Learn To Say No Without Being Offensive

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How to Say “No” Without being Rude. 5 Ways! | myTherapyNYC

Do you feel like a bad person for saying “no” to others? Is your fear of saying “no” causing you to over-commit yourself and increasing your stress?

If this sounds familiar, you need to learn that saying “no” is a healthy option and is an important relationship skill that helps individuals draw clear boundaries in both their personal and professional lives…More at http://mytherapynyc.com

How to Say No Without Being Rude – The Muse

Don’t be a yes man (or woman).

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My peers and I talk a lot about how hard it is to say no in a professional setting. We want to be helpful.

We want to prove to our bosses we can handle tough assignments or new responsibilities. We want to guide the less experienced just as our mentors guided us…More at http://themuse.com

49 Ways To Say No To Anyone (When You Don’t Want To Be A Jerk) | Career FAQs

If you’re not saying no to most things, lemme tell ya: you’re not doing yourself any favours. In a world where everything is finite, you should be prioritising like crazy.

Saying yes to everything is the fastest way to burn out. But I’m not here to tell you why you need to say no (that’s for another article) – I’ll assume you’re here because you want to know how to say it…More at http://careerfaqs.com.au

Your Ultimate Guide To Saying “No” To People You Can’t Say “No” To

Disappointing your coworkers or your boss or turning down social plans can be uncomfortable when we’ve been conditioned to be agreeable.

When was the last time you said “no” to someone you knew?

I bet you really have to think about that. I know I did. In the past week, I’ve said “no” to exactly two people–that’s out of all the requests from my friends, family, business partner, agent, editors, and clients…More at http://fastcompany.com

How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty

How to Say No (without Feeling Guilty) – Scientific American

It’s one of the smallest, shortest words in the English language, but one of the hardest to say. This week, Savvy Psychologist Ellen Hendriksen, PhD, offers seven ways to say no (and maybe not even feel guilty!)

We’ve all been there. We’re minding our own business when we get a call, an email, or a “whaaaat’s happening?”

Office Space-style cubicle visit, and that other f-word gets lobbed at us…More at http://scientificamerican.com

How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty: 6 Secrets From Experts – Barking Up The Wrong Tree

You don’t want to give them what they’re asking for but you feel pressured to say yes… Here’s expert advice on how to say no without feeling guilty.

They’re asking you for something. And you feel like if you say no, they’re going to hate you. So you’re tempted to say yes, even though you don’t want to. Ever been there? We all have…More at http://bakadesuyo.com

How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty

Some folks are firm believers that ‘no’ is a complete sentence — I’m not one of them. That’s not because I disagree, but because it feels harsher than I want to be.

No matter what situation you’re facing, question before committing.

Ask yourself, realistically, how high are the stakes in this situation? Recognize that not all requests are equally urgent (even though they may feel that way) and weigh your alternatives…More at http://forbes.com

How To Say No To your Boss

13 Clever Ways to Tell Your Boss “No” | Best Life

Believe it or not, it is possible to say no to your boss without making them angry, and we’re going to show you exactly how to do that.

Sometimes it’s the best option—for both you and the company.

Nobody wants to say “no” to their boss, but sometimes it has to be done for sanity’s sake.

Yes, it’s technically your job to do what your boss tells you, but sometimes even they don’t realize that you have too much on your plate to realistically take on more work…More at http://bestlifeonline.com

How to Say No to Your Boss Without Being Rude – The Muse

You shouldn’t always say “yes” to your boss’ requests, but saying no can be difficult. Try these tips for several common scenarios.

Your boss asks you to take on a new project, and your first thought is: “There is just no way.”

Maybe it’s because you’re already juggling three projects near deadline, or maybe you fundamentally disagree with his strategy…More at http://themuse.com

How to Say No To Your Boss – CareerCast.com

Just as there are many ways to skin a cat, according to the old saying, there are an equal number of ways in which to say no.

When it’s your boss you want to say it to, it’s a little trickier, but that doesn’t mean you have to bite your tongue and take whatever he (or she!) dishes out for fear of losing your job or doing harm to your career…More at http://careercast.com

How to Say No to Your Boss – Respectfully Decline an Assignment

Can you say no to your boss when he or she assigns a project to you? Here are good and bad reasons and tips for doing it the right way.

Your boss just gave you a new assignment but you know there is no way you will be able to complete it.

Maybe it requires skills you don’t have yet or you are just swamped with other work…More at http://thebalancecareers.com

7 Ways To Say No To Your Boss And Keep Your Job

Nobody wants to be a yes-man (or woman), but that doesn’t make it any easier to say no to your boss.

Whether you’re being asked to increase your workload, take on a task that you believe is a bad idea, or work the weekend, how do you tactfully decline? …More at http://fastcompany.com

How To Say No To A Customer

How to Say No to Customers Without Making them Angry

You can’t always say yes to every customer request. Understanding the denial mechanism will help you find better ways to say no to customers and improve your communication.

When clients need to contact a company’s support, they always want to hear the yes answer to all their requests. But that’s not always possible, is it? …More at http://livechatinc.com

7 Tips on How to Say No to Customers

Keep customers happy even when you can’t give them everything they want.

Most customers can name at least one “missing” feature that would improve their experience with your product, but you can’t acquiesce to every feature request without your product turning into a bloated, unusable mess.

Support reps are all too familiar with the discomfort of telling customers no everything they want…More at http://helpscout.net

8 Ways to Say No to Customers with Examples | Provide Support

Dealing with negative news requires specific skills and self-control. It is not easy to say “No” and continue a smooth conversation.

Have you ever heard “No” as a customer? How did you feel? Were you disappointed? Sometimes it may happen that we need to say “No” to our customers or deliver negative news.

In fact, this is one of the most unpleasant parts of customer service workflow. Dealing with negative news requires specific skills and self-control. It is not easy to say “No” and continue a smooth conversation…More at http://providesupport.com

How to Say No to Customers in a Positive Way – Comm100 Blog

While you want to help them to the best of your ability, you have to say no to them because

(A.) what they are asking is not available or possible, or

(B.) you know that fulfilling their demands could run your business into the ground.

The pervasive idea that “the customer is always right” makes it hard to figure out how to say no to a customer.

But when a customer demands something you just can’t provide them, what’s a customer service agent to do?…More at http://comm100.com

3 Ways to Politely Reject Customer Requests – Kayako Blog

A by-product of saying “no” is that it often results in lengthy conversations, anger, and escalations. These conversations drag on for longer than they have to and get more people involved than needed.

This applies to any type of customer requests you reject. But let’s start more broadly with a scenario we can all understand before we dig into rejecting discount, feature, and downright ridiculous customer service requests…More at http://kayako.com

How To Say No Politely In Business

10 Ways to Say ‘No’ That Won’t Damage Business or Relationships

In addition to saying yes too often, some entrepreneurs under pressure say no poorly, by attacking the requestor or by avoiding any definitive response.

Either of these approaches always make a difficult situation worse, often leading to guilt or a later accommodation…More at http://entrepreneur.com

How To Say No In Business Without Ruining A Relationship or Your Reputation | Inc.com

Not every business request is an opportunity worth pursuing. But saying no to a client or a referral can sometimes feel tricky; you don’t want to damage a relationship or harm future opportunities.

How you decline an offer is just as important to your brand as how you acquire new business. You have to strike the right balance.

Here are some practical tips on how to politely say no without hurting your relationships or tarnishing your reputation…More at http://inc.com

Business Etiquette: How to Say “No” at the Office | HuffPost

“No.” It’s a short word, but often one of the toughest to master. A polite and well-delivered “no” is often the best answer to a request you aren’t prepared to deliver upon.

Here’s how to do it:

Give yourself time to respond.

Fight the urge to nervously say “yes!” when everything inside of you is screaming “no!” Ask for time to consider their request and let the person inquiring know when you will get back to them with your answer…More at http://huffingtonpost.com

How To Say No To Family

5 Ways to Say “No” to Friends and Family

I had to learn to say “no.”

Most of the time, I discovered that saying no wasn’t as difficult as I thought. Most of my friends understood my circumstances, and thought no more of it.

However, there remained a few people who just didn’t understand why my daughter …More at http://wisebread.com

How To Say No To Family Members | Family Mental Health

Have An Exit Plan – If you have trouble keeping on schedule when you spend time with your sister, have a firm exit plan before you ever commit your time.

Know you needs for making the transition between weekends and work or school days.

Understand the time and stress level of traveling to her house. Understand your child’s limits for going back and fo…More at http://blogs.psychcentral.com

How to Say No to Your Friends and Family – Social Etiquette

I realized I was afraid of saying no because my biggest fear is rejection. I was afraid that every time I did this, I would disappoint someone, make them angry, hurt their feelings, or appear unkind or rude.

Having people think negatively of me is the ultimate rejection. Whether they say what they think of me, out loud or not, does not matter to me.

It is the thought that they look down on me…More at http://tinybuddha.com

Learning to Say No

If you have been raised to be a people-pleaser, learning to say “no” is a big step on the road to independent adulthood.

Even though it will be uncomfortable for you at first, because it goes against everything that has been ingrained in you since childhood, you will be very pleased with the end result…More at http://luke173ministries.org

How To Say No Politely To A Friend

How to Say No to Anyone (Even a Good Friend)

I took a deep breath, glanced at my calendar, and chewed it over.

Hmmm. I could probably squeeze this little project into my week if I juggled a few things around, woke up earlier, stayed up later, or carved out some time on a Saturday or Sunday.

But even just thinking about it, I was already feeling bitter and resentful…More at http://themuse.com

7 Tips for saying NO to a friend | HuffPost Life

Saying NO can unravel a friendship but sometimes there’s no way around it.

Here are some tips to help you say NO when you really need to:

1- Don’t wait until you’re fed up

Whether it’s spouse, lover or friend, when you squelch your feelings, you’re eventually going to explode. You can ignore little things but if your friend has really upset you or is grates on you by doing the same things repeatedly, don’t let ill feelings fester too long. Initiate a discussion about the problem when you’re calm and before you’ve built up resentment.

2- Don’t feel guilty. You can’t say yes to everything…More at http://huffpost.com

How To Politely Say No To A Request

How To Say No To Charity Requests

If the charity uses your donation the other way around or if the charity is hesitant in giving you information on how they will use your donation, it will be a good idea to say no…More at http://streetdirectory.com

How to turn down requests for charity without feeling like a jerk.

How should I decline requests for charity without going straight to hell?

I’m a good person, but sometimes I don’t have it to spare. Sometimes I do have it to spare but don’t want to spare it for that cause.

Sometimes I just want a coffee or new shoes. What’s the most respectful, yet firm, way to say no?…More at http://slate.com

Too Many Donation Requests? How To Say No While Still Giving Back

As entrepreneurs, a very common dilemma we face is knowing when and how to politely decline donation requests.

However, it is possible to turn many fundraiser donation requests you decline into a win-win situation for both parties: increased marketing and lead generation for your company, and support for a worthy cause…More at http://forbes.com

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