Using Split Testing to See What Works and What Doesn’t

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What is Split Testing? 8 Steps to Follow For Your Next Campaign

Learn why split testing is the most effective way to increase marketing campaign performance and the 8 steps to do it right every single time.

Marketers, salespeople, and professionals everywhere agree, one of the simplest ways to boost landing page conversion rate also happens to be the most effective…More at

What Insights Are Gained From Split Testing?

Three Hard Truths About A/B Testing

I’ve read the same A/B testing case studies as you have. Probably more. One huge gain after another – or so it seems.

The truth is that vast majority of tests are never published.

Like most people who try to make it in Hollywood are people you won’t ever hear about, you don’t know about most A/B tests…More at

How we learned valuable insights from an email A/B test | Campaign Monitor

Here’s the story of how we got a 0% increase in conversions from an email A/B test, and why we still considered it a win.

Do you A/B test your email campaigns?

If so, you’ve probably had some good gains in the past. We certainly have.

But you’ll also know that not every test you run produces a big increase in opens or click-throughs…More at

Learn How Experts Derive Insights from Past A/B Test Results

Why and how you should derive insights from your A/B test results and eventually apply them to conversion rate optimization (CRO) plan.

The A/B Testing and Heatmaps solution that helps you optimize and personalize your website and mobile app.

The all-in-one Platform that helps you conduct visitor research, build an optimization roadmap and run continuous tests across platforms…More at

Split Testing Examples

Here Are 10 Fascinating A/B Testing Examples That Will Blow Your Mind

We found 10 AB testing examples that prove user testing is super important in getting conversions for your growing business. These case studies will make you a believer in AB testing.

HTML template that converts 51% of traffic. Best part? It’s free.

If there’s one thing you need to know about good design practice, it’s that good designers test their work…More at

3 Real-Life Examples of Incredibly Successful A/B Tests

Get inspired by these three examples of high-impact a/b tests.

Whether you’re looking to increase revenue, sign-ups, social shares, or engagement, A/B testing and optimization can help you get there.

But for many marketers out there…More at

Which Test Won? Email marketing A/B split testing examples

Anne Holland of Which Test Won presents some surprising email split tests results in this classic video. But also warns about the pitfalls of email marketing testing. That led to increases in revenue, engagement, and ROI.

Surprising email test result examples in this video include…More at

4 Examples of AB Split Testing of Email Copy That Worked – Schedule emails to send later

An email campaign is something marketers simply cannot ignore to avoid today because, despite the fact that people do not like advertisements clogging in their inbox, a large chunk of users will open these emails just because it has a clear-cut subject line.

Marketers, however, believe the real rate of success can only be determined by an A/B Split Testing methodology…More at

How To Do Split Testing

A/B Testing – The Complete Guide | VWO

A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. Learn why it is important and how you can do it for your buisness through this exhaustive guide.

The A/B Testing and Heatmaps solution that helps you optimize and personalize your website and mobile app…More at

How to Create a Split Test (and Why You Should)

Split testing is an essential to get better results from marketing. Otherwise, you’re likely losing money. Here’s how you run a split test effectively.

How do you know your marketing campaigns are working? If you don’t split test, you’re missing out on leads and sales without even knowing it…More at

The Seven Steps to a Split Test That Gets Results

Any part of your website or marketing program can – and should – be split tested to determine user preference. Here are the 7 steps to run a split test.

OK, you’ve heard me pound the table about split, or A/B, testing. And, yessir, I’m at it again. Because it really is that important.

But I’m going to go you one better in this week’s sermon: I’m going to give you seven steps to take so you can run and benefit from your own split test…More at

5 Expert Tips to Run A/B Tests The Right Way

A/B testing helps you to figure out what your customers really care about. Check out 5 expert tips on how to organize your testing the best way.

Editor Note: We highly recommend that you implement the different ideas in this blog post through AB testing…More at

The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing — Smashing Magazine

A/B testing isn’t a buzz term. A lot of savvy marketers and designs are using it right now to gain insight into visitor behavior and to increase conversion rate.

And yet A/B testing is still not as common as such Internet marketing subjects as SEO, Web analytics and usability…More at

Split Testing Mistakes

12 A/B Split Testing Mistakes Businesses Make All The Time

A/B testing is fun. With so many easy-to-use tools around, anyone can (and should) do it. However, there’s actually more to it than just setting up a

A/B testing is fun. With so many easy-to-use tools around, anyone can (and should) do it. However, there’s actually more to it than just setting up a test..More at

13 Dumb A/B Testing Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Time

Are A/B testing mistakes costing you time, effort, and money? Set up your split tests the right way by avoiding these common A/B testing mistakes.

Are you wasting your time with A/B testing?

A lot of businesses make A/B testing mistakes that cost them time and money they can’t afford, because they don’t understand how what A/B tests are and how to run them correctly…More at

19 A/B Testing Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Site (And How To Fix Them) – Sumo

Are you making one of these 19 common A/B testing mistakes?

Quick history lesson: Eric the Red claimed and named Greenland. He was banished from Iceland and got stuck on a horrible, cold land mass (Greenland).

He hated it.

So he went back to Iceland and pimped out this warm (lie) lush (lie) land called Greenland that everyone should go to. Consequently, those settlers believed him and spent the rest of their lives in misery eating ice (probably)…More at

4 Common A/B Testing Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

Discover four common A/B testing mistakes alongside the solutions you need to get back on track.

When you’re creating content for the web, it’s easy to make assumptions about what you think your audience might respond to — but that’s not necessarily the right mentality.

Enter A/B testing: one of the easiest and most popular forms of conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing known to marketers…More at

16 mistakes that will kill your A/B testing (and what you can do about them)

The scene has changed a lot since we first started doing conversion optimization back in 2006. At that time, many marketers and C-suite executive were not

At that time, many marketers and C-suite executive were not convinced that there is a lot they can do about their website conversion rate…More at

9 A/B Testing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Wasting time and marketing resources is never fun. Avoid these 9 A/B testing mistakes, and take the pain out of testing.

Mistakes are an unavoidable part of the learning process, but when making them costs your business money, they tend to sting a little more.

While marketers of all experience levels agree – there’s no more reliable way to improve web pages, emails, and ads than by A/B testing…More at

A/B Testing Mistakes Even The Experts Make – The Definitive Guide To Conversion Optimization

As you’ve learned from this guide, CRO can increase conversions as much as 221% to 363% with the right testing methods and the right approach. These kinds of results will cut your cost per acquisition in half (or more) and generate additional revenue for your business.

You can then reinvest the money back into your business, or you can simply benefit from the increased profit. The choice is yours…More at

8 Common A/B Testing Mistakes You Should Avoid | Springboard Blog

A/B testing often is a powerful part of the UX design process that provides unique insights into how changes in design affect user behavior.

Out of a few redesign concepts, you can pick the one that performs better. With this data in hand, you can optimize the efficiency of your design and bridge the gap between business and UX…More at

Are You Guilty of These 6 Split Testing Mistakes?

New to the world of Split testing? Read this and discover how you can avoid the embarrassing split-testing mistakes that newbies often make

No excuses. If you want to shorten your path to online success, split testing is something you have to do.

However, not everyone’s website is ready to be split tested. Before you even think about split testing you need to ensure that a few other things have been taken care of first…More at

Split Testing Tools

10 A/B testing tools to help improve conversions

You have a hunch that something on your website isn’t working. Or maybe you want to try something new, but aren’t sure how to evaluate whether it’s successful. Either way, the s…

You have a hunch that something on your website isn’t working. Or maybe you want to try something new, but aren’t sure how to evaluate whether it’s successful…More at

18 Top A/B Testing Tools Reviewed by CRO Experts

At this point in time, the field is flooded with solutions. Finding a proper A/B testing tool isn’t the problem anymore. Now, the problem is choosing the right one.

If you work in conversion optimization – whether at an agency, in-house, or as a consultant – you almost certainly run A/B tests…More at

6 Easy Ways (A/B Testing Tools) To Learn A/B Testing

If you are keen on learning ab testing, you must look at 6 A/B Testing Tools that make it easy to run your first A/B test – quick and easy.

The A/B Testing and Heatmaps solution that helps you optimize and personalize your website and mobile app…More at

15+ Free A/B Split Testing Resources – Blog

The A/B Testing and Heatmaps solution that helps you optimize and personalize your website and mobile app.

The all-in-one Platform that helps you conduct visitor research, build an optimization roadmap and run continuous tests across platforms…More at

9 Awesome Split Testing Tools and Usability Testing Tools

Split testing and usability testing are critical to improving your website’s profitability. Here are a few of the best split testing and usability tools.

Split testing and usability testing are probably the fastest ways to improve the profitability of your website.

If you are not spending time on these two things, your web business is much less likely to succeed…More at

Comparison of A/B testing tools and multivariate testing software | Conversion Rate Experts

The ultimate comparison of A/B testing tools and multivariate testing software, by Conversion Rate Experts. Find the right split-testing platform for you.

Our book is out—after 12 years in the making. It’s the ultimate guide to growing any web business.

Here’s the ultimate comparison of A/B testing software, multivariate testing tools and split-testing platforms…More at

Comparison of A/B Testing Tools and Split Testing Softwares » Features

What is the best A/B testing tool? Learn how various A/B testing vendors compare for features highly valued by conversion rate optimization experts.

If you’re serious about Conversion Rate Optimization, running A/B tests is a no brainer and choosing an A/B testing tool is often the starting point of your optimization program.

But there are many platforms available on the market and shopping for the best A/B testing software may sound overwhelming… More at

Split Testing Vs A/B Testing

Multivariate Testing vs A/B Testing

What is the difference between A/B testing and multivariate testing? Let’s take a look at the methodology, common uses, advantages, and limitations of these testing methods.

A/B testing, which you may also have heard referred to as split testing, is a method of website optimization in which the conversion rates of two versions of a page — version A and version B — are compared to one another using live traffic…More at

Split Test vs. AB Test: Is there a difference?

The terms split test and AB test seem to be interchangeable. However, each of these terms has a unique meaning.

As conversion optimization (or sometimes called conversion rate optimization or CRO) has started becoming more commonplace in the online marketing industry, I’ve noticed that the terms “split test” and “AB test” seem to be interchangeable.

However, the way I see it, this is not the case. Each of these terms has unique meanings. So, I thought I would take a moment to clarify each of these terms…More at

Difference between A/B testing and multivariate testing – Blog

Many people seem to get confused about the terms A/B testing, split testing and multivariate testing.

Essentially, A/B testing and split testing are the same concepts but multivariate testing is different.

So for all practical concepts, consider A/B Testing = Split Testing. The following table will illustrate difference between A/B testing (or split testing) and Multivariate Testing…More at

How to Choose Between A/B Test, Split Test or Multivariate Test?

In digital marketing, you should always aim for the best user experience. Don’t put up with status quo – every marketing strategy could be better.

There might be a hidden opportunity for your marketing strategy just around the corner.

In this blog post we will explain to you how to explore the unknown sea of online possibilities in a scientific way…More at

Split Test Analysis

A/B Testing Statistics: An Intuitive Guide For Non-Mathematicians | Conversion Sciences

An explain the AB testing statistics using a linear, easy-to-follow narrative. Everything you need to know to use AB testing software.

Here’s the deal. You simply cannot A/B test effectively without a sound understanding of A/B testing statistics…More at

12 Surprising A/B Test Results to Stop You Making Assumptions

Sometimes the rules don’t matter, but only when you’ve tested a page to make sure.

You can bet your bottom dollar that (because that was the site in question) A/B multi-variant tested that page to ensure they optimized the conversion experience.

In this article we’re going to look at some examples of A/B testing and delve into the reasons why some worked and some didn’t…More at

How To Visualize A/B Test Results

Though A/B testing tools provide graphs and charts, it’s important for a mature company to visualize a/b test results so that the whole team understands.

You may be wondering, “why should I make my own visualization of my A/B test results?”

Because the A/B testing tools in the market already provide you all the necessary tables and graphs, right? They tell you when an A/B test is significant and what the expected uplift is…More at

Split Testing For Amazon Affiliate Marketers

What Is Split Testing On Amazon & Why Do I Need It? [Infographic]

As an Amazon seller are you wondering “What is split testing?”. Find out how it works and how it can skyrocket your FBA sales and boost your profits today!

How It Works & The Benefits

This infographic tells you everything you need to know, including some stats on how sellers just like you have already increased their revenue.

We’ve seen some impressive results since launching Splitly several months ago…More at

Splitly – Amazon Listing Optimization Software For Private Label Sellers

Use Artificial Intelligence to get an unfair advantage on your Amazon competition with the smartest Amazon Listing Optimization software out there!

I was shocked when a simple main image test increased my sales from an average of 11/day to 14/day.

That may not sound like much but that results in over $4,000 extra in profit put into my pocket each year.

Since sales on Amazon vary from day to day and week to week so much, I would never have known the true winner without doing the proper A/B test through Splitly…More at

Amazon AB Testing & Split Testing Complete Guide – AMZFinder

Quick Guide to this article: Part One: What is Amazon AB Testing? Part Two: Why do we want to split test on Amazon? Part Three: Why can’t I just split test manually? Part Four: What we should split test Part Five: Best tool for Amazon AB testing

The point of Amazon AB Testing is to identify successful product content and pricing. It is a way of seeing what sellers can do to convert visitors to product pages into customers…More at

Split Testing For Facebook Advertising

What is a Facebook split test? | Facebook Help Center | Facebook

Split testing allows Facebook advertisers to test variables and gain important insights for future advertising campaigns.

Split testing lets you test different versions of your ads so you can see what works best and improve future campaigns.

For example, you can test the same ad on two different audiences to see which ad performed better.

Or, to test two delivery optimizations to determine which selection yields better results…More at

When (And When Not) to Use Facebook Split Testing for Maximum Impact | WordStream

A/B split testing is a big part of the advertiser’s life, and Facebook ads are no exception. Facebook’s creative split testing feature makes it easier to run statistically significant tests, but check out these dos and don’ts so you can make the most of your Facebook ad tests.

A lot of the time, well-structured campaigns can answer all the questions we have. Sometimes, though, we have to put our lab coats on, develop a solid hypothesis, isolate our variables and get our A/B testing on…More at

How to Split Test Facebook Posts and Facebook Ads : Social Media Examiner

Did you know you can split test Facebook Page posts and your Facebook ads? This article shows how to test Facebook posts and ads for best results. Do you use split testing?

Did you know you can split test both your Facebook Page posts and your Facebook ads?

Split testing (also known as A/B testing) is the best way to make sure every status update gets maximum engagement and every ad is optimized for conversions…More at

How to Split Test Your Way to Facebook Ads Success : Social Media Examiner

Want to lower the costs of your Facebook ads? Discover a 6-step plan to test, analyze, & optimize Facebook ads & the audiences you target.

Want to lower the cost per conversion of your Facebook ads? Wondering how to serve the right ad to the right audience?

In this article, you’ll discover a six-step plan to test, analyze, and optimize Facebook ads, as well as the audience segments you target…More at

Split Testing In Email Marketing

Support | Campaign Monitor

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a way of working out which of two campaign options is the most effective in terms of encouraging opens or clicks.

In an A/B test you set up two variations of the one campaign and send them to a small percentage of your total recipients.

Half of the test group is sent Version A, while the other half gets Version B. The result, measured by the most opens or clicks, determines the winning version. This is then sent to the remaining subscribers…More at

A Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing: Email Campaigns That Convert

Email campaigns and newsletters can be a great way to get repeat business, as well as new customers.

You’re already working with a somewhat pre-qualified base: these people have said they want to receive information from you.

Email campaigns and newsletters can be a great way to get repeat business, as well as new customers..More at

How to Split Test Email Campaigns the RIGHT Way [Ultimate Guide]

Wondering about the right way to split test email campaigns for the best results? This guide has the email split testing tips you need for success.

Is your email marketing strategy bringing in the leads and sales you need to make your business successful?

If you’re not using email split testing, you could be leaving money on the table…More at

Email Marketing A/B Testing – A Guide

Discover what A/B testing is and how your email marketing campaigns can benefit from it. Find out the 7 magical rules for A/B testing best practice.

We talk a lot about how you can optimize your email campaigns for your audience. We hardly do anything else..More at

10x better Email Marketing split tests

Create better email marketing split tests with this email AB testing checklist . And make your email split tests count (to ten).

Email marketing split tests are a known best practice method to ensure your email is preforming at maximum capacity…More at

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