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5 Simple Yet Indispensable Ways to Wow Your Customers |

Learn ways to wow your customers by going above and beyond their expectations.

All businesses work hard to gain customers, but for entrepreneurs and small business owners, the journey from a business idea in your head to an actual paying customer tends to be a deeply personal one.

With all the work that goes into launching a business and securing customers, it would be a terrible shame not to take care of them in the best way possible…More at

7 Ways To Deliver Wow Customer Service & Experiences | Buffer Blog

We’ve gathered 7 different ways for how you can WOW customers as well as some of the best examples of how companies can keep their customers satisfied:

How well are we doing in terms of customer satisfaction? That seems to be a pretty standard question when it comes to dealing with people who are using your product or service…More at

How to Create a WOW Customer Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do you create a WOW Customer Experience while being authentic to your brand?

Sustainable Workplace Culture, Culture Design, Core Values

When a customer experiences WOW, you are giving them a pleasant surprise. You are exceeding their expectations.

You are addressing their needs thoughtfully and in unexpected ways. It is an expression of your authentic interest in the person who seeks your services, not just in the transaction…More at

Six Keys to Creating “Wow” Customer Service Experiences

Here are some of the key ingredients for putting the “wow” back into your customer’s experiences.

The key ingredients of the “Wow” experience are:

Seamless Service means providing everything the customer needs, not just what is required to meet the minimum standards.

It’s about making sure that they don’t have to wait and wonder. Customers will appreciate a smooth, seamless process for addressing their needs…More at

5 Ways to Create Wow Experiences for Your Customers… on a Budget

Most sustainable, long-term businesses rely on repeat customers, so it goes without saying that you need to know how to make your customers happy and successful.

After all, why would you ever go back to a business that left you with a bad taste in your mouth? Unless, of course, they were the only option around and it was critical to your life.

But most of your competitors know this too. And, while there are exceptions, they already spend time making sure they deliver on customer expectations…More at

20 Ideas to WOW Your Customers, Improve Loyalty, and Get People Talking About Your Business | Constant Contact Blogs

In some cases, a WOW moment will involve a well thought out marketing campaign designed to increase loyalty and boost repeat business.

But many of these moments will also happen during the smaller interactions you have with customers — whether through a positive interaction with your staff, or a helpful tip they receive in your latest email newsletter.

All of these WOW moments — no matter how big or how small — will play a critical role in building customer relationships, which can lead to repeat business and valuable word-of-mouth referrals…More at

The 13 Most Effective Ways to WOW Your Customers – Salesforce Blog’s Principles of Customer WOW from Desk

In an age when the social customer demands and expectations have risen to new heights, customer support teams have been required to adapt accordingly. In the case of, our team strives to provide what we like to call: “Customer WOW” across any medium.

1. Team Work Makes the Dream Work

It’s unreasonable to expect any individual to have a perfect grasp of what’s going on for all customers. Maintaining open lines of communication with your teammates allows everyone on the team to have a more representative view of what’s going on.

2. Ask Questions

What information do you need to answer people’s questions?…More at

Wow Customer Experience Examples

3 Examples of How to Easily WOW Customers

If you’ve studied customer service at all, you’ve certainly heard of WOW moments, those moments of extraordinary service that make an impression on customers.

While these over-and-above moments are not needed to create great customer experiences, they can still have a positive impact on your customer’s emotional state.

WOWing customers is generally a good thing, and you should make use of any easy opportunities you have to these mini-momentous moments.

The great news is that you have opportunities all around you to WOW customers with simple gestures that cost little in the way of time or money…More at

5 Inspiring customer service teams who delivered WOW moments to customers in need

Here at ConsumerAffairs, we’re big believers in the power of great customer service.

So, we’ve gathered up a few of the best stories recounting times brands went above and beyond to deliver a truly stellar customer experience. For Brands Blog…More at

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