How To Bring Old Posts Back To Life

How To Redirect Old Blog Posts

How to Delete and Redirect Blog Posts – Step by Step Tutorial

I’ve been blogging here on The Happier Homemaker for almost 7 years now so you can imagine that I have a LOT of old content on the blog that didn’t exactly fit with my current topics or branding.

After reading this article I decided it was time to go through all those old blog posts (over 1400 of them!) and weed out blog posts that were off topic, off brand or out of date…More at

How To Change Post URL of Already Published Post Without Losing Traffic

Most of us learn about on page SEO at the later stage of our online career. Chances are, you might have already published a good number of blog post before you learned about the keyword optimization.

If this sounds like your story?

Well, I’m sure the next thing that made you stuck in your progress is: How do I take care of already published posts?

If you had tried editing the post slug of your old posts, you might have encountered 404 error & various other issues…More at

Beginner’s Guide to Creating 301 Redirects in WordPress (Step by Step)

Are you trying to create a redirect in WordPress? Not sure what a redirect is and why it is important?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered in this beginner’s guide to WordPress redirects, we will cover what a redirect is, how to create a redirect in WordPress, why do you need, and when you should use redirects.

Ready? Let’s get started….More at

How to Update Old Blog Posts (without breaking links or losing social media shares) – Gretchen Louise

Working your way through a course like Sticky Blogging or Blog Smarter and making changes to your old posts? Just feeling like a bit of spring cleaning on your blog?

Rest assured: you can do it without breaking any links or losing your social media shares!

When it comes to updating old posts, the basic rule of thumb is that you can change anything and everything about the post except its permalink (that’s why it’s called a permalink–it’s meant to be a permanent link to the post)…More at

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