Can’t Stop From Buying Stuff? Here’s How To Control Impulse Buying

Effects of Impulse Buying

Impulse buying emotional effects and subsequent future behaviour

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Impulsive purchasing involves getting a sudden urge to buy something, without advance intention or plan, and then acting on that impulse without carefully or thoroughly considering whether the purchase is consistent with one’s long-range goals”…More at

Effects of Impulse Purchases on Consumers’ Affective States by Meryl Paula Gardner and Dennis W. Rook

This article explores the relationship between consumers’ impulse buying behavior and the internal affective states that follow their impulse purchases.

The results of an exploratory study that examines how impulse buying is related to specific post- purchase affective states is reported.

In addition, the effects of impulse buying on feeling state valence and intensity are discussed…More at

Impact Of Impulse Buying On Consumer Buying Marketing Essay

This paper is an attempt to find the variables/factors that affect Impulse Buying. It seeks to probe into the nature and extent of impulsive buying consumer behaviour.

This is followed by a series of studies conducted to empirically identify the underlying phenomenon behind the impulse buying.

Consumer behavior is analyzing the “when, why, how, and where” of a person buying/not buying a product…More at