News & Picks From The World of Small Business For November 10 2017


Here’s Today’s Small Business News And Our Picks For Friday, November 10, 2017

Must-Read Advice for Every Small Business That’s Hiring Freelancers

By Brian Quinn As a small business owner, there are only so many things you can accomplish in a day. With limited time and resources, one of the best ways to accomplish more work is by outsourcing some tasks to freelancers.

Platforms such as Upwork have made it easier and more convenient to hire freelancers. These platforms can connect you to many legitimate, talented freelancers who are capable of helping you accomplish your desired goals.

However, you may also have to sift through…More at

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing an E-Commerce Platform – Teens Mean Business

Teens Mean Business Small Business News, Tips & Advice Selecting the right e-commerce platform for your online business is a big part in setting up your venture for a good head start, as well as a stable foundation for success in the future.

There are no easy answers to this problem, as each business venture is unique in its own way, so it’s up to the online entrepreneur – you – to carefully consider the needs of your shop and the ins-and-outs of the available e-commerce pl…More at

9 Exercises You Can Do in the Workplace

If you work a desk job, you know the pain of having to sit for most of the day. In fact, 86% of Americans have a job that keeps them strapped to a desk for 7+ hours a day. Sitting too often for too long has been linked to a host of health issues including cancer, poor cardiovascular health, and even premature death.

Moving throughout the day is important for your overall mental and physical health. Getting up and moving for 15 minutes every hour can boost your focus and productivity. The good n…More at

Best Advice for Buying an Established Online Business – Small Biz DailySmall Biz Daily

For those of you that have found yourselves in the position of wanting to start your own business, but also have other responsibilities you need to take care of, buying an established online business can be one of the best moves you can make.

You just want to be sure that you’re not throwing good money after bad. To do that, you’ll want to know how to evaluate the businesses you’re considering so you know they’re a good buy. If you’re ready to get started, here is the best advice for buying an established company is right for you…More at

5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Have More Engaged Employees

Small and medium enterprises are known to be the primary drivers behind the healthy and homogeneous growth of an economy. While the big companies help in macro-development of the business infrastructure and setup of a nation, this is the SMEs that enable a balanced, equal and fair distribution of the resources among the citizens.

Employees are the backbone of any organization either small or big, and it is said that the employee engagement must remain considerably high for an enterprise to fun…More at

How to Get Online Loans (Even if You Have Bad Credit)

With the recently implemented changes to credit reports, you might be amazed to learn that you may be having more options than you know. For more information on online loans click here. Here is how you can access these loans even if you’re struggling with bad credit.

Even if your credit score is not perfect, a credit union may be more willing to give you a loan than conventional banks. Basically, this is because they are not huge companies who have no time to establish a personal relationship…More at

Like a Boss! 11 Tips to Own Small Business Saturday and Beyond

Small Business Saturday is a perfect opportunity to boost holiday sales. Last year, 112 million consumers reported “shopping small” on Small Business Saturday, spending $15.4 billion. But have you considered the day as a way to improve business operations and set the stage for year-long success?

Here are 11 ironclad ideas to make the most of Small Business Saturday and beyond. For customer-facing businesses, it’s all about making a lasting impression, so preparation in advance …More at

Cyber threats against small businesses on the rise

The phone calls come in almost every day: local companies find out they’ve been the victim of a cyber attack, and they turn to the FBI for help. “Yesterday we had two calls about ransomware,” said Jason Fickett, a supervisory special agent who heads the FBI’s Western New York cyber task force.

Nationwide, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received almost 300,000 complaints last year, with reported losses in excess of $1.3 billion…More at

Why a Business Mentor Can Impact Your Business

As a business owner, you want to use every advantage to help ensure success. One opportunity to consider is a business mentor. A business mentor is an entrepreneur with more experience than you and who’s there to help you achieve your goals.

It’s someone with no stake in your company that you can trust to keep you moving ahead. Unlike business coaching, which usually is a limited engagement focused on specific business problems, with mentoring you can develop a relationship that lasts…More at

The Great Debate: Fixed Retainer or Hourly Billing – Small Biz DailySmall Biz Daily

Service providers like agencies and consultants generally offer one of these two ways to charge for their work. But when it comes to hiring them, which approach is right for your business?

Each pricing model has its pros and cons depending on the type and scope of a project. But in general, a flat rate is most often the better option. Here’s why: Hourly billing is a seemingly straightforward…More at

How and Where to Hire Veterans | Homebase

HR, Hiring Your Team Angelica Valentine On Veterans’ Day, we’re reminded of the sacrifice of so many Americans. And as a business owner, there is something you can do to support this massive community of willing and able workers. Whether you’re hiring for the holidays or need some additional full-time help, one pool of applicants that you should strongly consider is veterans.

They may have served a few tours of duty and spent years abroad, and the skills they can bring to your…More at

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