Get Familiar With Your Competition

Your competition can be a great advantage to you. Many business owners dread the competition and would like to get rid of them.

I am against this concept. I would rather have my business running at its peak, and not worry that my competition is getting some of the market share.

I don't like price wars and putting down the competition in my advertising, because I feel it would make my business look cheap.

Image of a woman speaking to a group of peopleWouldn't you agree that a rock-solid business, strong in the market place, offering superior value to their customers, would not publicly go after a competitor?

I would study all of my competitors, know what their practices are, and fill in the gaps that are missing, so I could strengthen my business. This practice tells me what the market wants and keeps me informed in my industry.

To study the competition, use the worksheet, "Your Competition Is Your Best Research."

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