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Small Business Financing - Get The Loan You Need to Get Started

Image of the Small Business Financing - ebook cover

In this guide we're going to lay out all of the ways you can approach small business financing, and give you several options you can choose to follow. You'll have to make your own choices along the way; no one can make them for you, but we will give you lots of options to explore.

Financing a small or home business is very different from raising traditional business startup capital, and we'll look at it exclusively from the perspective of the small or home business entrepreneur. There's no sense in looking into long term financing programs, when in reality all that the new entrepreneur needs small boost.

With that in mind, let's get right into it!

Small Business Financing - Table of Contents:

Part 1:
Image of a man wearing a necktieDefine Your Goals - Before Seeking Business Financing - It's important to be clear about your goals and your business before you seek financing. Here are some tips to help you set clear goals.


Part 2:
Image of two men meeting in a conference roomWhat Type of Company Will You Form? - Know what type of company you are going to establish before seeking funding.

Part 3:
Image of coins forming a pathHow Much Money Do You Need to Start Your Business? - If you don't know how much money you'll need to start your business, you will probably run short. Define your needs before looking for financing.

Part 4:
Image of a coffee cup and calculator on a deskHow to Prepare For Business Financing - 7 key questions that you need to answer to prepare for your business financing process.

Part 5:
Image of eyeglasses on a documentYour Business Financing Options - 11 ways to finance your new business. Making the right one work will start your startup on the road to success.

Part 6:
Image of a bank signBank Loans - A Traditional Means of Business Financing - How a bank looks at small business loans and how to qualify.

Part 7:
Image of someone taking money out of a walletHow to Use Personal Loans to Finance Your Business - Personal loans must be handled with care. They often end up harming your relationships, so take care when dealing with friends, family, and money.

Part 8:
Image of a women at an ATMSavings - Using Your Own Money To Finance Your Business - Your savings can be a source of startup cash; here are the benefits and pitfalls of this approach.

Part 9:
Image of credit cards and compassCredit Cards - A Risky Source of Startup Cash - Using credit cards to start a business has been done before, but this approach should be used as a temporary means of financing. Here's why.

Part 10:
Image of a house Real Estate - Is There Available Money in Your Property? - There may be more money available to you than you think through the real estate you own.

Part 11:
Image of moneyAngel Financing - High Risk Investors to Facilitate Your Loans - Angel financing involves high-risk, high-return investors known as "angel investors." We consider the pros and cons of this type of funding.

Part 12:
Image of people meeting in a boardroomVenture Capital - Starting Small and Going Big - Venture capital is a funding option for people who plan to turn a business into a large scale operation. Venture capital firms look for huge potential and ROI.

Part 13:
Image of money on chess boardMicroloans - A Business Financing Option For Small Loans - If you're looking for a small loan, typically around $10,000, then this financing option could be for you.

Part 14:
Image of people in an officePartners - A Source of Help and Business Financing - Taking on business partners is a way to get financing, and to share the workload and responsibility. There are drawbacks to taking on partners, however.s


Part 15:
Image of a US fifty dollar billGrants - Government Funding For Eligible Businesses - Find out what's needed to get a government grant for your business.

Part 16:
Image of a man with his head leaning on his handAssets For Cash - How Can You Tap In? - Find out what assets you may already have that could be a source of cash for your business.

Part 17:
Image of crystal globe with a dollar sign backgroundFinancing Alternatives For Your Small Business - Alternative methods of financing for your small business include funds from suppliers, customers, and a few more options.

Image of someone holding a golden eggConclusion



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