in their spare time

We all define “success” differently, but most 20-somethings probably associate it with happiness, good health, a strong social network, and a well-balanced life.

According to experts, how you spend your downtime plays a huge part in your ability to achieve these things. “If you take time to recharge and pay attention to fitness and your diet, for example, after work or on weekends, you’ll set the…More at

This Is Exactly How Successful People Spend Their Day Off

Successful 20-somethings know the value of being well-rested and focused.Flickr/Ivan Bandura We all define “success” differently, but most 20-somethings probably associate it with happiness, good health, a strong social network, and a well-balanced life.

According to experts, how you spend your downtime plays a huge part in your ability to achieve these things. “If you take time to recharge and pay attention to fitness and your diet, for example, after work or on weekends, you’ll set the s…More at

How Successful People Use Their Spare Time – Early To Rise

Jack is forced to continue working. With two kids in college, and a mortgage, and so on, he couldn’t retire even if he wanted to. Every 40-hour week that Jack now works is 40 hours that Jill can spend enjoying herself.

It will take Jill just 120 weeks, about 2 1/2 years, to catch up with Jack in terms of the amount of time he spent on personal pleasure all those years between the hours of 8 and 9 in the morning. And Jill will still not only be much richer and freer than Jack, she’ll also be able to continue enjoying herself an extra 2,000 hours a year…More at

The Best Use of Your Spare Time

The 35 Best Ways to Spend Your Free Time (Frugally)

Wise Bread readers are masters at saving more and spending less. You know how to shop smart, how to stretch a budget, and how to find the best deals on just about anything. But what about when you want to cut loose and relax?

Life, after all, is about balance and having some hobbies is a key component of living a happy, healthy life. If only those hobbies weren’t so expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to stay true to your frugal principles and still have a good time in the process. …More at

20 Productive Ways to Use Your Free Time

If you’ve got a big block of free time, the best way to put that to use is to relax, have fun, decompress from a stressful day, or spend time with a loved one. But if you’ve just got a little chunk — say 5 or 10 minutes — there’s no time to do any of the fun stuff.

Put those little chunks of time to their most productive use.

Everyone works differently, so the best use of your free time really depends on you, your working style, and what’s on your to-do list. But it’s handy to have a list like this in order to quickly find a way to put that little spare time to work instantly, without any thought. Use the following list as a way to spark ideas for what you can do in a short amount of time…More at

26 Productive Ways to Use Your Free Time

Regardless of how busy everyone is these days, we all have at least several minutes each day where we have free time on our hands.

Whether it’s 5 minutes while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew, 30 minutes on your train ride home from work, or a few hours on Sunday afternoon, we all have free time that we could be using more productively. While I full…More at

20 Productive Ways To Use Your Free Time

To begin this post, I should say that I always have free time on my hand no matter how my days get so busy. I work during the day, workout in the afternoon and after work, blog for an hour or two every day, play with my daughter, talk to my wife and the rest of the family, just to name a few.

Even when I have those things to do every day, I always find myself with free time. Sounds crazy? Yes. But I have been able to master the art of crunching everything in a way that the value of what I do…More at

Best Way to Use Your Free Time

MPW Insider is an online community where the biggest names in business and beyond answer timely career and leadership questions. Today’s answer for: If you had an extra day in the week, how would you spend it? is written by Robin Koval, president and CEO of Truth Initiative.

My initial reaction to this question was to think of a million things I could do. After all, women are known to be natural born multi-taskers. As my mind raced, I envisioned a “me/you/us” day. This would entail…More at

7 Super Productive Ways To Use Your Free Time

know you’re probably totally scoffing at this right now and being all ‘Free time? What the hell is free time?’. I feel you. However sometimes I’ll find myself with a spare Saturday afternoon, when I’m full of energy and I’d like to do something productive but I just can’t decide what to do.

We all have a never ending list of shit we need to get done and sometimes you just need someone to curate that list for you. Here are 7 super productive ways to use your free time…More at

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