How To Have A Grand Opening That People Will Talk About

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Grand Opening Ideas, Goals, Marketing Budget, And More!

A successful grand opening evokes excitement and curiosity.

Ideally held after a few weeks of opening your business, a grand opening is also a great opportunity to network with local businesses and form strategic partnerships.

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about planning your grand opening, from budgeting to promotion, invitations and more…More at

5 Steps to a Great Grand Opening

Good news: This is the perfect time to throw a little shindig. It’s called a grand opening, and it’s not only fun but great publicity for your biz.

And guess what?

You don’t have to have a store to hold one. Here are five steps to take to plan a really grand event…More at

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Who Do You Want to Attend Your Grand Opening?

Grand openings can be a major source of publicity for your new venture, but that doesn’t mean that you should invite everyone.

Narrowing down your target audience will depend on the type of business you have. Are you a specialized store that appeals to a niche market or do you offer goods and services that might have more mass appeal…More at

5 Grand Opening Ideas For An Unforgettable Experience – Eventbrite

A grand opening isn’t just any event. Your goals for your business are specific. For instance, you might be looking to:

With your business goals in mind, it’s time to brainstorm grand opening ideas…More at

7 Brilliant Grand Opening Ideas For Small Businesses | ThriveHive

Who can pass up a good deal? If you’re offering items people want and you can successfully get on their radar, then your grand opening sale will be packed.

With enough promotion, you can generate a good deal of excitement and attract steady crowds, which will draw passersby as well…More at

How to Attract Customers on Your Opening Day | Bplans

With a plan in place on opening day, you’ll ensure that you get plenty of customers in the door and generate enough media buzz to keep bringing in business…More at