How To Downsize Your Home Reduce Debt And Simplify Your Life

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Downsizing Your Home: 3 Money Benefits |

If you think moving up in life means buying a bigger home, it’s time to set the record straight. Most American families have plenty of room to downsize their home without cramping their style.

Consider the numbers: The average new single-family home comes in at over 2,600 square feet, according to the United States Census Bureau.(1) You may not think that’s all too big until you look back at history…More at

Downsizing Your Home To Reduce Debt – Requirements & Challenges

Downsizing your home means that you trade your present house for a smaller or less-expensive one. For instance, you might switch over to a condo or townhouse, or you could move to a home similar to yours in a more affordable area of town.

When you downsize successfully, not only do you reduce your mortgage debt by taking on a less-expensive home, you might also have enough cash left over to pay off your other debts, such as a student loan or credit card…More at

Is selling our house to pay off card debt a good idea? –

Losing hard-earned equity in your home to pay off card debt usually isn’t the best option.

Sally Herigstad is a certified public accountant and the author of “Help! I Can’t Pay My Bills: Surviving a Financial Crisis.” She writes “To Her Credit,” a weekly reader Q&A column about issues involving women and credit, for…More at

Want To Save Your Finances From Ruin? Live In A Smaller House

There are so many definitions of financial ruin. Some people have mild definitions while others have extreme ideas about this financial state.

Regardless of your own definition of a financial crisis, one thing’s for sure: you can help improve your personal finances by living in a smaller house.

Does it feel like you need to save your finances from ruin? Are you one of the consumers living from paycheck to paycheck? Do you feel like you are working hard just so you can pay your bills? Is your debt becoming too much of a burden to bear…More at

Why Downsizing Your Home Might Be a Smart Decision

Have you thought about downsizing your home? Here are two reasons you might want to making a move to a smaller house.

My wife and I moved from Colorado to Florida for various reasons. But in the process, we also freed up capital to invest, because we paid substantially less for our condo than what we got for our house in Colorado…More at