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So You Want to Know More About Us?

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is the most popular sourcing service in the English-speaking world, connecting journalists and bloggers with relevant expert sources to meet journalists’ demanding deadlines and enable brands to tell their stories.

HARO distributes more than 50,000 journalist queries from highly respected media outlets each year…More at

How Does Help A Reporter Out Work

What is HARO and How Does It Work? – Blogging Basics 101

Finding sources for a news article is hard when you don’t know where to look or if you don’t have contacts within an industry. It’s also hard to contribute your knowledge on a given subject when you don’t know who needs your help.

Enter HARO, which stands for Help A Reporter Out and is a source for news people (traditional and new media) to find sources for their stories quickly.

If you’re chosen as a source, you have the opportunity to ask the reporter to include information about you and your blog …More at

How does HARO work? (functionally) – Quora

That really depends on what you consider “working”. HARO will absolutely land you or your company in the news. But you still have to put in work, and you should still be selective.

My company did an experiment of sorts, where we pitched hundreds and hundreds of HARO inquiries over the course of a year. We got our company mentioned 119 times in that span — a mention in the news every three days, basically.

I argue, however, that it wasn’t worth it. There wasn’t much value in the mentions, and it was seldom contextually relevant to our brand…More at

How to Get Exposure For your Blog: HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Earlier this month, I was quoted in a GoBankingRates article about the best jobs for stay-at-home parents.

How cool is that?

I was able to offer an expert opinion on why I thought blogging was the best job for stay-at-home parents, which is awesome…because it just so happens that this blog is completely dedicated to helping moms start a blog…More at

How To Use HARO Effectively

How To Use HARO – 5 Steps To Get Press Coverage In 2 Weeks

In this post we show you a step by step process of how to use HARO Help A Reporter Out service to get your company featured in press in the next 2 weeks

Looking to get your company featured in the press?

Pitching journalists who have covered relevant topics before is the most effective approach but after catching their interest, it can take time for journalists to slot you into their editorial calendar…More at

How to Get Exposure and Links Using HARO

Are you looking for more mentions on major media sites like and The Huffington posts? Of course you are! But the big question is: “how?”.

Enter HARO. HARO (which stands for “Help a Reporter Out”) is a service that connects journalists in need of sources to publicity-hungry marketers like you. In this video you’ll learn how to get the most from this PR service, with an overview of free and paid options.

Hey. What’s up, everybody? It’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout. In this video, I’m going to show you how you can use HARO, help a reporter out, to get more links, traffic, and brand exposure for your business….More at

The Complete Guide to Using Help A Reporter (HARO)

How to use Help A Reporter (HARO) to get free PR in top tier media outlets like Huffington Post and CNN.

One of the easiest and most underutilized ways to get publicity is by using Help a Reporter Out (HARO), a tool that connects news sources (that’s you!) with journalists.

HARO is a resource that you can use to immediately get PR for your business on influential media sites ranging from Huffington Post to CNN…More at

The Comprehensive Guide to Pitching HARO Successfully in 2017 – BuzzStream

You probably know what HARO is. You may have even responded to a few of the emails.

But here’s the real question:

Is responding to HARO queries worth your time today?

And if it is, how do maximize your efforts?

In 2008, PR guru Peter Shankman would regularly receive requests from the press looking for sources on everything from professional gardeners to Fortune 100 CTO’s…More at

How to Use HARO to Earn Valuable Mentions [With Examples]

Don’t just waste time on social media. Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks to showcase your knowledge and make client-worthy connections.

Awhile back I gave a presentation about integrating press into SEO campaigns, specifically how to use HARO and how it could be used efficiently by small businesses.

Since then I’ve heard a lot of stories from people (including a lot of agencies, to my surprise) who have had significant difficulties getting picked up through HARO…More at

How to Use HARO to Build Links the Right Way

Building links to a website isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days where a business could buy into a couple hundred directories that had a decent domain authority, point them at their website’s pages that featured keywords they wanted to rank for, and step back and proudly label it a “link building” strategy.

In order to build links the right way in the modern era of search engine optimization, a lot more is asked of SEO professionals…More at

5 Tips to Land Quality Press Links Using HARO

A great way of getting quality links is by using the HARO platform. This is short for “Help a Reporter Out” and it has been around for years now, but some experts don’t know what it is or how it works.

Even if they do, they may not be using the platform as well as they could. Getting featured in one of these stories can earn you some incredible exposure and a great backlink to your site.

I know what you’re thinking: What about the penguin and panda updates from Google? According to research done by Search Engine Land…More at

How to Use HARO to get Media Mentions

Do you want an easy way to get your brand in front of the media and on other popular sites?

You’ve got to check out HARO.

Help a Reporter Out is the perfect tool to help you spread the word about your business, expertise, and website, especially for topics in your industry…More at

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