How To Set Business Goals That Work

I know what you're thinking, but this step is important. Stay with me; I will guide you through it, and it will be fun.

In reality, whatever your mind is focused on and how intense that focus is in your mind determines what happens.
That's the way our human mind works.

So if you are always focusing on failure, fear, poverty, and other degrading thoughts, your life will be filled with negativity.

You Have to Focus On The Positive Side.

No matter how bad it may be!

Now that you know the power of this concept, you have to be clear on your goal.

If you have read from the beginning of this guide, you have most of the work done. You have an idea of why you are in business and what you want from it. Now let's make all our ideas a little clearer and put some feeling into it.

To Have a Successful Goal, You Have to Include The Following: 

Be Clear.

You have to know exactly what you want. If you have many different wants, combine similar desires into a single one that you can understand, or set different goals for different desires. At this point, just work with one goal. Once you master goal setting, then you can set many others.

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Say you want to increase sales by 30%, add a new product line of cell phones, and also add a sales and support department. You could say, "I want to increase sales 30% by adding low cost designer cell phones. I will have a friendly knowledgeable sales department. The support department will offer a one hour training to go over all the benefits and features for each customer that purchases a phone."

Be Specific.

The more specific you are about what you are doing, the less your brain wanders and has to figure out what you really want every time you think of your goal.


The designer cell phones you want to add are targeted for the younger generation, 12 to 25 years old. The phones are high quality and extremely low priced, so they will be affordable to the younger market. The phones come in attractive designs and colors, targeted for the younger generation.

Set a Date For Completion.

When you set a date for completion, then your brain reacts with action, because there is a sense of urgency. There is something pushing. Setting a date is mandatory when you are setting a goal.

Fine Tune Your Goal.

After your first draft, go over your goal and ask the following questions:

1. Does it make sense to you?
2. Do you believe it?
3. Do you feel you can accomplish it?
4. Does that date seem too far away, too close, or just right?

Envision Yourself Already Having Achieved That Goal.

writing pad and pen

When you have your goal defined and fine tuned, relax in a quiet place and don't think of anything for two or three minutes.

Doing this will empty you mind. Now that you have relaxed, picture or feel yourself already having achieved your goal. Think of how it would feel to have accomplished your goal.

This may take some practice, but it does wonders when you get it right.

If you feel you can't picture yourself or imagine the feeling of achieving your goal, then write down what it would be like to have achieved your goal.

Mix Your Goal With Emotion.

For your goal to really take off, you have to put some feeling into it. You must have an intense desire for your goal to come true.

You have to want it so badly you will overcome any obstacles. Associate your goal in your mind with the good things that will happen when you achieve it; associate failure with the bad thing that will happen if you don't achieve it.


To complete your goal, you should have it written down. A goal left to memory will be shifted and possibly forgotten. When it is written down, you can go over it from time to time. Go to your resources page and use the worksheet, "Goal Setting."

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