How To Change A Location of A Business on Google Maps

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How to Edit a Location in Google Maps

Google Maps uses detailed maps and stitched together satellite imagery to display houses, streets, and landmarks. Usually, this works well, but occasionally a structure may appear to be in the wrong location or missing entirely, or an address may be listed incorrectly.

Google provides a process for users to submit edits to Google Maps. Previously, all map edits were submitted through the Map Maker tool. Now they are submitted directly through Google Maps. Until spring 2017, Google used Map Maker…More at

How to Fix Your Business’s Address in Google Maps

By far, the question that we hear most frequently is, “How can I get my website to rank higher on Google?” Unfortunately, that’s not a question that’s easy to answer, because there are so many answers to it. However, a question that we get nearly as often, and which does have an easy answer is: Chances are, at some point your business will move.

You’ll outgrow your old location, your needs will change, the rent will go too high–something will happen that prompts a change of venue. And moving a…More at

Edit your business listing on Google – Google My Business Help

Edit your Google My Business listing to ensure that your business information on Google is accurate and up-to-date. Change your address, hours, contact info, and photos to help potential customers find you and learn more about your business.

If you haven’t already, add or claim your business, then verify your business listing so it’s eligible to appear on Maps, Search, and other Google services. Your edits won’t appear live on Google until your listing is verified…More at

Add or edit business information on Maps – Google My Business Help

Share what you know about the businesses that matter most to you. The information you give us helps make sure business information on Google is accurate and up to date. If you see something wrong with a business you don’t own or manage, you can suggest an edit using Google Maps.

If personal information appears on a business or place’s search result in Maps or Search, you can report it through Google Maps. Adding, claiming and verifying your business helps customers find it on Google. Once…More at

Move a business on Google – Google My Business Help

If your business moves, update your address in Google My Business so customers can visit your new location. Don’t create a new business listing if you’ve moved from one location to another. You may be asked to verify your new business address once you update it.

If you want to update your address but you don’t own the Google My Business listing, you can request access from the current listing owner. You can also report the incorrect address directly to Google Maps. If you…More at

Fix incorrect business information on Google – Google My Business Help

The information you provide plays a critical role in ensuring that business information—like address, hours, phone number, and more—on Google is accurate and up-to-date. There may be some parts of your business listing that you can’t edit.

These can include hotel amenities, business descriptions, and links to social profiles. If this information is inaccurate, contact support. If you haven’t already added and verified your business, you’ll need to do so in order for your edits to…More at

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