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How to proofread a document – Emphasis

To proofread well, you need to repress the urge to skip, skim and hope for the best; it’s time to knuckle down and process every word, writes Cathy Relf (who should know).

1. Take a break If you try and proofread straight after you finish writing, not only will you be blind to your typos, but you’ll think all your turns of phrase come across exactly the way you meant them…More at

7 Effective Ways to Proofread Writing – Online Editing and Proofreading Services. Affordable Editors and Proofreaders.

Spell checkers are great as the first port of call and will be useful in assisting you to identify high-level errors. However, automated spelling and grammar checkers are severely limited and they cannot identify many common grammatical errors.

Furthermore, they often make serious mistakes that can mislead even the most diligent writer. If you’re looking for evidence of this, you will benefit from checking out…More at

How to Proofread Like a Pro | Owlcation

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone can afford professional proofreading. Luckily, there are awesome tools available to fix mistakes.

Check out these tools and tips to keep your readers coming…More at

How to Proofread Effectively

Twain himself had little patience for such errors. “In the first place God made idiots,” he once observed. “This was for practice. Then he made proof-readers.” Yet as an old newspaper reporter, Twain knew full well how hard it is to proofread effectively.

As he said in a letter to Walter Bessant in February 1898: No matter how carefully we examine a text, it seems there’s always one more little blunder waiting to be discovered…More at

Proofreading Tips | Grammar Girl

Get Grammar Girl’s proofreading tips. Learn a few ways to avoid typos and to become a better proofreader.

Today’s topic is proofreading. Today’s topic is proofreading. Here’s a question from Corinne that’s pertinent to a news story that came out yesterday…More at