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The three Golden Rules of money management

Money management advice is everywhere you turn these days.

News programs, business news cable channels, online financial sites, and even your friends and family are eager to share their opinions about how you should manage your money.

But despite all the advice, tips, ideas and new digital tools to manage your personal finances, these three golden rules will never change…More at

5 Golden Rules Of Money Management | iMoney

We all know this is the most basic part of money management. If what you spend is less that what you earn, then you’re in the safe zone. Try overspending for one or two months as a challenge, and you’ll know how difficult it is to make it back to black.

It can be extremely painful to find that extra money to pay for the overspent amount. So, make sure you always spend within your means.

Always pay yourself first when you get paid so you’ll have to adjust your budget according to the remaining 90% of your income…More at

The ‘golden rule’ of money – Seven – Medium

Before you walk into your business in the morning, you are an owner.

It’s the only time of day that you will get to bask in the glory, so take time out to fully enjoy the feeling over a bowl of bircher muesli and a latte.

But, once you walk in the door you are an employee.

So, pay yourself a salary, like any other employee….More at

Four Golden Rules of Money Management

Personal finance is of important to all of us and we all need to know, understand and follow the Rules of Personal Finance to be financially successful in life. Many may feel that one could learn the rules by experimentation; however in my opinion it could prove very costly.

We all need finances as far as we live, so it is best to know, understand and follow these rules to lead a financially healthy life.

“Every penny saved leads to a penny earned”, and I am sure we would never like to just depend on our salary for a lifetime…More at