Business Today – News and Picks For Wednesday November 1 2017

Business Today Nov 1 2017

How to Make Online Ads More Effective by 200-300 Percent

Over the last six months or so, one of my colleagues and I have been able to cut the cost of conversion by 2-3 times, from over $325 per conversion to under $100. Here’s what that looked like: Pretty impressive, right? If you can cut your cost per conversion that much, you can drive way more conversions with the same advertising budget. So how did this happen? It’s often extremely difficult to connect cause and effect in search marketing because there are so many variables changing…More at


5 Proven Tips to Reduce your Stress on Business Trips

According to recent reports, business travel is rising. With better budgets, companies are once again able to send their employees all over the world to meet their colleagues, make new deals, and wow management at the company’s headquarters. Even though that’s great for business, it’s not always welcome news for business travelers. Anyone who’s ever traveled for work will know, business trips are often exhausting, stressful, and uncomfortable. However, if you’re heading off on another …More at


A big day for small businesses | Business |

Cloudy skies. High 39F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.. Cloudy. Low near 30F. Winds light and variable. Updated: November 1, 2017, @ 2:34 pm Mary Hodson was bursting with excitement when two large boxes arrived at the  Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce and Tourism office. Hodson, Chamber president, posted a video on the chamber’s Facebook page in late October showing her staff opening the boxes of Small Business Saturday supplies they received free from American Express.More at


How not to screw up your business – Top three financial tips for SMEs | Small

Business management Here, Richard Stonier, co-founder and partner of online accounting service Tally, shares his top three tips to stop small business owners from falling at the first financial hurdle.
You’ve picked a name, your business cards are fresh from the printers and your social media pages are set up. That means you’re ready to get your business moving, right? It’s easy to get caught up in the exciting things when setting up a company. However, if your …More at


5 Ways Stock Art Is Killing Your Small Business Brand | Young Upstarts

Posted by Contributor on 11/01/17 • Categorized as Professionalisms by Katie Lundin of crowdspring Your brand should be like a fingerprint – completely unique and associated with your business only. Everything about your brand, from your business name to your logo to your web design, should support and communicate your brand’s unique identity. So why on earth would you consider using stock art or stock images to represent your brand? “It’s cheap and convenient!” I hear you say….More at


A Near Death Experience Changes Perspective on Success

Sometimes major life events, like near-death experiences, can help entrepreneurs find some much-needed perspective about what success means to them. That was the case with Rand Leeb-du Toit. Said Leeb-du Toit, “If you were on your deathbed 18 months from now, and there was no coming back. That’s it. You’re on a one-way ticket out of here. And you ask yourself that deep meaningful question at that point, have I done what I wanted to do? Have I done what really meant so much to …More at


5 Tips to Make Finding The Right Seasonal Employees Easy | Nav

Speak to a Customer Agent Home / Blog / 5 Tips to Make Finding The Right Seasonal Employees Easy Advertiser & Editorial Disclosure In some industries, the need for workers peaks during a particular time of year. Pools need lifeguards in the summer. Pumpkin patches need workers in the fall. Retailers might want to staff up for the holidays, but need few of those workers to stick around come January. Whatever your seasonal need, it can be tricky to hire temporary employees. Follow these best…More at


5 Ways Amazon Has Disrupted Retail—So Far

Sign up to enjoy the top articles, delivered to your inbox once a week. Sign up to enjoy the latest Adobe Digital Insights, delivered to your inbox once a week. Add the newsletter Newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe at any time. by Giselle Abramovich . Senior & Strategic Editor . November 1, 2017 Thomas Andrews And The Well-Designed, Badly Built…More at


Walgreens To Close Nearly 600 Stores Following Rite Aid Purchase – Retail TouchPoints

Tagged under Following its purchase of more than 1,900 Rite Aid stores in September 2017, Walgreens will shutter nearly 600 locations. Most of the closures will be Rite Aid stores, and many will be located within one mile of existing Walgreens stores, according to The Daily Telescope. The announcement comes at a turbulent time in pharmacy retail: Walgreens competitor CVShas reportedly bid $66 billion for the health insurance company Aetna, and Amazon appears to be interested in this vertical as…More at


So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur: 8 Steps You Need to Take to Make It Possible – ZING Blog by Quicken Loans | ZING Blog by Quicken Loans

Starting your own business can be incredibly rewarding, but without the right preparation, your business is at risk of failing. Check out these eight must-dos before you even think about becoming an entrepreneur. Before you can start your own business, you first need to have an idea. When you’re in this brainstorming phase, start with thinking about your interests and passions, rather than potential earnings alone. What do you like to do? What are you good at? If it helps, sit down and write…More at