Overtime Cost – How To Avoid, Manage, And Reduce them

Overtime Solutions

Managing Overtime – Shiftwork Solutions

Overtime enables you to effectively manage higher workloads without increasing staffing levels.

It also provides your employees with a source of supplemental income without having to spread their loyalty to other employers.

When used properly, overtime can become a very powerful tool for meeting workload demands while minimizing costs and maximizing employee compensation and satisfaction…More at http://shift-work.com

Overtime: Getting it Right – CEDR Solutions

Hint: It’s Not Always Time and a Half.

If you pay an outcome-based bonus to an employee, and that employee works overtime during the bonus period, the bonus increases the overtime rate of pay (wage) you owe the employee.

My guess is that at least a few of you are now running off to check the legitimacy of that information. But trust me, it’s true…More at http://cedrsolutions.com

Easy Solution For New Overtime Pay Rule

The federal overtime rules are changing on December 1, 2016. The old rule was that a salaried worker making over $23,660 need not be paid for overtime.

That threshold is moving up to $47,476 annually, with further adjustments over time. The White House expects that to boost wages by $12 billion over ten years…More at http://forbes.com

Solutions for Overtime Budgeting

New apps and programs can assist you and your team with scheduling and budgeting. These tools will help you ensure that you aren’t spending more than necessary on overtime and will even allow workers to better manage their hours.

Once you’re able to analyze your business’s trends in worker shifts and spending, you can then make necessary changes to improve outcomes…More at http://nbcpa.us

Crew/Overtime Entry Solution by Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. | Apps for QuickBooks Desktop Marketplace

Crew/Overtime Entry Solution (COES) has been designed to specifically increase your accuracy, save you time, and automate the timecard and overtime/weighted average overtime calculation and entry process….More at http://desktop.apps.com

Fix Overtime in No Time! – Retail Workforce Management Software | Retail Solutions

A recent WSJ article articulated another consideration retailers must take into account– how to make sure that they comply with the new overtime regulation.

Retailers need to be able to track the time their employees are working so that employees do not slip into overtime status…More at http://reflexisinc.com

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