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6 Steps to Setting Clear Expectations

Bud to Boss

How to Survive – and Thrive – as a New Supervisor

The most important thing you can do as a leader is to establish expectations for your employees.

After all, if you don’t show your employees what success looks like, they may never figure out what it takes to succeed within your organization and team…More at

Seven Steps to Setting Clear Expectations

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the importance of expectations in the workplace and the four basic areas where expectations are required.

As I was writing it, I knew people might want the logical next step . . . once we realize the ultimate importance of expectations, and the areas in which they need to be set, we also need to know how to actually set them…More at

The Best Managers – Always – Set Clear Expectations

Clear expectations reflect clear thinking. They’re a manager’s best friend. Without them, clear results can prove elusive.

I once reported to a senior executive who made a practice of giving assignments to multiple managers at the same time.

“Vic,” she’d say, just a touch panicky, “I need you and Wolf and Dobbin to handle this one for me. It’s for Old Reynard [our wise old CFO], and you know he doesn’t suffer fools very well. So I need it fast!”…More at

Management Skills 101: How setting expectations is critical to leadership – Experteer Magazine

How expectation setting is a critical leadership skill? Research states one of the top reasons for unhappiness in the work-space are communication issues

Research states one of the top reasons for unhappiness in the workplace is communication issues with one’s manager/supervisor.

One of the key shortcomings for this case lies with the managers…More at