News & Picks For The Workplace & Careers For November 14 2017

Careers Today, Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Here’s Today’s Career & Workplace News & Picks For Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How to Promote Innovation in the Workplace – Small Business Bonfire

Being ahead of the trends is the goal of every successful business. Knowing what is coming next in your industry, or even better, introducing the next great thing, can help keep your business on top and your company thriving.

However, accomplishing this is easier said than done. When looking at companies that are industry leaders, one quality stands out repeatedly is, innovation. Being innovative in our products, services, and business practices allows us to face and answer…More at

Time Is All You Have, So Why Are You Late For Work? | Young Upstarts

Categorized as Others Tick tock, tick tock. That’s the sound of a clock as it prepares to wake you for work. But, sadly, no matter how hard it tries, it will never win.

You see, alarm clocks around the world fight constant battles on a daily basis and lose. Don’t get it wrong – the morning people are up and out of bed before the clock strikes 7:30am. However, plenty of people just can’t shake themselves out of their pit in the morning. Employers hate…More at

Staying Focused At Work: How To Be Productive In A Challenging Environment

A lot of organizations deal with challenges like maintaining productivity and quality of work. Employees constantly complain about the increasing chaos that hampers their productivity and this directly affects the business.

Because of that, managers are quite pressed to find a solution that can motivate their team members while boosting their productivity. In this article, we’ll share with you few essential tips on staying focused at work. Half the battle is won once you prioritize your t…More at

How to Use Technology to Upgrade Your Job Search – Punched Clocks

Shout out to Nathan for this awesome guest post! You are a joy to work with and a wonderful writer! I look forward to reading many more of your posts, and business tips!  The job search market is changing thanks to new technology.

Gone are the days of presenting your career accomplishments on one or two pages of paper. Employers are now able to easily tell the difference between resume embellishments and hard skills. Prospective employees also have their fair share of advantages too…More at

Whatever you do, don’t use a functional resume. | Careers Done Write

In General, About career development, career management, resume advice, resume formatting If you are changing careers or fields, or if you have a significant gap in your work history, you might hear the advice to use a functional resume, rather than one that lays out your career experience in a chronological format.

If you get this advice, you have my permission to ignore it. In fact, I demand that you ignore it!..More at

How to Use Data to Influence Hiring Managers

We have all been through the painful process of conducting a difficult search. The challenge can stem from a host of reasons — managers looking for a unicorn candidate, reputation (or lack thereof) of a company, unclear requirements, and so forth.

Attempts to convince an HR manager to change a job requirement gets shot down immediately.  As a recruiter, your job is to of course find the best people, educate managers on the realities of the market, and consult them where necessary…More at

is my workload too high or am I bad at my job? — Ask a Manager

A reader writes: How do you tell the difference between an unreasonable workload and unsatisfactory planning skills? I’ve been working in my first office job for just under two years. Our work is season based, and when we’re in season, it’s super busy. When we’re not, it’s super dead.

Or at least it used to be. My first year here, my workload was manageable — I usually had plenty to do, but once in a while there were slow days. This past year, my workload has …More at

Saying No Could Give Your Career Life – The Voice of Job Seekers

The Voice of Job Seekers Award-winning career advice blog & podcast! Hacking and reimagining an easier job search process for you! by Mark Anthony Dyson 6 Comments Saying “Yes” to every single suggestion in finding a career, or handling conflict could drive you to failure.

No one loves a people-pleaser, brown-noser, a suck-up, and just so darn dishonest. Being agreeable to everything does not add cash to your account, nor does it aggregate favors from everyone who has done…More at

The (Only) Three Roles You Should Expect Your Career Mentor To Play

CommunityVoice™ Connecting expert communities to the Forbes audience. What is this? Post written by Christopher Williams Millennial Advisor to Baby Boomer Execs and host of #1 podcast High-Level Wisdom for New Generation Leaders.

Shutterstock At a recent panel discussion with key city leaders, an attendee raised a great question that bears further discussion. “How do those looking to grow in their career go about establishing relationships with seasoned leaders?…More at