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Balancing work and travel? Tips from a Corporate Travel Junkie

Don’t get me wrong, I have high regards to all travelers who quit and followed their passion to travel the world. I am actually, jealous. I really do hope that I can pack my bags, pick a place and explore it.

It’s my ultimate dream. But with the current living situation that I have, it is nearly impossible…More at http://twomonkeystravelgroup.com

How to balance work and travel – Business Insider

Almost immediately after arriving in Italy,

the couple launched a hobby blog to detail their adventures for friends and family back home.

That blog has turned into Luxe Adventure Traveler, which offers consulting and helps clients with travel-related projects….More at http://businessinsider.com

How to Balance Your Work and Travel Life

The technique requires one to take short breaks every after 25 minutes and a long one after four intervals.

Not quite contented with staying in your cubicle? Well…More at http://tripzilla.com

While this makes scheduling meetings a bit more difficult, it does allow me to work around my rather ambitious travel plans.

Since moving to Amsterdam, I’ve been able to use my schedule’s flexibility to help me sightsee as much as possible…More at http://vergemagazine.com

How to balance business travel with home life | CNN Travel

Business travel can put strains on family life. Here are tips for maintaining relationships when your family’s far away.

Being a traveling executive can be tough on the whole family…More at http://cnn.com

How to Travel and Work Full Time – Advice from Cest Christine

When you’re working full-time, however, it’s easy to watch your bank account fill up but feel as if you don’t have the time or ability to travel.

Sometimes it’s the guilt factor: that you don’t feel as if you can really “leave” even when on vacation…More at http://whywaittoseetheworld.com

Work/Life Balance Tips: Working Parents Who Travel | Bright Horizons®

It’s important to find ways to help your children cope during business trips by preparing them and staying connected to your family.

A key component and the first step to making travel work well is your personal conviction…More at http://brighthorizons.com

20 Tips for How to Work and Travel …Without Going Insane (Part 1)

Year 3 was the year of the melt-down.

I tried to work full-time and I tried to travel full-time, and I failed at both.

My article Fears, Failures and Why 2013 was My Worst Traveling Year Yet pretty much sums it up…More at http://indianajo.com

Tips For Business Tavel

8 pro tips to reduce the stress of business travel – TechRepublic

I’m writing this article from an airplane headed down to Mexico City on a business trip, one of the 100+ flights that I take for business each year, and have been averaging for most of my career.

I’m often asked how to make business travel easier, and should you find yourself staring at increased travel in the near future, hope you find a helpful tip or two…More at http://techrepublic.com

Experienced Business Travelers Reveal Their Favorite Travel Tips – Business Insider

I just went through the [application process] a couple weeks ago on a trip to France,” Banas says.

“I was the only person in line for Global Entry and I went right through.

And if you get a combination of flying business class plus Global Entry status, you can just whiz out of there with your luggage right away.”…More at http://businessinsider.com

The Ultimate List of Business Travel Tips – Business Travel Life. What are your best business travel tips?

Business Travel LifeBusiness Travel Life seamlessly integrates a healthy lifestyle into corporate and business travel.

We partner with our clients to provide workouts that are achievable on the road…More at http://businesstravellife.com

Best Travel Tips: 21 Travel Hacks That Experienced Business Travelers Say to Use When You Hit the Road | Inc.com

“It puts everyone in a better mood, especially amidst delayed flights and packed planes,” Sakas said. If you’re on a budget, you probably only search for coach class flights.

Usually, that makes sense, but during the holidays, there might be fewer business travelers…More at http://inc.com

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