Does Lowering Your Expectations Improve Happiness? Find Out Here

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The Secret to Happiness and Compassion: Low Expectations | Psychology Today

“Happiness depends not on how well things are going but whether things are going better or worse than expected.”

This rings very true in my experience. I once expected to make it big, and when I didn’t, I eventually got over that expectation, and have been much happier ever since…More at

Happiness Tip: Lower Your Expectations – Brave Over Perfect

When our expectations are unrealistic, instead of inspiring greatness with the high bar we’ve set.

We’re more likely to foster disappointment, or resentment, or even hatred in ourselves…More at

How Lowering Your Expectations Makes You Happier | SUCCESS

Now a year later, after making financial, living, and really everything, changes, it’s easier to demystify what helped me settle into The City That Never Sleeps.

These are the expectations my year…More at

Lowering expectations is key to happiness – Telegraph

They found that accumulating wealth did not make people happier, but the expectation of acquiring more money, did make happiness levels shoot up, particularly if people were not expecting to win big….More at

The secret of happiness? LOWER your expectations | Daily Mail Online

The ‘ebb and flow’ of mental happiness – the way our mood shifts moment-to-moment – is profoundly impacted by our expectations of life, they suggest.

The researchers even created a formula for predicting happiness…More at

The Case for Lowering Your Expectations – Personal Growth – Medium

Consider Amelia Boone. The world-champion Spartan racer is a Type A pusher. When she’s not winning Spartan events or racing ultramarathons, she’s a corporate lawyer for Apple.

Boone has always set high expectations for herself, and that has undoubtedly helped propel her to the top. But after a string of serious injuries in 2016, including a femoral stress fracture, her athletic performance declined…More at

Realistic Expectations

Self-Esteem Grows With Realistic Expectations | Cooperative Extension

As disappointments mount up, they begin to eat away at a child’s view of his own value and his self-esteem begins to diminish.

How do I know if my expectations are realistic?…More at

Personal Change: Realistic Expectations With Positive Thinking | Psychology Today

Here are 10 skills that will clarify your visions and bring you closer to your life goals…More at

5 Suggestions for Setting Realistic Expectations for Yourself

We expect ourselves to work without any breaks. We expect ourselves to have the same level of—high—energy every day.

We expect ourselves to experience the same emotions—calm and contentment. We expect ourselves to be fearless.

We expect that we’ll handle difficult times like a to-do list…More at

Negative vs. Realistic Expectations

As surprising as this may sound, especially if you have been struggling with negative expectations all your life, they can be changed…More at

Setting Realistic Expectations: A Guide to Avoiding Unfulfillment

When we set goals that are in alignment with our lower values, we decrease the probability of their fulfillment.

And when we set goals for or upon others that are aligned with their true highest priorities (or highest and most intrinsic values), they are then less likely to let us down…More at

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