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Subcontracting | Investopedia

Subcontracting is the practice of assigning part of the obligations and tasks under a contract to another party known as a subcontractor.

Using the construction industry as an example, when a government body or a company wants to build or make repairs to infrastructure, it would usually award the contract for the job to a contractor…More at

Types of Subcontracting

Subcontracting – type, benefits, cost, Subcontractors vs. employees, Working with subcontractors

Subcontracting refers to the process of entering a contractual agreement with an outside person or company to perform a certain amount of work.

The out-side person or company in this arrangement is known as a subcontractor, but may also be called a free-lance employee, independent contractor, or vendor. Many small businesses hire subcontractors to assist with a wide variety of functions.

For example, a small business might use an outside firm to prepare its payroll, an accountant to help with its record keeping and tax compliance, or a free-lance worker to handle a special project…More at

Where You Would Use Subcontracting In Your Business

Use Subcontractors to Build Your Business

Create a scalable business without additional overhead by hiring subcontractors to handle your extra work.

When New York City public relations consultant Nancy Tamosaitis wanted to pitch Yosha! Enterprises’ Momints to the beauty and lifestyle press, she knew she needed to bring in reinforcements.

Through a colleague’s referral, Tamosaitis found Carolyn Marquez, a PR professional with a database full of contacts in the fashion and lifestyle media…More at

Working with Subcontractors – Everything Entrepreneurs Need to Know – Solo PR Pro

When a new business owner first begins to experience a snowball of success, it’s exciting – until the realization sets in that you have more work to do than you can handle by yourself! Before you rush to hire an employee, first consider the interim step most solo PR pros choose…More at

7 Reasons Why Subcontracting May Be Right For You

Businesses often require subcontractors for assistance on large, specialized or diversified projects when they do not have the resources on hand or need additional expertise.

In these instances, hiring an expert to work on one or more short-term projects can be beneficial in terms of cost, quality and efficiency.

Here are 7 ways that hiring a subcontractor can solve an immediate problem for your company…More at

8 Reasons Why Subcontracting May Be Right for Your Business | Joseph Carnevale

Helping Business Owners Protect Their Assets From Risk So They Can Enjoy What Matters Most

Subcontracting is the practice of hiring outside of your company to perform tasks under contractual agreements.

Why would you require the help of subcontractors? No matter how strong your team is, there are times when they may not have the necessary skill set to get a job done.

And if you have a job that’s far too complex, you may need to hire extra hands. Your business may also require the help of a subcontractor for projects that need the technical expertise that no one in your in-house team possesses…More at