Can’t Stop From Buying Stuff? Here’s How To Control Impulse Buying

Spending Disorders

Depression and impulse buying?

I suffer with anxiety and depression and have done for a very long time. I have never been great with money but I find that when I’m depressed, I will spend.

Even if I know I don’t have the money to spend or that it’s going to leave me short for rent and bills and important things…More at

Differences Between Compulsive and Impulsive Shopping

Compulsive and impulsive shopping are often referred to as interchangeable, but there are key differences.

Who doesn’t love a great sale?

Hitting the shops, looking for a bargain and buying things that are aesthetically pleasing may be considered a benign retail therapy by some, but for others, shopping can turn into an addiction, not unlike drug and alcohol addictions…More at

Anxiety, Depression & Compulsive Overspending | Esperanza – Hope To Cope

When “shop ’til you drop” is all too real, compulsive spenders pay a heavy price

By Donna Jackel

Diane was 21 when she inherited $30,000 from her grandmother. Within two months, she had burned through the money. Diane, now 28, has trouble recalling where it all went. There were clothes, accessories, expensive haircuts— and a new wardrobe for her sister…More at

My Bipolar Disorder Makes Me Want to Spend Money I Don’t Have | SELF

Lots of people make ill-advised purchases. That’s probably why there are so many barely used treadmills languishing in family basements.

But for me and many others living with bipolar disorder, rash purchases can go too far.

Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder characterized by sometimes drastic shifts in mood and energy levels…More at

Impulsive spending is a big part of bipolar disorder – here’s how to control it | Metro News

There’s so much more to bipolar disorder than going from feeling on top of the world to wanting to hide away from it all.

A big part of both mania and hypomania is having great, big ideas. Feeling incredibly ambitious, like you could conquer the world.

It’s not needing to sleep, your mind racing a mile a minute and being incredibly over-active…More at

Risky Business: Compulsive Buying | Mental Health America

Everybody shops. It’s how we get necessities like food and clothing, and luxury items like cell phones and home decor.

Now more than ever, it’s easier to buy things with 24-hour online shopping, but when does shopping become compulsive buying?…More at

5 Patterns of Compulsive Buying Disorder | Psychology Today

About 6% of the U.S. population can be said to have compulsive buying behavior with 80% of compulsive buyers being women.

Many women have been socialized from a very young age to enjoy shopping with their mothers and friends (Workman & Paper, 2010)…More at

Understanding Compulsive Shopping Disorder

Research has shown that compulsive shopping behavior is often accompanied by depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions.

Indeed, people affected by compulsive shopping disorder often report an uncomfortable tension that is relieved, at least temporarily, by shopping.

Despite this temporary relief, many people with compulsive shopping disorder feel disappointed with themselves and depressed about their apparent lack of control over their behavior…More at