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How to Do Employee Background Checks: The Complete Guide

Employee background checks can save you time & money. Learn all the options you have to do a background check to highlight the best possible hires.

An employee background check reviews a candidate’s criminal records, driving records, and whether they are on a terror watch list or sex offender registry…More at

Background Checks for Employment

What is a background check for employment, why employers conduct them, things they can ask and check, and the impact on job seekers.

Why do employers want to check your background or even your credit? It could be for one of several reasons.

For instance, if government security clearances are required for the job you are interviewing for, an employment background check may be required…More at

How to Conduct Compliant Employee Background Checks on New Hires

Employers must be ethical, non-discriminatory, and legally compliant when hiring. This guide will show you how to conduct compliant employee background checks.

If your business is hiring new employees, there are certain steps to follow to ensure a smooth process for both employer and job seeker…More at

The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Conducting Employee Background Checks

Conducting a background check on a potential hire is commonplace, as is unknowingly breaking the law when conducting that same background check.

Most people might find it unseemly were you to run background checks on your potential dates prior to asking them out.

But the same does not hold true when hiring a new employee…More at

8 Common Mistakes When Conducting an Employee Background Check

Are you considering someone for promotion or have you advertised an open position at your company, interviewed a dozen candidates, and decided which person you want to hire?

If so, it may be time to complete a background check.

It can be very difficult to feel comfortable with a hiring or promotion decision without completing a thorough background check…More at

How To Do An Employment Background Check |TransUnion ShareAble For Hires

No employer wants to make a bad hire. The cost of a bad hire adds up quickly when you consider:

Luckily for employers, the risk of a bad hire can be reduced with a thorough hiring and screening process.

With different background check options, how do you choose the right one for your business?…More at

Employment Background Check Sample

Sample Employee Background Check Report | DataCheck

If you’re interested in a pre-employment background check, but aren’t sure what to expect, download or view this free sample report from DataCheck

Applicants can now apply for positions directly from your company’s website.

DataCheck’s Applicant Tracking System allows you to create detailed job listings with a link to apply online, directly from your website…More at

Sample Background Check Notice To Job Applicant | HR Compliance

Prior to making an offer of employment, your organization may choose to conduct a job-related background check.

A comprehensive background check may consist of prior employment verification, professional reference checks, education confirmation and/or criminal record and credit checks.

Third-party services may be hired to perform these checks.

The following sample background check notice should be provided to applicants prior to initiating a pre-employment background investigation…More at

What Is Checked During an Employment Background Check

What Do Background Check Show and what do People Look for? | Learning Center

When most people think of a background check, they think of a simple criminal history check.

A background check is much more than that. It’s the process by which you find your best candidate by looking at criminal records but also education and employment history, civil records, references, and more.

Each is a critical piece of the puzzle…More at

What information is revealed to an employer when they conduct a background check?

When employers request your permission to run a background check, what information are they looking for?

Here’s a quick rundown of the different facts and records that might be revealed about you by a pre-employment background check…More at

Background Checks: What Employers Will Discover – Glassdoor Blog

Make sure the only things your employer finds on your background check are your stellar qualifications!

During your job search process, you may get tied up in the process of submitting resumes, acing networking events, and perfecting your interview skills.

What many job seekers forget is another hurdle to employment: background checks…More at

Q&A: What’s Included in an Employment Background Check? |

Background checks are a common part of the hiring process today. Learn what’s included in these reports and how you can prepare.

Background checks are a standard part of the hiring process for many employers. Here is a guide to what’s included in an employment background check, with tips on how you can prepare…More at

Employment History

Can Employers Check Your Employment History?

A guide to the information employers can check regarding your employment history, and why it’s imperative, you be honest about your work history.

What can employers check when they are considering you for a job? Can they find out where you worked previously and for how long you held each job…More at

Employee Background Check Companies And Services

13 Best Background Check Websites to Search for Reliable Info

Before clicking on a sketchy ad promising information on just about anyone, you should know a few things about choosing the best background check sites…More at


List of Employment Screening and Verification Companies and Vendors in the SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory…More at

Best Background Check Service for Employers: 2018 Recommendations

Here are the best background check services for employers, including full-service providers and DIY online background check solutions.

To help you find the right background check service, we researched and analyzed dozens of options in 2018. Here is a roundup of the background check services we think are best and an explanation of how we chose them…More at

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