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8 Ways to Cut Shipping Costs | E-commerce Shipping Software, UPS FedEx USPS

Shipping costs are one of the biggest expenses for small businesses, but it is possible to reduce them. Here are a few ideas. 1. Negotiate. Shipping carriers will negotiate their rates based on your annual shipping volume.

The more you ship, the lower your rate. Once you have secured a lower rate with your carrier, you can easily add it to ShipWorks. 2. Know where you’re shipping. If you primarily ship to one specific region, a regional carrier may be your best bet. Regional carriers often…More at

10 Ways to Trim Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are one of the biggest expenses for many small businesses, but resourceful entrepreneurs are finding ways to reduce the sting.

Fred DuBois, for example, had been trying to cut the shipping costs at his Laptop Battery Express in Cleveland since he founded it in 2007. Free delivery service for about 50 battery orders a day was costing him as much as $500.

He had been relying almost exclusively on FedEx Ground, but this summer, he realized that varying his carriers and using the U.S. Postal Service would cut shipping costs in half. Today, he says, he ships about half his orders with FedEx and the other half with the post office, saving about $250 a day.

To achieve such savings, consider these 10 ways to trim shipping costs…More at

How to Reduce Shipping Costs for Online Sellers

If your business sends physical products to customers, your profit is linked to how much—or how little—you spend on shipping. We scoured the internet and asked some of the entrepreneurs we work with here at Bench for their best advice on reducing shipping costs.

The result: a comprehensive guide full of strategies and discounts you can use to reduce shipping expenditure. Grab a coffee and read this guide in a single sitting, or use the links to jump to the section that will benefit you the…More at

8 Ways You May Be Able to Reduce Shipping Costs

If you’re a savvy entrepreneur who is always looking to control your costs (you are, right?), it’s to your benefit to take a look at some effective strategies to help reduce shipping costs for your business.

As more and more consumers opt to have items shipped to them directly, the pressure is on entrepreneurs to both reduce shipping times and reduce shipping costs. That’s quite a predicament. Whether you’re ordering from your suppliers or sending your product out to customers, there…More at

How to save on shipping – more than 30 tips from entrepreneurs

Last week I wrote an article on how to lower your PayPal fees and this week I wanted to share with you some tips on how to save on shipping costs from your e-commerce site. As you know, if you ship products to your customers (which most of you do), shipping charges can really add up!

If you are shipping packages that weigh less than two pounds, it’s best to use the USPS services (First Class or Priority Mail). If you are shipping packages that weigh more than two pounds (usually for…More at

10 Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs

Entrepreneurs face a continual struggle to cut costs when it comes to shipping. As online shopping becomes increasingly prevalent, retailers seek e-commerce shipping company solutions
that allow them to stay competitive.

Businesses don’t just pay shipping costs for sending the final product to the customer – they also often pay for incoming materials. Whether businesses offer international fulfillment or only ship domestically, shipping eats into their profits. However, if businesses…More at

How These 8 Approaches Can Reduce Your Shipping Cost

Like most entrepreneurs, I’m constantly looking for ways to make my companies run more profitably, and I try to leave no stone unturned. I discovered a few years ago that I hadn’t really paid much attention to shipping costs — both for goods I order in and for products I ship to clients — and the year-end total was a substantial sum.

Since we spend shipping costs just a few dollars at a time, it’s easy to underestimate our expenses, but it turns out that we can save a bundle if…More at

4 ways to reduce eCommerce shipping costs in 2017

The pressure on e-tailers has never been greater. Customer expectations now factor on speed, convenience and low cost delivery options. This puts immense strain and extra expense on e-vendors who, like any savvy business owners, are looking for more bang for their buck.

Like many before, maybe you’ve considered charging a higher shipping price to cover the increased expense of on-demand deliveries, but an increasingly competitive market place eliminates this possibility as a viable option for …More at

4 Easy Ways to Save Big Money on Shipping Costs

We notice you’re visiting us from a region where we have a local version of or remain on The internet has created a global marketplace, and has enabled almost anyone to become an entrepreneur.

Sites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon provide platforms for people looking to sell even a single item. The storefront, marketing, and so many other components of a business are provided for at minimal, and mostly variable, cost. While many costs in business have dropped, the global market…More at

How To Reduce Shipping Costs On Amazon

Tips for Reducing Shipping Costs as an Amazon Seller

by Jodie Pride If you’re an Amazon seller, you can reduce your shipping costs in a number of different ways. Shipping supplies Your shipping supplies, which will generally consist of boxes, tissue/newspaper, styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap and tape, have the potential to cost you a lot, but there are ways you can source at least some of these items free of charge. Visit your local shops and ask for any boxes and packing materials going to waste – stores often have to recycle…More at

Tips to Reduce your Shipping Costs as an Amazon & eBay Seller

Supplies for shipping can add up and cost alot of money, there are ways you can source some of these free or at a reduced price. Local schools are also a great place to source cardboard boxes.

A great way to source these for free is to visit local shops and ask them if they have any packing materials they need to get rid of – stores often have to spend time and money recycling or getting rid of these themselves, so they’ll be…More at

5 Quick Tips to Manage FBA Fees and Increase Amazon ROI

Amazon Marketplace By now sellers in the Amazon space understand the benefits associated with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). There is extreme value in outsourcing the complexity of product fulfillment to the king of marketplaces, Amazon.

However, there are still some unanswered questions regarding the nuances of Amazon’s FBA services. Contrary to popular belief, some sellers using FBA are actually losing money per unit sold instead of earning money…More at

4 Ways To Save Money Shipping Your FBA Products

Once you start to get the ball rolling with your Amazon FBA sales, you’ll notice these expenses that are tapping into your profit margin. And one expense you cannot avoid is the cost of shipping. Whether you are an Amazon FBA or FBM seller, shipping will hit your bottom line.

So let’s cover some ways you can minimize your shipping costs, and get you to really start padding your income… Electing to sell on Amazon FBA will greatly reduce your shipping costs. That’s because you reap…More at

How To Reduce Shipping Costs On eBay

Ten Tips for Sellers on Saving Money on Shipping Costs

You are here One thing buyers really appreciate is low shipping costs, but sellers know that not charging enough for shipping can negatively affect the bottom line.

Charging only what the U.S. Postal Service, UPS or other shippers charge — without figuring in the incidental but very real costs such as $3.00 per gallon gasoline, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc. — will hurt a seller’s profit margin over time. However, with the new, more detailed ebay feedback ratings, keeping…More at

4 Easy Ways to Reduce eBay Shipping Costs

Jesse has been selling on eBay since 2006. As a top rated seller, he wishes to help others achieve success. Shipping cost is one of the top factors buyers use to decide if they want to purchase your item or not.

However, if you charge too little for shipping, you can end up eating away at your profit. As a new eBay seller, finding a balance of shipping estimates and actual shipping costs is one of the hardest things to learn. While charging too little for shipping will affect your gross profit…More at

How to Lower Your eBay Seller Fees for Maximum Profit

“A small leak will sink a great ship.” This is a wise and famous quote by Benjamin Franklin. Entrepreneurs should follow this philosophy , as it isn’t just a witty quote, but a true observation of what can happen in business.

Small expenses accumulate over time and can seriously impact profit margins if left unchecked. eBay fees are no different. Just as you re-evaluate monthly expenses like cable TV, internet, cell phone, or life insurance, it’s wise t to re-evaluate eBay fee…More at

How To Lower eBay Shipping Costs

By Skip McGrath If you are going to run a profitable and professional eBay, Amazon or web site business, you will need to package and ship your goods professionally. No one likes to receive their “eBay treasure” in an old shoe box stuffed with your last week’s newspaper.

This does not mean that you have to always use “new” supplies. Recycled boxes and packaging materials are fine as long as they are in good condition…More at

The Ultimate Guide to Shipping for eBay Sellers!

By now everyone should be aware of just how important shipping is when selling online, especially on eBay. Delivery is one of the most important aspects in buyers’ eyes and this is shown by the fact that two out the four detailed seller ratings are shipping related (dispatch time plus postage & packaging cost)!

And as well as being so important to your buyer’s experience, shipping can also have a huge effect on your margins and profit. I see so many eBay sellers charging stupidly high pr…More at

eBay to Charge Final Value Fees on Shipping Costs

With a still shaky economy, gas prices soaring, shipping carrier increases, fuel surcharges and sales growth that trails the growth of ecommerce and competitor Amazon, eBay has picked an interesting time to implement fee changes that will potentially amount to an overall increase for millions of sellers.

And while some early media reports proclaimed a fee decrease, industry insiders that understand how the numbers …More at


Freight Cost Reduction Ideas

5 Ideas for Freight Cost Reduction in Your Supply Chain

As freight transportation costs continue to rise year-on-year, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and any other organisations that are part of a supply chain must think smarter about pushing down the cost of moving goods from A to B.

Every shipper’s challenge in freight cost reduction is likely to be unique, but the following five ideas might provide some inspiration when you’re seeking ways to move more for less. &…More at

14 Strategies to reduce freight costs

Shippers often work under the assumption that the way they ship freight (and the associated costs) are pretty much fixed and can’t change.

But just because “it’s always been done this way” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge the status quo. At Kane Is Able…More at

Logistics Cost Reduction: 6 Areas of Focus

This is the first of a two-part series where I will curate and cull information from my 4 decades of experience in logistics cost reduction at various positions in the supply chain. In this first part, I will focus on 6 places that you can apply to your organization to reduce costs and increase profit.

According to the CSCMP’s “State of Logistics” Report from 2015…More at

How to Reduce Logistics Costs: Tips from 19 Experts – Camcode

Reducing logistic costs is often the number one priority for a businesses’ bottom line. There are many methods that can help improve supply chain processes and in turn, save a business money.

Methods of reducing logistic costs can range from optimizing inventory levels to recharting better shipping networks, to creating better processes, to improving supplier/third party relationships and so on. To help you find even more ideas, we asked 19 logistics experts the following questions…More at

Strategies for Reducing Logistics Costs and Supply Chain Costs

Poor logistics planning and decision making can result in excessive expenditures, missed delivery deadlines and damaged goods. This is why optimizing operational efficiency and reducing logistics costs are so important.

In fact, they should be among the top priorities for any business that does a lot of shipping and hopes to remain financially viable. Given today’s high customer demands and a fluctuating global business climate, companies have to rely on smart logistics management…More at

7 Steps to Reduce Freight Costs

Freight rates and carrier discounts are not the only factors that shape freight costs – there are more components shippers should consider.

Reducing freight costs starts with understanding how cargo is moved through a particular supply chain…More at

Reducing Freight Costs – Inbound Logistics

Rail Transportation prices have risen over the past year, but shippers can cut those costs through smart planning. Tim Benedict, senior director of transportation at APL Logistics, offers the following tips for reducing freight costs.

1. Don’t wing it. Electing to use international air instead of expedited ocean for the majority of hot shipments could leave a boatload of savings on the table…More at

Reducing Supply Chain Transportation Costs

Transportation costs can be a significant part of a company’s overall logistics spend. With the increases in the price of fuel, the proportion allocated to transportation can be upward of fifty percent. This cost is passed on to the customer and the price of goods continues to rise.

Transportation costs are a major target for company’s to reduce and there are a number of ways in which transportation costs can be trimmed. There are a number of transportation strategies that can be used…More at

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