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Five Professional Organizations to Consider Joining as a Sports Management Graduate – Sports Management Degree Guide

Sports management is an extremely competitive field, difficult to get into without contacts or a standout qualification..More at

List of Sports Professional Associations and Organizations – JobStars

Sports Professional Associations & Organizations bring people together to promote the industry’s mission and to connect with like-minded professionals….More at

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Glossary and Terms Related

Glossary of free-agency terms

What’s an unrestricted free agent? How about a franchise player? Check out our glossary of free-agency terms.

Salary cap: The NFL has a hard salary cap of $123 million, although it might not seem so firm. Teams must be under the cap from Feb. 26 through the remainder of the year.

The salary cap is calculated by adding the base salary plus any roster or reporting bonuses, a prorated part of each signing bonus and any incentives a player is likely to earn…More at

Sports Jobs Terminology: Speaking the Lingo – JobsInSports Blog

Every industry has its own jargon and sports business is certainly no exception.

Speaking the language and understanding the terminology will aid you in crafting a well-worded resume, acing a job interview and overcoming the learn curve of a first job.

Simply put, if you don’t sound educated about the industry, business professionals assume you’re not…More at

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Connect with Pro Athletes and Their Sports Agents

Four times throughout the year, Sports Agent Magazine will be distributed to professionals throughout the sports industry, including professionals that work with professional athletes.

Each issue will highlight current themes, developments, and on-going issues tied to the sports agency business. Leading professionals will be featured along with their business…More at

News & Magazines – Sport and Athletic Management – LibGuides at Northcentral University

Athletic Business Magazine

Read by individuals representing colleges and universities, high schools, park and recreation departments, military branches and bases, health clubs, YMCAs, professional sports teams, stadiums and arenas, sports architecture firms, and hospital and corporate wellness centers.

The Business of Sports Newsletter

Recaps of all the latest posts along with information on future networking events, live chats…More at

Blogs To Follow

Top Five Blogs Every Aspiring Sports Agent Should Read – Sports Management Degree Guide

Becoming a sports agent requires much more than just a strong knowledge of a particular sport. After all, the sports agent’s job requires negotiating salaries and endorsement deals, which demands a background in business management and communications.

The necessary education can be received from the college of your choice, but it is also important to tune in very closely to bloggers who share information that aspiring sports agents should know…More at

Top 50 Blogs for Sports Agents & Sports Managers | Sports Management Blog

Sports agents and sports managers need to be well-connected and up-to-date in order to do the best job possible.

However, with so much going on, it can be difficult to keep up.

The good news is that, whether you want to learn about being a better agent or manager, understand the laws and restrictions that apply…More at

Sports Agent Blog – Business Insider

Darren is well versed on every aspect of sports law.

He is a Contributing Writer of An Athlete’s Guide to Agents, 5th Edition, author of a Dartmouth Law Journal article titled, Duties of Sports Agents to Athletes and Statutory Regulation Thereof…More at

30 sports blogs you should be reading

Description Tag Not Defined

What sports blogs do I read? Probably too many but when so much great material is being shared it can’t be helped.

Here is a list of 30 sports, sports business & sports marketing blogs I read regularly.

You should too, Sports Geek approved…More at

Sports management

Over my 50 years in the sports industry people have always flooded me with questions regarding their career aspirations.

Maybe it’s my background having been an athletic director, coach, professor, sports agent and entrepreneur…or maybe it’s my warm personality.

Let’s go with the latter…More at

Sports Agents & SportS Accounts To Follow Online

21 People Every Athlete Should Follow on Twitter | STACK

Maximize your time on Twitter with these 21 must-follow sports-based feeds.

Twitter can be funny, interesting, entertaining, useful and just flat out awesome. But it all depends on whom you follow! Knowing who to follow on Twitter isn’t easy.

It seems like anyone and everyone has an account nowadays…More at

The 30 Best Twitter Accounts in All of Sports – Men’s Journal

Asking a person who their favorite Twitter follows are is like asking who their favorite bands are.

It all depends on tastes and preferences, which often change by the day. When it applies to sports however, there are usually three overriding factors…More at

Best Sports Twitter Accounts 2018 | Matchplug Blog

Do you want sports news, tips, and analysis on the go? Then follow this list of the best sports twitter accounts to follow in 2018 for amazing sporting information.

Matchplug is the best soccer prediction site connecting bettors with winning tips. We are spot on in our Soccer predictions, premier league predictions…More at

63 Essential Sports Betting Twitter Follows, Accounts

Top sports betting twitter accounts for sports betting enthusiasts: oddsmakers, pro bettors, industry experts, info sources.

List available on Twitter…More at

News about Sport Agent on Twitter

See news about Sport Agent on Twitter. Read what people are saying and join the conversation.

We’ve detected that JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Would you like to proceed to legacy Twitter?…More at

The Top 50 Must-Follow #SportsBiz Twitter Accounts Of 2017

Here are the top sports business Twitter accounts of 2017.

If 2017 was one thing, it was the year Twitter became (for better or worse) a focal point, especially in the U.S.

If 2016 was about the presidential election, 2017 was the year that we saw how President Trump would use the platform…More at

Famous Sports Agents

The World’s Most Powerful Sports Agents 2017

With an astounding $32.6 billion in combined contracts and $1.5 billion in commissions among them.

The World’s Most Powerful Sports Agents have proved that brain power and shrewd negotiation skills can be just as lucrative as the athletic prowess their clients display on the field and court…More at

The World’s Most Powerful Sports Agents 2018

The world’s most powerful sports agents have negotiated a collective $33.4 billion in current professional athlete contracts, netting them more than $1.6 billion in commissions.

Scott Boras, the world’s most powerful sports agent, has negotiated almost $1.9 billion in active player contracts, including nine separate deals worth more than $100 million…More at

Sports Agents List

The world’s 50 most powerful sports agents have negotiated a cumulative $33.4 billion in active professional athlete contracts, netting them more than $1.6 billion in commissions….More at

The 20 Richest Sports Agents in the World

In the competitive world of sports agency, the agent who comes away with the most clients is not necessarily the one on top of the money heap.

In fact, as you look through this list you fill find a smorgasbord of agents who have made it to the top of the list who do not have a long list of clients but do have some very lucrative contracts…More at

TV Shows and Movies Related To  Sports Agents

14 Movies And TV Shows Streaming On Netflix Every Sports Fan Should Watch | Tech Times

There’s a certain level of drama to sports. Athletic events are filled with controversy, Cinderella stories and the agony of defeat, so much so that it’s almost like each game is something out of Hollywood.

Perhaps that’s why sports figures, events and scandals often make their way to the big screen one way or another…More at

IMDb: TV Series, Sport (Sorted by Popularity Ascending) – IMDb

IMDb’s advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database.

Find exactly what you’re looking for!…More at

25 Best Sports Movies, Documentaries and TV Shows Streaming on Netflix

The weather may have you stuck inside the house or summer sports just don’t do it for you. Either way, you’re grasping at some kind of sports programming in these difficult times.

Maybe it’s time to fire up Netflix and see what you can find. Let us be your guide, sports fan. There may be something you’ve missed on America’s favorite streaming service. Trust us, there’s a lot…More at

Top Five Sports TV Shows on Netflix – Sports Management Degree Guide

There are so many shows on Netflix that it can be hard to find what to watch. If you’re into sports, then you’ll like to know that there are some great sports TV shows you can watch.

These are shows that have been well-liked and highly rated by other viewers, and are sure to keep your interest.

Here are five sports TV shows that you should look for on Netflix…More at

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