News And Picks From The World of Tech & AI For December 6, 2017

Tech Today - December 6, 2017

Here’s Today’s Tech & AI News & Picks For December 6, 2017

DeepMind’s AI became a superhuman chess player in a few hours

The end-game for Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind was never beating people at board games. It’s always been about creating something akin to a combustion engine for intelligence — a generic thinking machine that can be applied to a broad range of challenges.

The company is still a long way off achieving this goal, but new research published by its scientists this week suggests they’re at least headed down the right path. In the paper, DeepMind describes how a descendant of the AI program…More at

Workers don’t fear automation (because they don’t understand it)

A new survey suggests workers may not be as concerned about automation as they should be.

The ZDNet crowd will be hip to the perils and opportunities of automation — a blanket term for everything from robots that go beep-boop-bop to process automation and the growing AI toolkit available to enterprise customers.

If the comments section is any indicator, readers have strong feelings about the topic.

ZipRecruiter, an online employment marketplace, recently contracted Harris Poll to conduct a survey of 1000 U.S. job seekers…More at

Qualcomm and Microsoft give ‘always connected’ PCs a second go

Don’t show this again Windows RT was an ill-fated attempt to make computers more power-efficient like smartphones. Microsoft and Qualcomm are giving the idea a second go. The new Asus 2-in-1 PC runs on a Qualcomm processor, making it more power-efficient.

Five years ago, Microsoft tried to radically transform the way a Windows computer would work. At the core of this change was the embrace of chips, made by companies including Qualcomm, that typic…More at

Raspberry Pi, Linux on ARM users: Now you get a new browser option with Vivaldi

Perhaps most importantly, Vivaldi can help Raspberry Pi users scrimp on resources by turning off animated GIFs. There’s also a Reader View for easier reading, and Pi users can take advantage of other features like tab grouping, screenshot capture, and note taking.

Vivaldi is using its new ARM browser to build its community and tap into the Pi community. The company is offering fans the chance to win a Raspberry Pi Model 3, a Vivaldi case, and 16GB microSD card with Vivaldi pre-installed in exchange for sharing a crazy Pi project on its blog…More at

Would you go for a discounted phone if it had ads on it?

Don’t show this again Knock more than a third off the price of a new Wileyfox phone if you don’t mind a few Domino’s ads.

Wileyfox are offering a commercial break to make your phone cheaper. Phones can be expensive. So if you could get a chunk of change knocked off your next phone, what would you be prepared to put up with? How about adverts on the lock screen? British phone manufacturer

Wileyfox has introduced Add-X, a scheme to knock up to 42 per cent…More at

​iOS 11: Here’s how many iPhones and iPads are running it now

Now that the iPhone is ten years old there has been a certain amount of fragmentation — iPhones older than the iPhone 5s can’t run the latest operating system, for example. iOS 11 is probably seeing a slightly slower uptake than for previous versions of iOS, but because Apple controls both the hardware and the software it has managed to keep users updated at a decent rate.

In contrast, only 0.3 percent of Android devices are running Android 8 Oreo, which became available in August this year…More at

Windows 10 gets a Whiteboard

The long-teased collaboration app is now available as a free public preview. Microsoft describes Whiteboard as a “freeform digital canvas.” Remote workers, multicontinental teams, crowdsourced projects — there are a lot of reasons to use collaboration tools, but few that are built around stylus or pen input.

Microsoft has been teasing its own Whiteboard app for some time, and a public preview is now available…More at

Pivot to the cloud: intelligent features in Google Sheets help businesses uncover insights

G Suite When it comes to data in spreadsheets, deciphering meaningful insights can be a challenge whether you’re a spreadsheet guru or data analytics pro.

But thanks to advances in the cloud and artificial intelligence, you can instantly uncover insights and empower everyone in your organization—not just those with technical or analytics backgrounds—to make more in…More at

Google brings new AI, machine learning features to Sheets

“Last year, we launched ‘Explore’ in Sheets to help you decipher your data easily using the power of machine learning, and since then we’ve added even more ways for you to intelligently visualize and share your company data,” Lee said in a blog post.

“Today, we’re announcing additional features to Google Sheets to help businesses make better use of their data, from machine learning-powered pivot tables and formula suggestions to even more flexible ways to help you analyze your data…More at

Facebook’s Oculus Home update gives you a VR room of your own

The social network’s VR company is offering a pre-release version of its latest software designed to let you create a unique space in VR. Facebook’s VR company is revamping the way you use its software starting Wednesday. Every great hero has a secret lair.

Batman has his Batcave, filled with high-tech gear, cars — even a giant animatronic T-Rex. Charles Xavier has the School for Gifted Youngsters, with its secret underground bun…More at

Facebook just made VR better — by adding Microsoft Windows

Esto también se puede leer en español. Don’t show this again With a new beta, you can do practically anything you’d do with your PC in an Oculus Rift headset. Being transported to a virtual world can be fantastic — until you realize what you’ve left behind. No email, no instant messages from friends or family, no TV in the background, no streaming tunes, no Tweets or Snaps or Likes. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is strong, and for some it might be a reason to stay out of VR entirely…More at

Google releases Android Oreo 8.1 for Google Pixel and Nexus devices

The new and improved Android operating system, Android 8.1, is finally here.

Most users won’t notice much of a difference, but developers will now have a bunch of new commands at their disposal.

The most important new tool is the Neural Networks API, which will help developers incorporate machine learning into their apps.

With the new API, developers can train apps to do things like classify images, predict user behavior, and respond to queries…More at

Here’s where Verizon store net neutrality protests are happening tomorrow

Ahead of next week’s FCC vote on a rollback of net neutrality protections, activist groups have planned protests at Verizon stores tomorrow. The groups are relying on locals to organize those protests, which means there are plans to hold them at retail stores around the country.

For potential attendees, the groups have released an interactive, searchable map, which also includes events at lawmakers’ offices.

Protestors can look up their zip codes to find the planned events closest to them…More at

People are spending millions on virtual CryptoKitties

The latest trend in cryptocurrency is way more adorable than you’d expect: people are spending millions on CryptoKitties, virtual cats bought and sold through the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy them using a cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH) similar to Bitcoin.

So far, over $3 million has been spent on these digital kittens, and the transactions are starting to clog up Ethereum’s network.

This gadget could make mincing much easier The cutest, most Instagram-famous pets of the internet This do…More at

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